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Right Way To Make Friends

Right Way To Make Friends

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Once, in a faraway land where the God of Gods, let magic rule the world. Goblins, Fairies, Unicorns, Gnomes, Pegasuses, Zombies, Trolls, Princesses, Smurfs, Elves and most importantly the one who gives life, the Sprites. The sprites are of four types 'Fire, Water, Land, and Air'. They were one of each and if they were not there, life wouldn't exist.

The Fire sprite will light up the sun with a match stick every morning and blow the fire away every night, so everyone gets light.

The Water sprite would move water to create waves and tides. She would help all the sea animals navigate through the water.

The Land sprite will create weathering and erosion. He will plant all trees and flowers into the soil. He makes different types of fascinating rocks.

The Air sprite will give wind to everyone and cool down everyone's faces. It will spread around the air, for all living beings to live.

The four magical sprites come together for the sake of everyone's life. But one day the worst of worst happened. A human monster named Garnanel, he had a wicked face with wrinkles, bushy unibrows, a big mole above his upper lip and bony thin hands. The man was not born with magic, instead, he stole it from the sprites. The sprites lost some of the magic but not all of it. Garnanel used the magic he stole to steal from others. He stole more and more magic from trolls, fairies, unicorns, gnomes, Pegasuses, zombies, princesses, smurfs, elves, talking animals and more.

Even though these magical creatures are very different, they united together through their good magic and they won't let evil magic come in. All Garnanel wanted was power, the power to control everyone in each realm. But the sprites knew the reign of Garnanel would be over, one day or the other.

Garnanel lived far away from happiness. He lived in the Mystic Isle, a faraway dark island with no light, no hope, no happiness nothing. Just evil potions to destroy all the magic and books of darkness, that only light can fix. They were many realms like unicorn realm, giants realm, elf realm, scary and spooky realm and much more. The mystic isle was made from the Alicorn realm, which Garnanel completely destroyed and sucked out all the happiness.

The four sprites came together. For many many years, they were trapped under the darkness of Garnanel. This day, they had a master plan, that they hoped that will work. "It's so hot, the wind blows me air," said fire. The wind got angry, " I am not your servant. By the way, I am very cold, give me heat" .The fire raised her eyebrows in anger and said, "really wind".

"I GOT IT" Water came screaming, " I got the master plan!" Land explained, " Since wind is good with dealing air, the wind is going to fly to Mystic isles, holding water". The wind got terrified and said in fear " Me?!! , No way. It's too scary!"

Land said, "This is for the sake of Gnomes and Fairies and Elves and ....". The wind sighed rolling eyes and said "Fiiiiinnne(fine)".

Then Land says "so anyways, water will be held by wind and brought there, then water will cast the spell that floods its home, the water will make every potion and every sorcery book, get soaked in the water, so all his plans failed. Then I am going to create an earthquake, that destroys his home forever. After he sees that he probably wants to get another wand to conjure a spell to fix his house. He knows that wands won't work when water touches it. So he is going to get the ingredients to conjure a new wand...".

"Then we can hog tie-up Garnanel !!!" exclaimed Fire. "really fire, stop interrupting me," said Land.

"Yeah, don't mind my joke," said Fire.

Land said, " it's going to be hard, but with all of us together, I hope it works better". So all of them set off to the mystic isles. From far away they can see Garnanel's wicked face and bony hands stewing a potion. "We should distract him, I'll throw a rock", said wind sprite.

The sprite took his best shot and broke his 'Welcome' sign, which said 'Go away'. Garnanel walked outside his house. He said, "How did this get broken?". Sprites said, "let's move". Water chanted "Let me say my spell, FLOODIUS!, WATERIUS!, AQUARIUS!, rise the tide as the moon falls!" and she flooded Garnanel's house.

As Garnanel entered his house, full of water, he started to scream. "AAAAAAAAARGH! how did this happen? Where's my wand, I should fix this. Wait, wands won't work when water touches it. Great, I now have to get the materials to make my wand. Let's see, I have to get rosemary, tears of a Pegasus, fairies pixie dust...". This was their signal. Land dashed said his spell to create an earthquake.


An earthquake arises as Garnanel comes back from the Pegasus realm. "NOOOOO (no), why, why do all bad things have to happen to me!" he cried as he kneeling down. Fire rushed to hogtie him. Water shouted, "wait, no, don't do that!!" She was too late as fire already hogtied him.

"Your reign is over, Garnanel," said fire with his gritty voice. I'm sorry, no one likes me. When I discovered this world, I just wanted friends,I know what I did is wrong, but I was going to fix it at the end!"

The sprites felt sorry for accusing him and not giving him a chance so the gave him a happy little realm of his own. They borrowed a flying carpet from Aladdin and flew everywhere, like a tour, they also recreated the Alicorn realm." I have one thing to do," said Garnanel as he removed his necklace containing the evil powers and broke it with his barefoot.


There is a right way to finding friendship.

Use that way.

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