The Bench

The Bench

3 mins

They were sitting at the extreme corners of the bench. She was wearing a white summer dress, with beautiful turquoise flowers printed on its fringes. She had her hair pulled back neatly with the help of a sky blue scarf, making the contours of her jawline prominent. There were few strands of her hair, falling on her face, kissing her lips each time a warm breeze flirted with them. It was a bright sunny afternoon and the heat was unbearable. She could feel the sweat running from her nape right down to her lower back. Yet she was here on this bench with him, like always, clutching those blue tulips she took from him. She knew this was the third time in this week that she was sitting with him and having that same discussion. She was tired of his shenanigans and even after numerous apologies he was incorrigible for her. Is she not good to him? Is she so difficult to be with? Hasn’t she done enough for him? Every week, on the same bench, she faces this turmoil with him. And yet every time she forgives and forget, she lets it go. Maybe one day he’ll realize her worth, maybe one day he’ll understand and stop running away.

He was not looking at her.  He knew he was wrong and was hanging his head in between his knees. He was wearing khaki trousers today with a white linen shirt. His shoes looked as if they were polished and yet had some dirt stuck on the wedges of its sole. His eyes were moist but he wasn’t crying, his ears were red, as they use to get always whenever he was overwhelmed with guilt. His lips were quivering and each time he wanted to say something he choked onto the words and a sound akin to a croak will come out. He knew she was hurt, yet again. He knew he was at fault but was finding it difficult to make her understand that it was the last time that he’ll run away from her. At the same time he was making a promise to himself that he won’t leave her alone ever as she was all he got and his love for her was immense. He was done playing these games of hide and seek every day. He knew his questions will be left unanswered and in the quest for finding those answers he didn’t want her to suffer. He decided he will stay, he will stay with her forever.

They got up and walked towards each other, it was the first time in that past one hour that they were looking in each other’s eyes. They walked closer and hugged each other, she brushed his hair and kissed his forehead. He kneeled down and kissed her hands and asked for forgiveness for one last time.

“Forgive me mother, this shall not happen again. I think I’ll learn to make peace with my demons. I won’t leave your side ever. I won’t runaway and comeback here alone. I promise to make him and you proud one day,” said young Daniel Sombers. 

They hugged again and walked towards the grave and laid those tulips together at the foot of its tombstone that read:

“Eric Sombers 1990-2030, a great son, husband and a father, looking down upon its angels finishing their stories that he wrote years back. Rest in Peace.

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