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Bharath Kumar

Abstract Drama Others


Bharath Kumar

Abstract Drama Others

Sagacious Nandini - Part 1

Sagacious Nandini - Part 1

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Television pressed onto the wall was playing a serial named "Sagacious Nandini" Homemaker Bhumika had developed an obsession with the serial. Every day, at sharp 6 in the evening, she would turn on the television without fail to watch her favourite serial. The moment she hears the opening music of the serial irrespective of the situation she is in, a smile permeates through her face to revive her mood. In case the power conspires to kill her mood, she would go berserk. She would ensure she views the missed episode the following day on her husband's phone. Even if she missed a single episode, she wouldn't even feel like eating food, such was her addiction.

Bhumika drove herself deep into Nandini's character. She believed she was Nandini. She used to behave like Nandini all day long. On Thursday evening, she plopped on the sofa to watch her favourite serial. The episode telecasted involved the lead actress Nandini's reunion with her husband. The whole episode aired their emotional reunion peppered with slow-motion songs. Bhumika looked extremely excited as she danced around the house as if she was going to reunite with her husband. Anirudh, her husband reached home at the same time. He looked at his wife dancing around with joyful tears decorating her eyes. 

"What's so special, my dear wife?" he looked surprised.

"I am on cloud nine today. We are reconciling again after a long time."


"Yes, my dear husband. It's an emotional moment for me, " she tried to recreate the scene with her husband.

Her husband looked a bit confused but decided not to spoil her mood. He cooperated with her and acted like a lead actor in the serial at her behest.

While hitting slumber, her mind was drawing the smiley images of Nandini rendering her goosebumps. She desperately wanted time to pass by so that she could watch "Sagacious Nandini' again.

On Friday evening, Bhumika sat cross-legged to see her favourite serial. In the episode, Nandini was tortured by her mother-in-law. Tears rolled down the cheeks of Bhumika as she couldn't see the character Nandini being tormented. She gritted her teeth in anger and screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Die you bloody, Ahankarika" she hurled expletives at the mother-in-law character.

The neighbouring ladies heard the commotion and rushed to her house only to see her messing up the pillow in hand.

"Has she turned insane?" one of them predicted.

"I don't think there is anyone in the house. She might have certainly gone mad."

"Is she considering pillow as her husband?"

"I don't know what would happen to her?"

They scurried back to their respective homes. Bhumika looked dull and miserable after the end of the episode. She felt the pain the character Nandini went through in the serial. 

"Hey, my dear wife!" Anirudh looked happy.

A shock surged through his body the moment he saw his wife's countenance.

"What happened?"

Bhumika refused to speak.

"I am your husband. Please share it with me, " he said. "Did neighbouring ladies say anything bad about you?"

Bhumika nodded her head in denial.

"Did anyone call you?" Anirudh couldn't fathom what was running in his wife's mind. He sat close to her and stroked her hair. 

"I can't see you in this sorry state, " he said. "Please share your pain with me."

"Nandini is tortured, " Bhumika finally revealed the reason for her pain.

"Who is she?"

"Sagacious Nandini."

It dawned to Anirudh that she was talking about the serial.

"It's just acting. Why are you spoiling your mood?" he asked "What you see in serial is just fiction not reality."

"No..." Bhumika smashed her hand onto the glass window. Her hand bled profusely.

(To be continued...) 

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