Lakshmi Yasaswini

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Lakshmi Yasaswini

Abstract Drama Inspirational



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He was there stading by the window thinking about how life had been.

It was then he heard a loud thud downstairs. 'Someone had fell down', he thought. He saw his 3-year old daughter on the floor and maids are around her. He sprang into action and took his daughter to the hospital.

The doctor, Jones, has done tests and after the results came out, the doctor went to him.

"Do you smoke?", Jones asked.

"Why!?", he asked perplexed.

"It's that your daughter has stickier blood platelets. It might be of many reasons but one is due to the second hand breathing of smoke. I just wanted to clarify", Jones explained.

"Yes doctor, I do smoke", he muttered being ashamed of himself.

He is an addict. He wanted to relieve his stress by smoking. He always thinks that nicotine is his stress buster.

"Is she alright? Everything is fine, right?", he asked horror written all over his face.

"She's fine now. And, you should stop smoking near her if you don't want to harm her furthur", Jones warned.

"And, you may see her now", Jones told him.

He walked in to the familiar walls of a hospital room where he had seen his wife die while giving birth to his little one. It was then he got addicted to smoke running away from past memories. But, now seeing his daughter on the bed, unconscious stirred his conscience.

He never realized that there is his little girl standing behind the smoke. He never found her standing behind smoke. Now, as he did, he wanted to clear the smoke, to get to his daughter and to put an end to this gut-wrenching feeling.

He knows that it's not easy to stop smoking all at once. But, he wanted to try anything and he opted for the rehabilitation centers. Hope he got over his addiction after his daughter has been discharged.

Be like him, who cleared the smoke soon after he realized. It may or may not cost your life but it might cost your loved one's lives.

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