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Symphony of Life

Symphony of Life

3 mins

 I'm at the crux of my life, So I believe. My kids are no more children. They have grown into adults. My son is working in an MNC. My daughter is finishing college

            Now I have ample time at my disposal. I started feeling boredom. A restlessness. Time seems to be not moving. I stopped talking. I lost my cheerfulness. I started developing cramps. Headaches became frequent. l lost appetite. I was happy only when my daughter came. She took me out. By the time she has to return, a panic starts rising in the  pit of my  stomach.

        Next day my husband deliberately took me out and enrolled me in a yoga class and fitness gym.

      At first I just went there and came back. My body was full of cramps. Slowly I started enjoying  my class. I started to feel Bliss and contentment . My friend taught me to concentrate on my forehead .Sometimes I slipped into sleep,during meditation.  

      The friends which I  lost after my college, was retrieved now. Atfirst, I was doubtful and apprehensive. I was drawn to their magic circle , by a wand. I gelled into them easily and smoothly.

       We had chit chats , saw movies ,we went shopping for no reason. we bought clothes for our children which they never wore , bought apparels for our maids kids or we donated to charity.

       My husband saw my change. The smile came back , there was rhythm in my steps, I sang old Bollywood hits along with fm radio . My voice was never good, my dance was not to the beats. I started trying new recipes, my chatter came back. He listened to my chats and gossips with a smile on his lips.

         I had acquired a new friend. My new neighbors moved in and they had a cute little daughter. Shruthi. she was a two year old cutie pie with a smile that melts your heart .She would bump into our house . I baked chocolate cup cakes, nutty Nan kattai s , fruity shakes. I baby sit ,when her mom needs to go errands. I would drop her in play creche when I go to my yoga class. 

  My time starts to fill in. At the end of day I sleep exhausted and full. Im fresh as dew in the mornings. Sitting in my comfy armchair, reading my favorite book, I'm relaxed and contented. The dusk setting in with orange sky melting it's way to night. I don't know if it's the calm before the storm. Is the stillness of river a prelude to the whirlwind of current. I enjoy the moment. I do whatsoever I can to  help those around me, savoring each moment.The little nuances I prefer ,make me goddesses of small things.

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