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Thank You

Thank You

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I had short-spanned memorable, eventful, and funny school days. Still, it is in fresh memory that I was not a very happy school goer. Of late I joined a school, a small old building with many great stalwarts around, they were my teachers. Those days I never felt the importance of teachers, as maybe my father belongs to the same profession and the family atmosphere was like little school type, so I developed my liking ness towards them.

Teachers say that I was a bit sincere but a fighter cock. The most memorable part of school life was my participation in extracurricular activities. I proved to be an actor, a debater, an athlete but a poor scorer in studies.

Even then this small appreciation and recognition at that level increased my confidence and the unknown fear that helped me to accomplish---------------.

My best hobby was public speaking so I always waited for an opportunity to come on my way. It was one of our Independence Day celebrations when my teacher announced in class to select a representative to deliver a speech, the very next moment I stood up and shouldered the task that was my first appearance in front of a crowd.

Next worry was what and how to speak? Though father was a busy person, I forced him and requested him to draft me a speech. Still I remember that though he was positive but could not help me. So I drafted a speech with all my in-digested ideas, and constipated thoughts and waited desperately for father to correct it.

 Waiting, waiting and more waiting made me helpless to sleep with the draft, hiding safely inside my pillow. Suddenly I got up at mid night; started searching for father, found him very next to me, my joy reached no bounds as if I caught red-handedly the most wanted terrorist.

I called slowly; my voice was in grip of fear, anxiety and happiness, the tired father got up, begged him to look at my draft and guide. He was surprised at my effort and interest and did the needful at that silent moment in the midnight.

Then I was ready for the morning show. As the function progressed, proudly waiting for my turn. That’s it, I found myself so happy to find my name there, marched towards the stage as if the President of the country is ready to take oath. Ultimately I read the speech, though a small achievement, but left a great sense of significance on me.

 The message behind the story is that One’s self-interest, commitment, and hard work will definitely lead to a happy end. All your attempt may not bear fruit, but do remember that your initiation and participation is real reward. Feel fortunate that you are there where competition is cut-throat or few are competing to excel.

You agree with me that education is not a strict textual syllabus and excelling in the examinations; it is that what remains in you when everything else is forgotten, so you acquire it that is your real achievement.

Though education is an ongoing process but without physical and moral education a personality remains incomplete. Here most important point is that how do you balance yourself among so many activities, thus a school provides the right platform to tap all your untapped talents and no doubt there is tremendous responsibilities lies on the shoulders of teachers and the policymakers too. So grab all the opportunities come on your way, and be the winner in every earnest attempt.

I got the real sense of fulfillment when my teachers supported me on the sports ground or appreciated on success in literary activities with his kind words and personal touch than when he helped me to solve a tough trigonometric problem or to understand the Law of Gravitation or the Shakespearean poetry and the like. 

A true teacher only can discover your abilities and rediscover your confidence, he who has soldier’s commitment, never waits for trumpets to blow and no golden decoration to be decreed at his success.

A sound education system should always aim at a quality education, but it is unfortunate that today’s education system which centers on excelling on examinations is so mechanized that the quest for knowledge has lost its significance.

Despite all these deficiencies and difficulties, a teacher always retains his significance in every society. I am proud to be a part of this profession, where I feel more to learn than to teach. I am thankful to all my teachers for the efforts that made me feel so proud of them.

“The teachers affect eternity, one can never tell where his influence stops.”

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