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It is strange, it becomes difficult to live in life when the situation gets worse from bad, in the same way, I had handled life and kept it in a briefcase of the summit. Sometimes I was definitely fishing when the fishermen asked me When I wanted to know what kind of style I have, people wanted to know.

There is a story Mangal Singh had a resident of Orissa, his house was some distance away from Malkhan Giri, there was a kind of manger surrounded by genders. Mangal was his wife Neelu and two sons Rakesh and Mukesh and a daughter Shanti Today. His Mangal was giving fisherman training to both his sons. Now the fisherman's son will become a fisherman, who had been doing our ancestors, they will also do the future of our future.

On day 1, Mars was fishing in the boat. Suddenly the wind started blowing, the lightning began to crackle and the river wave was shaking. A man should not be included in this fire. In the same way, I reached the banks of the river and after keeping some remaining fish in my bag, leaving the trap the same, I left for home and the rain had increased. I somehow reached my home, my son Rakesh opened the door. Those people were very surprised to see me because I was coming to sing. My wife Neelu first asked me a question, since when have children been hungry.

One thought was being eaten again and again in my mind that children are hungry. And I found some fish that could make it possible to feed one. Dreams were eaten a little and fell asleep after drinking water, now I was thinking something. Suddenly a drop from the roof dripped onto my face. Life was being tested so that I was asking for my existence before I lost.

The next day I got up early in the morning to go to the river and list that today I will earn some money, the morning started well but nothing special could happen, some ₹ 200 were gathered. But it was not enough. So that I can run my house. Life hurts so much, why the rich are sitting in the swing of the poor.

Now it was understandable that if we want to bring some changes in life, then we have to leave some paths too, we have understood. I did not want to see the pain of my family. How long I would not be able to fulfill my daughter's fear. Here the government had announced that all the poor would be given pucca houses and ration cards. It had been 20 years till now, I had nothing for my marriage. Except that I am a fisherman whose life will go with the help of a fishing net.

One day, in some fish company Malkangiri, he talked to all the fishermen there and said that they would export all their fish abroad and they were very benefited from them. Now a wave of happiness was coming on his face. The fisherman's brothers were very happy. Because no poor ever make money just to meet their needs. This is what he needed.

Seeing that Mars was now a little better than before. He left the forest and settled in the city. Used to deal with fish. A few years passed, both of his sons had grown up and the daughter was going to college and everything was going well. A son Rakesh, who opened his own printing shop, used to earn a lot of money. And Mukesh got involved in the fish business with his father, as a child, he had heard from his father that this is what our forefathers are doing and we have to do the same.

As everything went on, the daughter's education was completed, the age of marriage had taken place. Both sons decided not to marry. The daughter will get married and then the son will be seen. Relationships had started coming for the daughter but some relationships were not understood. The decision that had to be made, the future was good, that is what my daughter wanted. The hour came, the daughter's marriage was fixed The boy was a doctor

The boy used to work in the state capital Bhubaneswar and he was living for many years now, after marriage, the separation of the daughter will not be seen from us, but her real house is her in-law's house, thinking that I have calmed myself.

Doli departed from Saj Dhaj's house, tears were now flowing in the house. I was watching my daughter go away and in a while my eyes disappeared, it was supposed to happen but never thought so soon. Now everyone tired and went to sleep. This story was just like that.

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