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Hey guys! Greetings for the day.

So, today am gonna discuss my love life. So, have anyone of you been in such a situation where when you got your beautiful phase of life ended up, a tragic entry of the other person takes place. And this person out of nowhere is somewhat related to your ex?

Yeah! Exactly what happened with me a few months back. So, that was the time when I was completely devastated as my personal life and professional lives both were going in a sort of drain. I used to talk less, write more. Yell less, and listen more. Completely lost in my own thoughts, no ‘friends’ named people around me. Just keep going on and on and on.. exactly similar to what a depressed person would do. And then this jolly natured person poked me. His entry in my life was full of drama and serious scenes. I was at that time an anti-social person as most of you might have guessed. And then this person texted me out of nowhere, saying hey, you up?

And the irony is, I was just about to have a sleep at that time. I don’t know what just came into my mind that I replied yes, but am sorry I didn’t recognise you. Can I be of any help to you? He said well even I didn’t, but maybe we can be a couple of those good friends out there, sometimes. Who knows? Cutting the crap aside I thought maybe he was being way too frank for the first time. I started being rude, I said yes can I help you in any manner? I mean Can you guys Imagine this anti-social girl having a nonsense word with this nonsense stranger out of the blue, in this chilled midnight. Even I think at times, what was so strange about this stranger that I replied to him, Irrespective of thousand other requests that I got from the people, ever since I started blogging and gymming. And somehow I got to know that he was my ex- boyfriend’s best friend.

A friend I never even heard about. A friend who showed up for the first time in my life, who calls himself as my ex- man’s bestie? And then that dig of memories and frustration of him ditching me, and leaving me alone after that physicality, kept me sinking in. And that very silent girl who was in that same condition for the past 2 years, spoke up. She spoke up and puked all her alone thoughts on that newly met guy. He could’ve got offended as I thought he is surely going to play a trial and error game with me, and leave as his friend did.

But again strangely he kept quiet and heard with patience and helped me in calming down. His patience was the only factor that took my heart in that impatient life of mine. He still is my best friend, it has been long nine months with him that seemed as if 9 seconds only because he was there to let me vent to him whenever I felt impatient and restless. After a very long time, I felt what is meant by being there, for someone. Without any commitment that “stranger” of mine have secured a very special place in my heart, that his committed best friend could never do.

You know, at times I feel, even if I develop feelings for him, I would never confess them to him. And will never fell into a relationship loop with him. Where if things don’t work people leave. I never want him to leave. Heartbreaks break the heart into many pieces that are unable to reconcile. Yes. Maybe I have found my mate, I don’t know what destiny have for us, or what we are meant for if we are together. But am sure about one thing... TO HAVE THIS STRANGER BY MY SIDE!

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