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Plagiarism - A Failure Story

Plagiarism - A Failure Story

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Once upon a time, there was a boy whose name was Rachit. He loves to write, loves to pen down his thoughts. And there was like of lockdown, in which everyone was free, so he thought that should I do something related to the thing I love most. Then after doing a lot of research, he makes a page on Instagram and joins a lot of writing communities in which challenges and events are held and with time in that he achieves many achievements. 

Everything runs very well, and He is very happy with that. But suddenly one day, some writers of the same community give plagiarism to his writing, that your 1-2 write-ups are plagiarism 40-50 percent. He says that it is not like this, I have written this, some thoughts may be had become the same, but no one listens to him and some communities expel him and some insult him and give the last warning. By all this action he becomes very sad. And some days come out in similar disappointment. 

But he had some positive habits like motivating himself in every downfall situation, fighting against the negative thoughts, etc. No matter what, he learned to guide himself. People abused him in many ways but he didn't let himself down. This is the thing everyone needs to keep in mind. Never let your talent judged by someone who isn't worth understanding it. Even when the sky turns dark, only then the stars will be visible. In the same way, when people try to bury you with their meaningless words, only you can rise against them with your inbuilt talent. 

One fine day, the boy saw an advertisement in the newspaper regarding a national article writing contest. It's to be judged by the Indian top most writers and the winners will be rewarded with a cash prize and also the interview of the winner will be taken as the main aspect in the monthly magazine. Now his time has come. It's the only right time where he can prove himself as the best writer. Though he isn't a professional writer, he still registered and took it as a challenge. His intention wasn't to get some fame among the writing communities. But to prove his originality in the midst of society. He decided to write an article named "the girl who didn't return again" - the mystery of a mother. Fortunately or unfortunately, he got a chance to reveal the story of his mother through this contest. While people were busy judging his capability, his mother became his only invisible inspiration. 

Exactly, on the occasion of independence day, the results of this contest were revealed by the organizers. His article was selected as the most liked one by the judges as it contained all the life aspects of his mother who sacrificed her life in the past freedom moment. His happiness had no boundaries. His mother's story was being read by the world today and his interview was being watched by many including those writing communities. 

This is what so-called self-confidence. Wear a smile with self-confidence on your face and nothing will ever dare to drag you back.

Success stories are all about getting failed and failure story is all about preaching success. 

It's ironic; Right?

Because all those who talk about success stories is how they failed miserably, where they messed up things, where they lost some opportunities, etc. In failure stories, they talk about how they reach towards success, what they have done and how they were dedicated to reaching success.

Failure is when you allow your limitations instead of using them as a ladder.

Here goes the confident story, the one with tries, failure, and glory. When a small bird tries to fly, sometimes he falls down he fails but at least that bird is trying his best and after trying many times finally he learns to fly. 

Isn't it sound good?

Spread his wings out and goes high. Now he started to fly above the clouds and enjoying his life.

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