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Varsha Arun



Varsha Arun


Reality's Zero Internet's Hero

Reality's Zero Internet's Hero

5 mins

My eyes opened slowly as my alarm clock rang. The sun had made its way through the translucent curtains which I feel was an attempt by the sun to wake me up.

I thought, ''Another day of school-another day of me facing my bullies, Rebecca and Hailey'' I thought with a sigh and got ready for school. I usually walk to school alone since I don't really have any friends other than a girl. I wasn't that much of a talkative person either. So I had made myself some toast for me and grandma and left for school.

As I had predicted, Rebecca and Hailey were standing right in front of the school gate, gossiping and chewing gum while checking their phones. My attempts to walk past them without being noticed was a failure. They had noticed me and shouted, ''Hey Denise!Where did you get that filth on your body from?The garbage bin?! It's no wonder that YOU are an ORPHAN!!!'' And started laughing. Some people stared at me but trust me, I was used to all this. But still, there is a part of me which is affected by their mockery on me being an orphan, and I REALLY miss my parents and I always feel this ocean of rage pouring through my mind when they about me or my parents.

Then I met my friend, Amelia, who had always helped me since we were about three years old. She was busy grabbing all her books and notes for the next class. Happy to see her, I ran and hugged her. ''Hey bestie!!'' I shouted. She smiled shakily and muttered, ''Hey. . ''. I felt something was wrong with her so I asked her, ''What's wrong? You seem down. '' She replied, '' It's something pretty important that i need to tell you. Meet me at my house @4:00 p. m. '' I nodded and we both left for class. Whenever I saw her, she was always sad, almost like she was about to cry, and her head hanging down.

After school I had gone to her home at 4:00. She told me to take a seat and prepare for what I was going to be told. She said, ''We both know we have been together since we were three but the time has arrived for us to go our separate ways. This might seem like a lot to comprehend but I'm moving to Minnesota. . . '' I was SHOCKED. my best friend from my toddler age, someone who was like a sister to me is now moving?!?!? It felt like a HUGE part of my life had just collapsed. While trying to hold my tears back, I shakily asked her, ''When are you moving?'' She replied, ''Tomorrow.'' I shouted, ''TOMORROW!?'' I couldn't hold my tears. I covered my face and started crying. She told me, ''Don't cry. Please don't. I just want you to promise me something. . '' I asked her after a little bit more of crying, ''What is it? I'll do ANYTHING. '' She told, ''Promise me that you will find a passion, enhance your ability in it and become successful by doing something you like. '' '' alright, I promise. '' I replied. After all, a friend always supports another friend's decisions, right?

The next morning, I kind of cried while she was leaving. Both of us made sure we will connect online before she left for her flight, and right before she left, we both gave each other a hug and waved goodbye.

It had been months since the promise, and I he tried out many things from cooking to dance to arts and yet nothing suited me. It was becoming more and more hopeless each day, but i decided not to give up.

One afternoon, I had found an ad for a coding class. l decided to try my hand at it. During the day of the class, I had found out that I was the only girl at the class. Some of the boys had already taken classes before so they were experts at it. Everybody laughed at me other than a few whenever I asked doubts to the instructor or when I didn't know something. But I ignored them and started to develop a passion for it.

One day l felt that l was talented enough to develop an app after almost a year of practice and l also had kept it as a secret from Amelia. The day came when I finally had the guts to publish my app. And so l did before I went to bed.

The next morning I had checked how my app was going and trust me, I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT EXPECT what had happened!

It went to the top of the trending list of all the app stores and i was offered A LOT of contracts to work with some HUGE companies. I was also invited for the Annual Star Coding Awards, one of the most prestigious awards to ever exist, as a NOMINEE. My app had become an ACTUAL OVERNIGHT SENSATION. I was also given ''The Best and Most Well-Known Coder Of The Year'' award!

Currently I am working as a World Renowed coder and game developer with over 10+ awards.

Do Not Be Afraid To Do What You Like

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