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Kavitha Chandran


Shani Shinganapur Temple

Shani Shinganapur Temple

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Today my dear friends I will tell you about a place named Shani Singanapur located near to Pune.

This is a devotional place. People in this place are all truthful and honest.

The most amazing fact about this place is that there are no doors to homes here. People say there no or hardly any robbery takes place.

And I was lucky enough to visit this place with my parents.

We saw one home made of mud and stones

There was a pit inside their home.

Inside the pit, they keep milk for the curd to form

Isn't this really amazing my dear friends. Such homes and such places are to see.

There is a very good time here and people pray the main deity here.

These are all a few marvels of this place. We might have heard about such nice places but not seen them.

You must definitely take your families here my dear friends. This place has Shani Shinganapur temple. People here pray for Shani Bhagwan such that no evil eyes are cast upon them. There are many direct bus facilities from Mumbai to this beautiful place. People here speak the Marathi language. This language is preferred by people staying here. Such nice places are a rarity in today's age. People are simple, down to earth and affectionate.

Once COVID dies you must visit such beautiful places, these are all miracles of nature.

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