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Life is full of ups and downs, but it’s all about how you survive at the end. Things happens and you need to tackle every situation and give your best always. Because at the end life’s all about the moments and time when everything felt excited. Here’s a quotation that may represent the font of life:

“The games that life plays,

Examine you through the best,

And sometimes through the worst,

But happiness is yet to come.”

I’d like to tell you a story that will inspire you to tackle situations (either good or bad) of your life and to become a better version of yourself.


“In life, I always believed someone could help me through, but at last it was no other person’s presence which changes me, it was only me and always will be, me, who’s gonna decide my fate my path to be a better version of myself, to do something meaningful with my life instead of wasting it in the imaginary or maybe the temporary world.”

It's about a time when I was a teenage girl, lost in the imaginary world. Trying to fit in the crowd, where I don’t belong. It’s the story of my college life, the very first semester and the very first day, all the new faces, nothing’s familiar. That was the time when my only focus was to learn new things (kinda nerdy and introvert, that’s what I was like) and I did my thing, learning and being the best, I could be.

In no time I became one of the best students of class, and that’s where the trouble begins (The more famous you are, the more people wanna be your friends). I made friends, may be more than I ever expected. Time moved too fast it was the different kind of experience to have a lot of people so close all the time. Semesters pass, things were going just great. It was a magical experience to be a completely different version of myself.

But then things changed, and it’s the change I never dreamed of. I got to know the truth, which was just opposite of my perception. “It was never me with whom people wanted to be friends, it was just my reputation and talent.” 

Just like everyone, I had a hard time but I couldn’t find a single person, I assumed as my friends, to be there for me. That’s when I learned the truth about the people around me, which almost broke my heart. And in addition to that I heard bad rumours about me, all that gossiping about me. All these things shattered me into pieces. From so many to nobody to call as a friend.

Time was moving and it was my last semester of college, I used to go there and sit alone, with my headphones, all day long, just doing all the stuff I was supposed to do. Then came the global pandemic (COVID19) and the lockdown, finally something I was craving badly, to be alone in the place where I belong, not to be at that college as I started to hate that place. But deep down I knew I’ve to go there someday may be just for few days but I have to, for the final exams.

So, I decided to face my destiny. Not like the other people want it to be, but like I always dreamed it to be. With my head high, and not with the tears in my eyes.

My life changed since I decided not to let other people put me down and I really don’t care a bit what they think or say about me. I know what I am, and that’s all what matters now. Not to be judged by a bunch of nobodies and always be a much better version of me. Only care about me and myself which really makes me self-obsessed. Because its always me who changed me and inspired me to be a better person, to do the good and meaningful things with my life.

The end!

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