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zezievania sebastiao

Drama Romance


zezievania sebastiao

Drama Romance

Summer In Notreville

Summer In Notreville

7 mins

Hello, I'm Zhong Yun-li, but noun as Yun (as you can see, my name couldn't be more Chinese than this) and I'm a Chinese born and raised in Beijing. Today and only, I'm going to tell a little bit big story about my last summer in Notreville, when and where I found the love of my life...Wait? Don't you know Notreville? You have never heard about it? Then it's up to me to introduce it.

Notreville is located on some continent in some terrestrial part of the Earth. It's a huge city mostly composed of buildings, so most part of the population lives in apartments. There are big houses too, but they're reserved to the richest people, like my friend, Anthony a young and successful lawyer, son of the boss of the biggest ​​car company of the city called "Votrautomobile"(so creative). And oh! I cannot forget to mention that the president of Notreville is French, so almost everything is in French, for example, the name of the streets, of the buildings, of the monuments etc. 

Notreville has a large fountain in the centre, beautiful bridges, beautiful ecological spaces, and much more. I lived there since I was 20, I moved in the same year my mom died by cancer. I left China with my dad, but three years later he returned. Dad said that China had something that Notreville doesn't have, so he came back.

I worked as an assistant at a music store there (in Notreville) and I really hated that, because my passion is to draw and so it was of my mom. I'd really love to make her proud, I'd really love to be recognized for that, but I was never successful. Now I'll stop playing the victim and let's go to the story!

P:S- Everything in parentheses are my ideas or simple comments from me.


July 1st, 1960

Loren street, 17th House

"Anthony, that's just...stupid!"

"What you call stupid I call it the best idea I've ever had and for sure the one I should've had before!"

"Cheating! That's your best idea!? Don't you think you should at least now, be more mature? Damnit, Anthony, you're getting f***ing married!"

"Blah blah blah, I know! I know that I'm engaged and not yet married as well. And you should learn as well that when you hear those words, listen carefully: will you accept being with this woman for the rest of your life? It will be my death. No, seriously, kill me or I'll do it before."

"I'll do it if don't give up on this idea!"

"Yun...I thought you were my best friend."

"Well in my case you're the only real friend I have, so I try to protect you from your own stupidity. Please, give up on this!"

"I'll repeat...thought we were best friends. And sorry if I ask you this, but what it was the last time you...? You know, you...?"

"What are you implying?"

"I mean look at you( he pointed at my uniform) you're always working at that stupid music store or tripping with your drawings. I bet you don't have any time to date or to do something else, if you know what I mean."

"Ok, first of all, this is not about me, it's about your marriage, and second of all you're right, I don't have any time to date or to do something else, because I don't want or need to. I have to give my balls for this job every single day, because I need to put some food on the table and to pay my bills, unlike you the little prince who was born in a golden cradle and is getting married to possibly the most desired girl in the city."

"So you're jealous of me?" 

"Not of you, of your almost perfect life. Every guy, in this city, but me, is probably jealous of you."

"I'm sorry, I just don't get it why you don't agree with my idea since this an arranged marriage?"

"Grace doesn't know about the trash business of your father. You're manipulating her as well."

"I have no choice, my dad told me that if I don't get married to her I'd never have part of the company's shares. A man can't live depending on the lawyer's money for the rest of his life."

"Oh sorry, my bad, I forgot how presumptuous you are. So how long do you want to continue with this lie?"

"Let's just go to the stupid brothel! I know that you need it and you're lying to yourself that you don't."

"No, we won't go to the f***ing brothel!"



"No, really?" 

" I said..."

(4 days later)


July 5th, 1960

Hamilton street, 24th door

"...NO, NO, NO! I'm not entering, you go ahead and I'm going home."

"Come on, don't be a pussy! It's gonna be fine, I promise!"

(And we came inside)

"And we're here inside.(Not gonna lie, the place was... huge. There were a band, a bar, a huge chandelier on the centre, rich men and of course a lot of women) And, we should just..."

"What? Yun? What you were going to say?"

"Uh? Nothing. (Just saw the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life) I was going to say that we should just drink something."

"I don't think so. I mean, I don't think you were about to say that. (He knows me) What... no, who are you staring at?"

"She's at the bar."( She was at the bar seated all by herself, with a pretty red dress that accented with her skin well and the hair perfectly tied. She seemed so lost and uncomfortable, but at the same time, one of them...a slut.)

"Go for it!"

"Are you mad? I promised to myself I'd never be involved with a slut."(And I meant it)

" Come on, don't be a pussy!"

"I'm not being a pussy, I just wanna protect my dignity!"(And I meant it too)

"Why you're so lame? I thought that I and my bestie could have the night of our lives but you are not collaborating for that to happen. Yun, please go have fun and enjoy the night of our lives!"

"Fine, I'll go." ( So I sat by her side without saying a word. I was never good with women. Damn, I was so uncomfortable, even more, when she started looking at me. Her seek was not even discreet, she stared at me from the top to the bottom. Deep down I was feeling kinda good, it's not every day that a woman like that, I don't mean a slut, but a gorgeous woman like that stare at us. When she stopped staring at me, stood up and left, my heart broke in two.)

"I see that you like her."(My thoughts were interrupted by a half aged woman) "Isn't she lovely? I'm the owner by the way, and you are?"

"Does it matter?" (Don't know why I answered like that)

"I liked you. Just one more question, and please don't answer hopelessly. How much you are paying for her?"

" I'm not buying her."

"Oh darling, don't make me waste my time. How much?"

"I said I'm not bu..."(I was interrupted again)

"Good night miss Adria, how is your night?" (Wait, he knows her!?)

" Oh, goodnight Anthony! (so they knew each other!?) I was doing great until I met this gentleman."

"He's a friend of mine, Yun. I invited him to my bachelor party."

"Oh, don't tell me I almost forgot about it that you're getting married to Grace. I'll lose my best client!"(So he's a frequent client!?)

"But you have Yun now. I promise that he'll be here almost every day (don't think so) for that one pretty girl."

"Really!? I thought he was a feminist. I'm not buying her, he said."

"He's a bit shy, but after some drinks, the situation will change. And he's buying her for(he whispered to her ear and she seemed satisfied)

"Follow me!"(She ordered me to do it and I did)

(That would guide me to that one beautiful girl. She looked so tired and kinda sad when she saw me and that hurt me pretty much)

"What's your name?"

"Does it matter?"(touché miss Adria, touché) what really matters is what is going to happen this night between both of you. Have fun!"(And she left us)

(She hasn't said a word yet and I was starting to feel deluded, deluded imagining a future with her)

"Shouldn't we go up?"( the first words I've ever heard from her. And...let me tell you...what a sexy voice. I know it may sound ridiculous, but I would believe if she'd tell me she's an angel)

"Sure"( I answered unsurely)

( And we went upstairs)

"We're here, upstairs, alone, with the presence with each oth..."( She just...no she didn't touch my...)

"Your pants!"

"My pants? What's wrong?"

(She started to cry and I didn't know what to do, so I hugged her. She, unexpectedly, stopped crying and hugged me back and we stayed still for a while. When our hug finished, our stares found each other. It felt so wrong because I really wanted to kiss her! Omg, where's my dignity at?)

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