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Sangeeta Srikanth

Drama Others


Sangeeta Srikanth

Drama Others

Self Defence

Self Defence

5 mins

2 April 2018

Aurangabad Maharashtra

Saraswati father always reads the newspaper with a cup of tea. He gets upset with the headlines “11years girl get raped by an auto driver”. He mentions it is very disturbing to read about the rape cases.  “Day by Day it is becoming very difficult to trust anybody. What is there in a 11year girl to rape for??”                  “Santosh being a psychologist, how will you handle such people ?”

Santosh  replied “Papa these are desperate unsatisfied physics. But a person who gets raped becomes physicallya and physocologically ill.  It takes a long time to make them comeback to normal life. Safety on risk!

Saraswati “ When computer gets attacked by virus we prevent it with anti virus. When body fall in disease Medicines cure them vaccinations prevent them from comeback. Same way if fear arises in these mad monsters their desperation will end…”

“Bye I’m going to school,Tk care”. (Sarawati teaches TilakPublic school).

“Im moving to my clinic” says Santosh who works in Ruparel hospital.

Saraswati still on processing about the disscussions  she had at her home….


                   It was april month school was compulsory but children already are in holiday mood. No pressure on completion of the syllabus.  She taught its right time for her to make them aware of current situation.

On her way back home after school, She saw crowd gathering around her neighbourhood. When enquired she came to know that her neighbourhood girl Seema was raped by a unknown person.

She rushed to the hospital to see her. Seema was in ICU. Police didn’t let saraswati  in. But was allowed to see her from ICU glass window. She was bleeding profusely. Her life was in critical situation.  Doctor saved her life but she was still in shock and fear.  Saraswati took responsibility to take care of her.

5 days later….

Saraswati gave her a book of the story of Prahalad and Hiranyakashapu. Seema innocently answered she knows the story. Saraswati stated “Lets take narasima avatar and rape the boy who raped you!”

Seema called her close friends to gather on near by woods. One of her friend called the boy attracting him to meet her behind the woods. The boy came and was surprised to see the beauties approaching him.  One before he could react threw mud on his face. The other poked pencil back. Other one poked the compass on his weak point. Before he could clear his eyes, he was attacked in a similar way. He was bleeding profusely… 

When he falls down Seema recorded his voice stated “I am the son of MLA Rajendra Singh got raped and not interested to live anymore. I made girls fall in my pit for fun but didn’t thought that I too can fall in my own pit. ” 

Seema after the recording called the ambulance and stated the moral “tit for tat Repent for your doing for the rest of your life.

Saraswati who was standing as a spectator was thanked by the girls. She stated “Next time don’t take revenge but do SD (Self Defence). ”

The recording spread all over through internet and created a fear among the rapists similarly as in history First war of Independence 1987.

Saraswati called her students for a class on Self defence.

Students are free to ask any questions. One boy asked “Mam,what  is the difference between Sex and rape?”

Saraswati answered politely “ Sex is voluntarily acceptance of a partners to unite together. Rape is sex by force to quench the thirst of an unsatisfied physcollogically ill person.  In india mostly girls are sufferers.  But in abroad even boys fall in this pit by any gay or phycollogically ill ladies.

If it happens many times our body get damaged and our mind develops fear to survive.

Their next question was obvious “How prevent ourselves from getting raped?”

Before answering this Question Let me give an brief explanations of our private parts of our body.

Our body has two main private parts which by obvious makes us uncomfortable for anyone to touch it. One is : A woman breast and the other is the ovarian organs of her which is covered by clothes she wear.  

For man private parts is the pennical region below the hip which is always covered by the clothes he wear.

These parts are allowed to touch only with our acceptance with the other partner after we are matured enough to understand and trust each other.

For preventing people from touching our private parts we must understand the other person reaction when we say no to them. If the person gets irritated or angry and by force try to touch you,Without thinking twice, fearlessly attack the person with any sharp objects you have with you or nearby. Always keep a sharp pencil, Pen, or a compass while traveling alone.

First, poke the sharp object in his eyes when he nears you,andthen narrate these words with shock “Go at once to the doctor within 5 minutes your heart beat will lower down as the object (pen/pencil/compass/nailsof the defender) is poisonous. Person will believe you as you are small to lie. They will rush to doctor and you will get time to call the police and take protection to go home. ”


“Be the revolutionist for change of society. Let people not ride on you but fearful to misbehave with you. If anyone equiresyou for change tell them its  SD. ”

The class ends with satisfied and fearless students ready to fight with the monsters.


Revolution started with a girl standing alone in bus stop waiting for bus while a gangster tried to tease her. Fearlessly she poked his eyes with the pen and repeated the quotes with such a shocking apperarence that he rushed for doc at once. she fearlessly get on the bus and reached her destination.

Children when leavefor school their mother use to tell them “Samalke  Ja  Na. ” “MAA meri chinta na kar mere paas SD hai,Mujshse  chedkaani karne  waalo ko sambalke rehnahoga. ”

Now when a gangster or an misbehaved child leaves their parents say “ Be careful. Due to your misbehaviour don’t fall for the SD disease spreading across the country”

Doctors are confused and even harder to convince the Big People that the culprits are ok physically but mentally ill. Hence heart beat lows down.

Police are unable to arrest the children as defence is legal even if the culprit life is endangered as per the rules.

Road is cleared but hospital is full of phycologically ill monsters.

Sex trafficking ,rape issues has considerably low down. Girl is safe in India. Bad People are unsafe now…..

SD has changed  the country. But the teacher remains unknown…..

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