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Real World

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Woman are paid differently than men depending on if they have kids

A flaw in a dystopian society is that women are paid differently than men depending on whether they have kids. Julie is a married woman with two kids to take care of. So she decided to work from home to keep an eye on her kids. Julie worked with her kids by her 24/7 so if they needed something she was there. Julie got a call from her boss.

"Hey, Julie, I was calling to offer you a promotion if you want."

"What are the hours of the promotion and do I have to be away from my kids?"

"Yes, you will have a 4 am to 8 pm and you will have to travel."

"I cannot take this because I have kids to take care of."

So the boss hangs up and goes to the husband.

"Do you want your wife’s promotion?"

"Sure I would love the promotion."

"Ok. Tell your wife congratulations on the kids."

"Thank you, sir."

Husband calls his wife.

"Hey honey, I just wanted to let you know that the promotion you were offered your boss gave it to me."

"What! Why?"

"He just asked me and said congratulations on the kids." 

"He did not give me the promotion because of the kids."

"You do not know that."

"Yes, I do. I am being downgraded because I wanted a family. Is it so wrong to be happy and have a life out of work?"

" Honey don’t get so mad at your boss."

" I got to go because the kids are making a mess."

" I love you, honey. Bye."

" Kids behave I have to get back to work."

Julie got an email from her boss. The email says, "Hey Julie I am sorry I did offer the promotion. The only reason I did not offer it is because I feel you would be too overwhelmed with the work you have to do and the fact that you have kids. I hope you understand where I am getting at."

" Hey, Mom, what's wrong?"

" Nothing my boss is just giving me a really hard time because I chose to have wonderful and beautiful kids."

The phone rings and Julie gets up to get the phone.


" Hey, sister how are you? Kids go watch Tv. I am upset because my boss is downgrading me because I have kids. He sent me an email and told me why he offered the promotion to my husband and it was because I have kids."

" I'm sorry he did that".

The husband walks in the door.

"Hey Dad, how was work?"

"Good. Where is Mom?"

"She is on the phone with her sister."

The husband walks into the kitchen and gives Julie a kiss.

"Are you ok, sweetie?"

" Sis, I gotta call you back. Love you. Bye."

Julie hangs up the phone.

"No, I am mad because my boss gave you the promotion and said I would have been too overwhelmed because of the kids."

"He was just looking out for you baby."

"I knew but it is offensive to me."

Ok. I love you, sweetie."

Phone rings. Julie answers it.

"Hello. Hey Julie, how are you?"

"Hey, Mom."

"So your Sister told me what happened. I am sorry."

"It is ok, I will try again later."

"So my boss offered me a promotion and I told him to give me till tomorrow to think about it. Do you want it?"

"Sure I would love the promotion."

" Ok, I will give him your number."

"Thank you, Mom. Love you. Bye, Mom."

"Hey Honey what happened?"

" My mom offered me her promotion and I took it."

"That's amazing but what about the kids?"

" Her boss is gonna call me and let me know how it works."

The kids walked into the kitchen as the parents were talking.

"Hey, Mom, can you come to play with us?"

" Yes, I can for a little but then I have to go back to work."

So the family went into the living room and watch Tv. They decided to watch The little mermaid. 

"Hey, Honey, I am sorry that you are having a rough day."

"It is Ok. I am doing better now because I am with you."

The phone rings and Julie gets up to answer the phone.


"Hey, Julie, I am your Mom's boss and heard you want the promotion."

"I do but do I have to leave the state because I have kids and need to stay home to take care of my kids."

"This is a stay at the home job all done online. So you will be there to take care of your tyrant kids."

"My kids are not tyrants, they are my whole world."

"OK. The orientation process will be online and will take place tonight. It is actually happening right now."

"Ok. Thank you for this opportunity. I will not let you down. But I do have one request that you do not insult my family because it hurts my feelings."

"Alright, the orientation is ended and you have the promotion. I will follow your request."

"Thank you. I am really looking forward and excited for this opportunity."


The flaw in our society is that teachers are underappreciated in our society. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs but there are still people who love doing it.

"Hello, Mr.Shue. This is about you and why you became a teacher."

" Ok, I thought I was getting fired."

"Fired for what?"

"Fired for bringing a teacher unwashed fruit."

"No, that was funny and it made me laugh."

So the principal boss walks in and asks: "What are you doing?"

"I am interviewing Mr.Shue about his job and why he does it."

"I will be sitting in for this Interview."

"Alright, let's get started."

"The first question is why do you do this job?"

"I do this job because I love the students I work with and how happy they make me."

"What makes you love doing this job?"

"The fact that I can be in the classroom with the students. They make teaching worth it for me."

"So your students are the reason you do your job."

"Yes, they are the reason I teach. They inspire me to be better than who I am. I would not want to do anything else." 

"What are your hours as a teacher?"

"My hours vary depending on the day. Sometimes I stay up till 10 pm working on my next things for the club. I do all of the work for my students and love walking in the classroom and seeing them."

"You have a great teaching spirit and I love that you love your students. Thank you for doing this interview. We really appreciate you doing this. Now let's bring in one of his students Quinn."

"So Quinn, thank you for doing this interview. The first question is, What do you love about your teacher?"

"I love that he is free-spirited."

"What do you think is the hardest part of his job?"

"Not getting paid enough. He comes here and teaches and then goes home and does more work and only gets paid 55,000 dollars."

"So you think it is unfair that he is paid so little for his job."

"Yes. I agree with that."

"What would you do to appreciate him?"

"I would get him a gift and a card to show we love him."

"Ok. Now we are going to bring your teacher back in here."

They let Mr Shue back in. Mr Shue goes over and hugs Quinn and says "Thank you".

"What did you love about what she said?"

"I loved how she knew my struggles and cared. They are the true reason I do my job."

"Thank you for being here for this interview. We really love your results."

Bipolar Depression

Sophie is an 18-year-old girl diagnosed with bipolar depression. She talks to herself and has mood swings. She knows she is broken. Sophie and her Mom head to the therapist.

"Hey Honey, how are your meds going?"

"Trucking through, they are working somewhat well."

"How are the voices doing?"

"I can still hear them. They come and go at random times. Hard to know who I am talking to at points."

My daughter is different. She has to take meds to help with the mood swings. She needs extra help. I love my daughter. Every 2 weeks we have my daughter's counselling. Then we have to schedule her behavioural appointments. The meds she takes are mainly for her mood swings and take control of her voices. She also takes sleeping meds. Also has nightmares, and takes meds for that.

"Hello Sophie, how are you?"


"I am Emma and I will be talking to you before you go to see Ms Jean, your therapist. Alright. So how are you doing with the voices and sadness?"

"Ok. I’ve been writing in my journal."

"Good. Journaling helps a lot. So do you have any concerns?"

"No concerns so far. Alright, I will get Ms Jean for you." 

"Hello Sophie, how are you?"

"Good, Ms Jean. Alright, so I hear you have been Journaling."

"Yes, I love to write everything down. I love to write down my feelings and emotions. It helps me get everything out of my head."

"I’m proud of you for taking the initiative."

"My life is taking a plunge. I am getting help with my problems. I know I have issues with myself and need to change for myself. I’m just scared I will be more broken than I already am."


Shandra is a 17-year-old bisexual female. Shandra has told her mom and her friend Lily but not her Dad. Shandra is too scared to tell her father the truth about who she is.

"Shandra sweetie come down."

"Hey, Mom."

"Hey, sweetie. Have you told your father yet?"

"No. I’m just scared he will hate me for being bisexual." 

My daughter is special in her own way. She has struggled because society does not accept you if you are a bisexual. I love my daughter because she is special and knows who she is but still is scared. My husband believes that the LGBTQ community are outsiders. 

"I’m deciding to write a letter to my dad." 

Dear Dad: I wanted to tell you the truth about myself. I am Bisexual. I can’t change who I am. This is who I am and I need support from my family.

"Dad, can you read this for me?"

"Sure, what is it about? You will find out when you read the letter."

"Honey, is she serious?

"Yes. Honey, don’t be mad at our daughter. She is starting to figure out who she is, and if she is bisexual that's who she is."

"Why didn't she tell me the truth?"

"She was scared about what you would say."

"I am her father. She should have trusted me. I will always accept our daughter for who she is."

Shandra, can you come here, please? Honey, Why did you not tell me about being Bisexual?"

"I was scared that you would not accept me. I will always love you for who you are."

"I love you too sweetheart."

"You really mean it, daddy?"

"Yes, I do."

"I love you, daddy."

"I love you more sweetie."

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