Planned Goes Unplanned

Planned Goes Unplanned

3 mins

Baggage - check

Water - check 

Snacks - check

Tickets - check

I thought I was all set for my holiday which was planned two weeks ago but I had no idea of what was out for me.

As I headed to the railway station with great joy and enthusiasm to travel all alone to my hometown (Nellore).

I climbed the train and sat down comfortably enjoying my music, from nowhere a little girl, came and sat beside me, smiling, cherish and with a lot of energy. I started to speak to her and she began to narrate her story.

"I traveled with my mom to meet my brother who was staying away from home for his studies in Asansol, to wish him on his birthday. As I fell asleep in my mom's lap for few hours after waking up found myself surrounded with all new faces all busy in their own world, I was lying on the seat but couldn't find my mom I thought she might have gone to the restroom and waited for her to come quietly. About an hour passed but still, there was no sign of the arrival of my mom I was frightened and afraid. then I came to know that I was abundance by my mother "

I was literally involved in her words and was eager to know the henceforth.

To my astonishment, she was all smiling and was with great confidence. She wanted to reach her brother on his birthday at any cost and seemed help. She went all around the train to find a person who seemed to help her and guess what she wanted me to help her to reach her brother. I was shocked at her words that instead of crying or getting angry at her situation and her mother she was with full confidence and smile for brother.

Then we got off the at the next stop and headed to Asansol.

The little girl was very happy to get the help and I was delighted to have met a girl with strong desire and her ability to go through the toughest time of her life.

After a few hours of the journey, we reached Asansol she took me to a graveyard at the city outskirts of the town. she took me towards the graves which were craved with cement and there were few flowers decorated on it.

I was shocked at her act and asked where her brother was she answered in great grief and pain that she lost her brother and mother in an accident and lived all by herself in her home just living with collecting all the best moments she had with her beloved ones. And she wanted to reach on that day when she lost them but due to her helpless condition, she wanted little help to reach her destination.

I broke into tears and sat down on my knees.

I was very shaken by her act of bravery of leading a life without our beloved ones and leading in a very happy and satisfied with for what she had been taking a breath on earth.

She wanted to do her higher education and wanted to spread awareness of our purpose of taking each breath on earth every second.

Moral: Do not stop with the departure of our beloved ones but explore the purpose of one’s own life and sail with the memories of our beloved ones.

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