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Jezelia Celestine

Drama Action Fantasy


Jezelia Celestine

Drama Action Fantasy

Prologue - Wicked Is Born

Prologue - Wicked Is Born

3 mins 203 3 mins 203

Queen Siella’s cries filled the chamber of the court of ice. Her head thrashing back and forth on the large bed as her attendants rushed about. Her blonde hair sticking to her forehead. Her pale face contorted opposing her usual calm cold stare. Her eyes that were squeezed shut open to reveal beautiful blue eyes.

“My Queen, you must breathe. In and out. Just like last time.”, said her doctor before turning around to his assistants shouting orders.

It was late in the night when Princess Drizella Arabella Morgenstern took her first lungful of the cold world. She was squirming and crying herself out. Her blonde hair matted with blood.

“Would you like to hold her?” The Queen looked reluctant as she looked at her daughter’s face.

The crying child was handed over to the Siella who held her like she did not know what to with her. There was a flash of softness in her heart before she quelled it. She would not let herself be vulnerable.

She forced her thoughts. So small and fragile. Weak, the Queen thought, disgusted.

King Morgenstern strode in soon after looking like he could not be bothered.

“Princess Drizella Arabella Morgenstern”, he said looking down at the small baby and looks over his shoulder.

“Get the royal astrologer”, he shouts at the soldier.

Moments later the soldier enters the astrologer walks in behind him with a star chart.

“I want to know if she will be trouble or worthy of being called my daughter. “The king orders him before turning back to his child.

Drizella’s mother had handed her over to the wet-nurse and sunk back into the cushion not even watching her daughter fussing and crying.

“Oh, for goodness sake, get her away before I have a headache”, Siella snaps.

The baby is taken to the next room.

“Well?” she asks the astrologer whose head over scrolls of ancient texts, “I’m not getting any younger and I need to rest. Is she of any use or not?”

The astrologer looked up while mopping his forehead.

“The baby is quite powerful My Lord. She is to live a long life...” He speaks.

“But? “The king prompts.

The astrologer swallows “When she joins hands, she will be the destruction of her parent’s kingdom”

Everyone in the room goes silent.

The door opens and a three-year-old enters “Where is she? “He asks the king. A muffled cry is heard from the next room and the boy rushes in.   He climbs onto the bed where the baby is lying watching him with wide green eyes.

Prince Dracomir Morgenstern bends over and touches her soft cheek staring at her in wonder.

“Have everyone in this room executed. Draco recognizes his mother’s voice and hears someone scream. He covers his sister’s ears when she starts to cry. Cradling her against him he rocks her back and forth whispering,” Its ok. You are safe. I’m your brover” he says in three- year- old speak smiling at her proudly. Princess Drizella just looks at him. He presses a small kiss on her forehead rocking her to sleep.

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