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Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Comedy Action Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Comedy Action Thriller



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**Note: This story was largely inspired from my own life incidents, involving various true life events that affected me to the great extent. The story explores the beauty of life, the importance of care and affection and the effects of our mistakes...needs a strict and compulsory parental guidance(U/A) for children below 12 and 13 years of age.**

When one travels around the world, one notices to what an extraordinary degree human nature is the same, whether in India or America, in Europe or Australia. This is especially true in colleges and universities.

25 MARCH 2019:


Around 8:30 PM in the top of a building, a woman calls someone from her mobile and tells, "Hey. I am sorry pa. I should have been very careful. I don't have the guts to live a flawed life." She commits suicide by falling off from the building.


After the second wave of Covid-19 Pandemic, Sanjeev is really happier to know that his college is going to reopen after several days of online classes. He is really happier to see his school and college friends, back in the college.

He gets ready as usual like his school days, by wearing school shirts and pants. Sanjeev's father Ranadev, a 60-year old man asks him to go careful for the college, to which he agreed.

As he goes inside the college, he notices the top of the building, which holds the title of the college, with few trees and leaves shaking here and there. Inside the college, he stops and asked a nearby security, "Brother. Where is the block of commerce?"

"Go straight to the left and to the right side is your commerce block pa." The security said and he thanks him.

Following this, he goes inside the college, towards his classroom, where he meets someone of his class, whom he knew well.

"Bro. Do you remember me?" asked a guy, who weared a red-full hand and black pants. Sanjay blinked while, Adhithya, who just came and joined called him as, "Hey. Pulkit. What a pleasant surprise! How are you da?"

"Fine bro." Pulkit said to him.

Sanjeev stops in the middle, after which Adhithya blinks at him and asked, "Hey. Come inside the classroom da. Why stood outside?"

"For you, there is no problem. Because, you are a prolific writer. So, you would manage the situation by laughing. In my cause, it's not so. That's why." Adhithya takes him inside forcefully.

As both entered inside the class, the class boys shouted and clapped, mocking as well as pretending to praise the entry of Adhithya and one of his friends Roshan asked him, "Hey Adhi. I heard you wrote a lots of stories...why didn't you continue it da? Have you stopped writing it?"

"For some personal reasons, I stopped writing da" said Adhithya, to which one of his friends Guna replied saying: "Oh ho. Personal reason itseems da."

Then they turned to Sanjeev and one of the guys, Rishi Khanna asked him: "Hey Sanjeev. Why are you silent da? You typed lots of messages in whatsapp. Now you don't even utter a single word."

"No da. I joined for the first time, today right. That's why I am thinking how to start my words" said Sanjeev.

Sanjeev sits in the bench, without making any compromises along with Adhithya in the first bench. As he sits in the bench, Sanjeev takes a few photos, reminscancing about the reunion parties, that he attended along with his friends in Erode, before few days back, going along with Adhithya.

Both Sanjeev and Adhithya are victims of family betrayal. Sanjeev's mother Chitra left him when he was eight years old, due to a conflict of property issues with his father and since then, she have never met and talked with him.

The same way, Adhithya's mother is always greedy and thinks about her own family, irrespective of him and his father. They have to take care of their personal needs and deeds.

Like other people, both the guys are highly addicted to social networks and phones. But, are equivalent in everything.

Adhithya deals each and every problems with a sort of simple smile, convincing words and manages his issues. While, Sanjeev is quite sensitive and emotional. He doesn't know how to handle a situation, which puts him in a tighter condition. One such incident have really shattered him.

Sanjeev is basically weak to girls, who trap him emotionally. On one such occasion, he have fell pray to a girl named Lavanya in the Instgram account, who chatted with him in the name of Love and lured him into the trap of prank call, where he have showed six packs, to see her face.

However the account is fake and was instead the face of his close friend, Akhil, who disguised himself as Lavanya to satisfy his selfish desires. Despite this, Sanjeev have been further lured to trap by one of his classmates named, Moulish, who have disguised himself as Dhivya and got to know the photo of his chick. These two events affected him to a great extent psychologically and he started to hate and dislike girls.

Additionally, he behaved rude and ruthless to a girl called Rashmika, a girl who became one of his close friends during online classes. She grew up without yearning the love and affection of her mother. Since, her mother have left her, due to terminal illness. From then, it was her father, who is taking care of her life.

Usually, Sanjeev lusts for beautiful girls and flirts around them, unlike Adhithya, who maintains distance from girls. He is further limited to the relationships with girls. Since Rashmika's sister warned him to move away from her, he distanced himself. Since, Sanjeev's blinded anger was the main reasons.

In the college, Sanjeev feels difficult to adjust with his friends. Since, they are too jovious and disturbed him a lot, with their mockery, laughter and through so many other ways. While Adhithya enjoys the life with his friends, irrespective of any works.

During the break, Adhithya asked to the Class representative Swaroop, "Mr. Rep. Did you understand the lessons, taken by our class tutor?"

"In Online classes, I would sleep as our sir take a lesson. In Offline class, I would be doing some other works. Because, we have lots of freedom to take our own decisions."

During the class of Company Law, as Adhithya was sitting with Sanjeev, Rishi asked him: "Hey Adhi. Remove your mask da. I have to see your beard. Show it da."

As he is telling so, the teacher comes and sees him, to which Roshan and Thilip laughed. She have been taking lectures, telling about Prospectus, Company Secretary, etc. While, the students were doing their own works.

Tapping some likes for Instagram posts, seeing whatsapp and seeing Facebook. They doesn't fear for teachers, unlike school, where they get scoldings. However, here they have got a lots of freedoms to enjoy the life.

At the same time, few friends of Adhithya and Sanjeev expressed their regret of coming to the college. Yet they are happier about coming to the college.


After the college finished, Sanjeev goes back to his house, where his father asked him: "My son. How was the first day?"

"It was good dad. I met all of my friends. Didn't talk much. But, a surprise is, full of freedoms. They comes as they wish, goes as they like and sits in the library. No strict rules."

"It's not so my son. College is like that only. We have to study by ourselves and we should know how to deal situations in a practical way. Due to Corona, you haven't gone for college yet. If covid doesn't comes, you could have known several things easier. Anyway, you would learn so many things." Sanjeev as usual gets back to his normal dress and goes to give his clothes, which have became tightened, due to his over-weight and fatty body.

He doesn't see any tailor shops and after much search overs, he goes and gives the clothes to a tailor man, who agrees to stitch the clothes for Rs. 50. As he is making his clothes ready, Sanjeev sits near a chair and sees some status of his friends, who all have showered happier expressions about the re-opening of the college, with photos. He smiles and laughs at the status videos.

Aftermath gets the clothes and returns to his house, where he sees Adhithya, seeking his help for the upcoming seminar and projects. Both studies together for a while and finished off the works, till 12:00 AM.


Four days later, Adhithya and Sanjeev are in the college. There, they meets girls Shruthiga, Swetha Varshini.

"Hi Sanjeev. Your dress is superb." Snajeev looks silent and didn't even utter any words, to which Sanjay and Adhithya says, "No replies given by him." To avoid them and hide his fear to talk with girls, he moves away from the place to washroom. It took several hours for him to understand the emotions, mindset and characters of girls.

He starts to speak well slowly with some Erode girls like Subha Sree, Archana, Sruthi, Deepika and Hasini. The girls are quite silent, jolly-girls and doesn't mock other people much.

Following a break, Economics Teacher Laxmi comes and calls 17 Janakiraaman, whom Adhithya tells: "He is absent mam."

"Why is he absent for so many days? He doesn't even attend online classes, properly too" asked Laxmi mam.

"I too doesn't know about this much mam. I am sorry mam" said Adhithya. Days rolled as such. Girls all joined the classes soon, except Janakiraaman.

Adhithya slowly started to take changes and gets closer with girls, in terms of relationship. While, Sanjeev also overcome his difficulties and he have now became much more bolder than Adhithya. Unlike the Covid days, Adhithya doesn't write any stories and instead, sends comedies. Today, he have sent a comedy for his friend's birthday party:

The friend: Many more happy returns of the day da, machi. Give us treat machaa.

That guy: For all birthdays, will you ask treat ah da? Why?"

The friend: Because, it's like that only.

Birthday boy: Go straight to a shop. Ask Treat by showing 5 or 10 Rs. either. They would give you a Treat biscuit. That's the birthday treat.

Me: Are you managing the situation with your smart mind...sometimes his comedies turned pale and gained criticisms from his friends. Henceforth, Adhithya becomes a funny guy among his friends. While, Sanjeev is not like such.

Since, he is away from all these sorts of evils and is focussed with his aim to become a guy, useful to this society, similar to Adhithya. But, he is quite intense in his aim, compared to Adhi, who is careless and irresponsible at times, gaining the wrath of his father, who is a renowned professor.

Things were going smooth, until Akhil enters into the life of the two guys. He gets an unanonymous threat from some unknown fake account. Believing it to be his friends and thinking that, they are taking revenge for the pranks calls, he confronts Adhithya and Sanjeev.

He asked Adhithya: "Are you using fake accounts and sending few of my personal photos da?"

"Akhil. Listen to me. Like you, I am not like such. We don't do cheap things like you. Go away from this place. You idiot." An angry Akhil enters into a violent fight with Sanjeev and in the ensuing scuffle, Adhithya tells Akhil to be a scoundrel, who spoiled the life of several of his friends and told, "I am not responsible for this da. It could be of someone, whom you cheated. Go and dig the information, as you are an expert in hacking."

Akhil is the son of a rich billionaire, Madhavan. He is one of the top billionaires in Tamilnadu. Additionally as he is having lots of money, Akhil practices bad and unethical practices. He lured girls in the name of love and fulfills his desires of lust by having sex with them. Further, he have took the intimate videos to threaten and blackmail the girls, so that he could satisfy his desires to enjoy the beauty of girls.

Akhil, Adhithya and Sanjeev were once close friends during the school days. Once the two guys noticed his activities of womanizing and realizing that, they too would be spoiled, the guys are separated due to various reasons.

Additionally, Akhil have been called by many of his friends as "King of Love" due to his smartness in luring girls into the trap of love. Even though Adhithya and Sanjeev are addicted to social media networks, they live with good principles.

Situation further worsens, when Rithik gets kidnapped and buried inside in a wooden coffin. The wooden coffin have a Zippo Lighter, a pen and a Blackberry phone at hand.

Adhithya and Sanjeev are going inside the college. Adhi tells Sanjeev, "Hey. See our classmate Dharmarajan da. How is he this much fat da?"

"During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we all were sitting inside the house. Additionally, we didn't do any exercises due to lockdown and further, ate lots of food. That's why he have become fat." Sanjeev told, with a sort of laughter. While going inside the block, Sanjeev sees the dog and asked Adhithya, "Hey dude. See this dog eh. This dog was post by Preethi, a many times. She have even named the dog as Rohit."

"What dog da is this? Looking like a bed sheet...even our seniors asked in a memes that, will this dog bite us?" Adhithya said by laughing.

Both goes towards the classroom and sees the friends, sitting panicked and hijacked.

"What happened Shruthiga? Why all are waiting outside?" asked Adhithya.

"Akhil is missing da. His parents unveiled the concerns about his missing since yesterday" said Swetha Varshini.

Sanjeev looked gaze and asked Shruthiga with a tightened brow, "For that, are you all suspecting us? Ah?"

"No da. It's not so. If anything risky that happened means, tomorrow you would be in trouble. That's why we asked you. Did you again met him, somewhere?" asked Harini.

Adhithya replied, "We have got separated and are living happily for years. Hence, we don't play any role in his missing...I doesn't even care about his abscond." They proceeds to enter inside the class, taking seminar works and attending classes...

During the break, Adhithya sees someone, giving a missed call for his phone. But, he stops thinking, "Someone could have done either a spam or prank call. We must be careful."

Confirming the call to be a spam, Adhithya blocks the call and proceeds to do his work. At the same time, the kidnapper of Akhil calls him.

"Hello. Hello..hello...who are you? Why have you kidnapped me? What do you want?" Akhil asked and shouted at him.

As the kidnapper is silent, Akhil further asked him: "Within one hour, you have to cut off your private part."

The same time, Sanjeev recalls about his memorable moments and days, that was spent with Akhil and Adhithya. Further he tells to Akhil's photo, "I doesn't have any hatred to you da. As an advisor, I have guided you in so many ways to change your ways. But, you didn't even obey us. You insulted us as, 'useless and doesn't know how to enjoy the life.' See what happened now."

Recalling the words of his father to help others in need and considering the good nature of Akhil's father, Adhithya calms down and decides to conduct a search for Akhil, along with Sanjeev. To stop the things from making worse, they makes a kind request to the friends and college management, not to make the situations worse with the help of Akhil's father.

As per the advice of Sanjeev's father and his advocate, Madhavan approaches his family friend ACP Jayendran IPS to conduct a search for Akhil all over. At the same time, an hour later, Akhil gets a call from same kidnapper and he begs him for his release.

"Ok. I will release you. But, before that, recall the sins that you have committed, so far. Remember, how many of women's life you could have spoiled in the name of love, since 10th standard" said the kidnapper.

While recalling the names of woman, whom he have named as ice cream, noodles, chocolate and chicken biriyani, he comes across the glimpse of a girl's picture named Ananya.


One years before Akhil, Adhithya and Sanjeev were thick friends studying in Suguna International Schools of Coimbatore district. The guys were thickest friends and have been one of the prolific and brilliant students in the school. Only negatives in Akhil is, "He lured girls in the name of love and had sex with them, due to the uncontrollable lust in his mind." Even though he hears advice of his friends, he just ignores them, after seeing beautiful girls...

At such occasion, he meets his classmate Ananya, a middle-class girl and daughter of a strict government employee named Ravindran. Ananya have an elder brother: Arun Prasad, who is strict, benevolent and affectionate to his sister. He is working as a Cyber specialist in a private company of Coimbatore.

Ananya is having lots of desires in her mind. She is aiming to settle big in the life, planning to study well and score good in academics. She is very close friend to Adhithya and Sanjeev, in the school days.

Though Sanjeev was light-hearted to Akhil's antics and atrocities against his classmates and weak girls, he remains strict in the arena of Ananya, whom he believes to be a poor girl, striving to achieve something big for her family's welfare.

Akhil is however, moved over her beautiful structure, her gorgeous and cheeky face. Ananya is quite a sensitive often being provoked by the term, "Love" which is actually an infatuation in college.

This stops her often, from achieving her goals. Akhil as usual, becomes friends with her. Initially, Ananya avoided him owing to his crooked character. Later, she started to like him and gradually, the duo fell in love. Despite the advice of Sanjeev, Akhil proceeded to do his bad ways and this led to friction between them.

Adhithya continued to be friends with Akhil however, amidst of the conflicts. Things took a quick turn, since Ananya stopped talking with Akhil, as her brother found out their love. Even after these things, Akhil still acts smart and outwits Ananya. She is asked by him to come for his house in sari.

Akhil was raised up by his single father, after the demise of his mother. To make him feel happier, he have brought him everything. Bike, TV, a phone and all other facilities, so that he could be happier and Madhavan could continue his business empire.

In the house, Akhil lusts for Ananya's beauty and henceforth, gradually touches her cheek telling, "Ananya. You look so cute and beautiful baby."

Since, woman are prawn to the weakness of being appreciated, she too falls for the same prey. Her attractive eyes made Akhil's adrenaline to have a rushed pump and he gives a slight lip kiss for her. Afterwards, he gives her a glass of water and proceeds to undo her saree, after admiring her parts of body such as hip, her nose, her mouth, etc.

With his vigorous intentions, Akhil slowly undo her sari and makes himself naked. Through her naked body, he satisfies his sexual desires by enjoying the whole night, further recording their intimate video through his phone.

At present, Akhil further recalls the aftermath events that occurred due to this. He sent some videos in Ananya's phone and threatened her to leak this in social media and internet.

Since, living in an age of constant technological advancements, especially in the field of computer science, has a lot of benefits. The children and adolescents of today lead a drastically different lifestyle from their previous generations. While we have seen the slow invasion of computer technology in all spheres of life, the upcoming generation has led a digitalized lifestyle since the very beginning of their existence. The present era rightly gives credit to computers for making our lives easier. Yet, an unpredicted drawback that accompanies coexistence with technology is the rising cases of behavioural addiction, especially in children and adolescents.

Ananya told the events to Sanjeev and Adhithya. She begged him to do something before anything wrong could happen.

Shocked with the antics and cruelty of Akhil, Adhithya assured to Ananya: "You don't worry Ananya. We would solve this issues. I will talk with Akhil."

Going along with Sanjeev, Adhithya tells Akhil: "Akhil. There is a limit da. You have to stop your atrocious works. As a friends, we were patient. Don't make us to expose you."

Akhil laughed upon hearing this and tells, "Young, single females Are addicted to social Media More Than Any Other Group. A recent study containing over 23,500 participants between the ages of 16 and 88 found that being a young, single female was most strongly associated with displaying addictive social media behavior. I am using that to my favour. Is that wrong?"

Ananya moves away crying and during that night, she called her father and informed about everything. She commits suicide by jumping off from the building on 25 March 2019.



In the police station, at the same time, Sanjeev and Adhithya too told about the same events to the ACP. Because, he have to know the character of Akhil. Henceforth, they can investigate the case in further.

Akhil's father is very much shocked and he sits heartbroken. While, ACP asked Sanjeev, "Then, what happened? Is Ananya's family alive now?"

"Her father died few days back sir. But, her brother is still alive, someone said to me sir. I don't know clearly about it sir."

Following this investigations, ACP sends the boys and tells to Madhavan, "Sir. Just fulfilling the needs of children alone is not enough. In today's world, Since the internet has become such an essential tool in our lifestyle, it is challenging to understand when the usage becomes problematic. Some signs include secluding living, sleep deprivation, spending less time being social and thinking about being on the internet. The normal usage of using the internet slowly and progressively turns into a compulsive addiction towards it. For example – a group of individuals who are sitting together but none of them are conversing instead all of them are glued to using the internet on their smartphones or tablets. The social media websites and internet gaming plays a major role in social media addiction. You have to observe what your son is doing. Orelse, things would go awry like this."

Further, he tells him: "Through books, through advertisements, through the cinema and in many other ways, various aspects of sensation are constantly being stressed. The political and religious pageants, the theatre and other forms of amusement, all encourage us to seek stimulation at different levels of our being. And we delight in this encouragement. Sensuality is being developed in every possible way, and at the same time, the ideal of chasity is upheld."

The same time, Adhithya and Sanjeev reaches their house along with their respective fathers to the house. While going, Sanjeev's father asked him: "Hey. Tell me the truth. What happened to Akhil? Why you didn't reveal some of the truths?"

After a while, Adhithya tells to them: "Uncle. We only helped in kidnapping Akhil. But, the one who kidnapped him was indeed, Ananya's brother."

They are shocked upon hearing this. Sanjeev then further tells, what happened during that night, when they were returning back to the house.


While returning to the house, Akhil was beaten up severely by Adhithya. Sanjeev vehemently hits him up and tells, "You are an example for those, who have been spoiled, due to money and the status of being rich. We middle-class suffered because of you da."

Akhil faints due to the beatings. The guys leaves the place back to home, as per the instructions of Ananya's brother. While Ananya's brother buries him alive in an deep underground near to Somanur.

In the house, Adhithya and Sanjeev sees Ananya's brother sending an advisory message for them: "Don't be like Akhil guys. You too could meet this fate, because. Education is not merely a matter of training the mind. Training makes for efficiency, but it doesn't bring about completeness. A mind that has merely been trained is the continuation of the past, and such a mind can never discover the new. That is why, to find out what is right education, we will have to inquire into the whole significance of living. All the best guys. May your college life perish with a lots of beautiful days and mesmerizing times."


Akhil dies in the box, due to the suffocation. While, the ACP, along with his team, finds out his dead body after a long period of search and hands over his dead body to Madhavan, who cried out of remorse, repenting his acts and lamenting over his failure to take care of his son as a responsible father.

The ACP then tells to the police Inspector, "I am also coming from a middle class family only. If we use social networks beyond the limit, then this is the final outcome. Contrary to what is generally believed, most parents do not love their children, though they talk of loving them. If parents really loved their children, they would give them right guidance about what is good and what is wrong. So that children would lead a peaceful and happier life." He wears his cooling glass and proceeds to leave from the place, as the sky turns to the darker side.


Few days later, Adhithya and Sanjeev as usual gets ready for their college and rushes to go for the class, since the time was already 8:58 AM. While moving towards the classroom, Sanjeev sees Adhithya texting someone as, "I love you. Umma. You look so cute baby."

"To whom, are you typing da buddy?" asked Sanjeev.

"My second lover, Harini da. I have to feel the fabric of her love right. Compared to Akhil, I didn't even spoke with any girls. My first love was a failure. Second love was a success. That's why doing this." An angered Snajeev then, chases him beating and tells, "Idiot. Now only, we solved our problems and issues...again, are you trying to create a ruckus and issues ah? Run da. You stupid fellow."

Adhithya runs telling that, "Hey. Don't take it serious da. Just for fun, I told like such. I would always be good. Won't do like such da buddy." He laughed uncontrollably. Sanjeev too then, laughed and tells, "Get inside the class da. You nonsense, rascal and idiot."

As they enters inside the class, other students also continued to enter inside the class and joined, along with them after arranging the desk and tables, in a right position.


1.) Life is always beautiful.

2.) "Money is the root cause for all evil."

      -Gautham Buddha.

3.) Like other human problems, the problem of our passions and sexual urges is a complex and difficult one, and if the educator himself has not deeply probed into it and sees its many implications, how can he help those he is educating? If the parent or the teacher is himself caught up in the turmoils of sex, how can he guide the child? Can we help the children if we ourselves do not understand the significance of this whole problem? The manner in which the educator imparts an understanding of sex depends on the state of his own mind. It depends on whether he is gently dispassionate or consumed by his own desires.

4.) The hindrances and escapes of the mind constitute the problem, and not sex or any other specific issue; and that is why it is important to understand the mind's process, it's attractions and repulsions, it's responses to beauty, to ugliness. We should observe ourselves, become aware of how we regard people, how we look at men and women.

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