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Swami Samartha 3

Swami Samartha 3

2 mins


Swami who is Wayakuntha wasi. To whom Ashtasidhi serves as a maid, to serve this mankind he came to earth taking human form.

Choyappa was totally wealthless, use to serve Swami with total devotion. Ever since Swami came to his home his wealth started growing and Lakshmi mata resided in his home.

Many peoples started visiting to get Swami's blessing and get their wishes fulfilled. Wealth, marriage, child, and many more wishes. 

Some who tired of living due to over materialistic attachment and related unavoidable losses also use to visit. 

As Swami's devotee's count was Increasing, his enemies were also increasing. He was granting wishes of devotees and equally punishing teasers(infidel).

Even he used to test the devotion of Cholappa but Cholappa never gave up. His patiwrata wife also was very devoted to Swami.

Once two sadhu came in and started telling devotees that you all are cheated by Swami. What characteristics he has as Swami? He is enjoying life luxuries.

 Swami used to avoid their company. One day Swami was at his one of the devotee's place and these two sadhus came there.

Swami decided to show some miracle today. 

Seeing many peoples worshiping Swami both Sadhu for a second forgot everything and got involved in devotion.

That day whatever food came to Swami he gave all of that to those two sadhus. Sadhu got very happy. 

Once rush reduced servant maids collected everything from that sadhu and taken it inside.

 It was evening time and now Sadhu could not eat for that day.

Swami also did not take any food that day. 

Peoples who wanted to trouble Swami got a nice lesson.

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