Thankful for Love

Thankful for Love

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Every moment turns against me

Every body is my foe.

Nothing feels like life anymore

God, why am I feeling so low?

Mom's food has no taste,

Winning games is so fun.

Why is life treating me like this?

Why can't I just leave and run?

At the peak of this moment,

The cell phone rings.

It's my best friend calling,

To tell me terrible things.

Her very best friend,

The one right after me.

Banished in an accident

In the hospital at three.

'If you hadn't picked up,

I would not have survived,

Cut myself deep', she said

As the news of death arrived.

What was my life now?

I had just saved her

Or had she saved me?

Why can't I be grateful?

At least for our love.

The very love that shaped me.

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