Kailash Gupta

Drama Tragedy


Kailash Gupta

Drama Tragedy

She Is My World

She Is My World

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On that day I had no option except to live with a broken heart so am I..!

Love was in the air but along with my ruined life was with me. It was a like heaven. Be in love and to be with love is the only happiness a one can get once in life . Because of her I was the happiest person in the world because she was my Little Angel.

She completed me and of course still.

Togetherness is the only luck a god gives to a human.

Money life name fame is just words nothing is permanent but togetherness is.

She was light of my darkness.

She was the sun of my life.

It has been 3 years 5 months 16 days ago but that days are the only life I lived.

Now only heart is pumping and lungs are supplying oxygen to so-called body.

I died on that day and after I am dying from other pain too.

It is the most beautiful love story of the world because she is my world and yes I proudly say she is my world.

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