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Me & Me

Me & Me

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Hey people!

So today after a long research on the topic me, I have finally got the true me and just wanted to share it with you guys. Hope you like it!

Yes it’s me, a bit desperate, a bit attention seeker, a bit 'peeche padne vali', a bit irritating personality, a bit 'cheap'!

But my dear I just wanna remind you that, everything a person is composed of is in some way or the other, the reflection of his/her older times; maybe his/her childhood or the betrayals. The thing she/he had been deprived of has just took over him/ her. What’s so surprising in that? Someday or the other it was destined to come over.

Yes I was never loved by anyone, or you can say, 'Their love was not able to quench my thirst'. As it was way different from the ones people nowadays have. No one ever loved me and no one still does. Well! it’s just them, and them! Every other time. And when it’s over for them, it’s just over. It should be over for you too, got it? This is what I am tired of hearing. Like there is a switch to the feelings whenever I want, I can turn it on and when I want I’ll simply switch it off what’s the big deal? As long as I am not affected by that switch!

I understand every single time that people are attracted towards me, via my appearance; which is not perfect either. ‘There are many flaws in me, actually innumerable'. The one you’ll term as BEAUTIFUL, is just the opposite of me.

Yes, I agree that am a dual personality! And I am proud of the fact that at least I have the guts to say that to everyone. Everyone is! You might have heard that saying, that there are three faces to every person. The one which is for the public, the other one for the dear ones, and the third one for no one!

They try to be with me and I totally appreciate that effort. As it’s not that simple either. I have my mood swings, my emotional fits, my own priorities. But as soon as they realize what I am, as soon as the conquer my second face, the emotional one, the attached one, they try to just avoid things with me, the connections with me; as they may lose their temper.

I may even sound as the one who doesn’t have his/ her self respect or the one who is a self centered person. But my question is, is valuing a person or the relation you share with him, that big a crime?

Every time they ask me about my personal life and why I don’t have any friends, why I stay alone?

I am triggered to open up. People usually don’t let anyone know their weak points, so that no one can hurt them. But my point is, when you have your people hurting you, how does it matter if some one else you don’t even know, left you abandoned ?

You can say it’s my weak point. I have to make it stronger and then stronger to the strongest. So that no one can weaken it up!

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