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Soldiers Never Die!

Soldiers Never Die!

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For a liar, lying is his life

For a writer, writing is his life.

Similarly, for a soldier, dying for others is his life.

He sacrifices every single thing he possess, to keep us safe. He leaves his mother to safeguard another mother. We remember these selfless people only on national occasions or when there is an international threat.

When our neighbors are planning to wage a war against us, we pray for our lives and not theirs, even though they are the ones fighting and we just get those updates by scrolling through social media .

Except for #IndianArmy , #Indian, #MotherLand and unfortunately #Rip, neither the soldiers nor their families get any moral support and encouragement from the society. Our flag doesn’t fly because the wind moves it but it flies with the breath of every soldier, who died while protecting its integrity. He fights hard and then dies with pride while his family suicides, unable to bear his loss.

While his dearest ones are unboxing the gifts, he starts to pack his bag. To fight the ‘not so evil’ ones because he has to protect his family of 131 crores. So that they can celebrate the festival of lights, without the fear of darkness.

It takes a lot of courage for him to look at the enemy’s eye at their gun point but it takes a lot of heroism and audacity for his mom to hold back her tears, look at his body and scream, “Jai hind”.

She looks at his shirt and laughs at those lipstick marks. When she sees his uniform, she keeps it clean. That is when, her chest widens with pride while her heart cries with pain. Being the wife of a dead soldier wasn’t an easy task.

When the coffin of a soldier wrapped with a tricolor flag reached home, the proud father tells the gathering ‘ He proved his blood for the country’ !

He was brave enough to sacrifice his life for the country while his wife was brave enough to gift the same uniform for their son. In all these, we loose nothing, for history remembers the leaders and not the soldiers. The pain that the family undergoes is something that we cannot relate to.

Soldiers do fight, but not a single soldier wishes violence. When we can resolve everything through peace, why war? Not to forget two things (i) The happiest country in this world lacks an army and India was captured by the British through a series of wars and she finally gained her freedom through peace and non violence. (ii) The greed and hatred among leaders shouldn’t consume Mother India’s most valuable children.

So, lets try to remove all the barriers between hearts and borders and live with peace and harmony, so that even our soldiers can live with their families. This may sound unrealistic but it can be brought into action.

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