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Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller

The Birth Of A Crime Episode 5/6

The Birth Of A Crime Episode 5/6

6 mins 90 6 mins 90


Continued from episode 4

Nisha answered, “I feel safe with you. I am also comfortable with you.”

I said in a worried voice, “What about love?”

“I love you too, Sanjay!”

“Yahoo! Wow! Today, I am the happiest man on earth! I can’t believe it! You have become my girlfriend now. It’s a matter of great honor for me. It’s the greatest gift of God that I have ever got!”

Nisha moved her hairs in a stylish way and began to laugh by keeping her left hand under her chin, “Hey, don’t be mad. All are seeing you.”

“No problem. Let everyone know about it. Today, I am the king of our school and you are my queen! No one can touch us!”


All the students’ eyes around us got fixed upon us. I frowned at those students and said, “You all have your samosas and patties, don’t dare look here. You know what I can do.”

All students moved their eyeballs back to their eatables. Nisha was wonderstruck to see the power of my voice and its effect. But she just smiled and didn’t ask me anything.

Now, I had become happy. I had got my love. I had become a man, a brave man. I was able to handle now everything in and out of school. I would meet Kala and his friends, Abu and Salim daily. I had also started to drink liquor and eat non-vegetarian food that I never wanted to eat. Still, I didn’t want to go for these habits but I was helpless because I wanted Kala and his friends in my life. I feared if I didn’t step into these habits then I might lose their friendship. Because often, they would force me to drink alcohol and have non-vegetarian stuff. 

It was absolutely clear to me without their hands on my head, I was nothing. If I lost their friendship then I would lose everything. Then there would be none to help me with my problems. I could not go to the police or parents or teachers. The police never care for petty matters. Parents are opposed to the concepts of boyfriends and girlfriends. And teachers are too against such things and they just hand over such matters to the parents themselves. So, the only person whom I can rely upon is Kala and his friends.

With the passage of time, I also started accompanying Kala and his friends when they would go to beat some student or man. I never knew if the man or a boy whom we were beating is right or wrong in his place. I had lost that option to decide. I was just obeying as Kala was ordering. I could not disobey him or ask too many questions from him because I didn’t want to lose him. Without him, I was zero.

I thought everything would go on as it was. I had to make some compromises in my life if I wanted to stay safe. But something else in the future was waiting for me that I never expected. One day, I was sitting in a resort, and Kala and his main friends Abu and Salim came to me. Kala looked very depressed and the faces of Abu and Salim were also drooped down. I had never seen Kala in such a condition. 

Anxiously I asked, “What happened Kala? Is there any problem?”

At first, no one replied to my question. Silence prevailed for a minute. I asked again, “What happened?”

Kala said to me, “You remember Dalip?”

“Yes, about one month ago, we beat him to the hell,” I said smilingly.

“Today morning, he killed my brother.”

“What the hell? How many men were they? How did they execute their plan?”

Kala said in a grave voice, “I am not interested in knowing how many they were. I am not interested in how they executed their plan. I am interested in only one thing. I want to see him dead.”

I was shocked to hear Kala’s statement. We have thrashed many people but never killed anyone. We were not murderers.

I said to Kala, “I think we should go to the police.”

“What the crap are you speaking! What do you want? I should wait for years to seek justice. Never! He killed my brother. I will kill him. Let’s finish this.”

“I think you should give a second thought to it.”

“Sanjay. Please tell me one thing. When you were in problem, did you go to the police? No, you didn’t. You came to seek our help. And now when I need you, you are showing me the way to the police. I have never seen such an unthankful guy like you. I thought you would get ready to kill him in a second but you...he killed my brother damn it!”

“No, I am not backing down. If you want to kill him, then I will kill him. But I was just saying...”

Kala intervened, “Please don’t use the word - but. I have brought pistols. Come to my home in the evening. You take one of your choices and then we will shoot that bastard!.”

In the evening, I went to Kala’s home. He gave me a pistol. Abu and Salim were also with us. Kala had got secret information that Dalip was still in this city. He was in his friend’s home, namely Raja. We set off for the house of Dalip’s friend in a jeep. Soon we reached there.

Abu knocked at the door. 

Raja (Dalip’s friend) said, “Who’s it?”

Abu answered, “I am from the exchange. I want to check telephone wires passing from your terrace.” Abu acted very smartly. He already noticed telephone wires passing above his house.

‘’Okay, I am coming.’

We all took out our pistols and got ready to shoot. No sooner did he open the door than we pumped four bullets straight to his heart. Hearing the bullet sounds and the cries of Raja, he became alert. He began to fumble for his pistol. Within fifteen seconds, we found Dalip. Kala didn’t even wait for a second and pumped three bullets on his head. I thought before killing Dalip, Kala would say something to make Dalip realize his mistake or say something to vent out his emotions but it was not an old Bollywood movie. It was happening in real life. Dalip lay dead within seconds.

Within the next thirty seconds, we were back in our jeep and our jeep flew away like a rocket. Kala said, “Today, none of us is going home. I know a place where we can hide ourselves today. It is an abandoned house. No one lives there. We will climb the boundary wall of that house, break the lock of the door and spend the night there.”

All said, “Okay.”

By the end of the next forty minutes, we had climbed the boundary wall of the abandoned house, broke the lock of the door and we were all in. In a fit of anger and revenge, Kala had murdered a man but now the fear had started gripping him. In fact, we all were fearing now to think of the consequences. Our faces had turned grave and pale. We all were feeling tired and exhausted. Everything seemed to be over. Our life seemed to be over. It felt as if it was the last day of our free life. No one spoke anything to the other. All remained dead silent throughout the whole night with our eyes opened.

The sun shone through the window panes. I could not sleep for the whole night. I could not swear if I slept for a few minutes in between or not. I picked up my mobile and saw a notification of a news update. I clicked on it. I was taken aback to see the news! 

It read, “Kala, Abu, Salim, and Sanjay have been recorded on a CCTV camera killing Raja and Dalip. FIR has been registered against them by the police. D.S.P. Rajendra Verma has promised to catch these criminals soon.” 

To be continued…

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