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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Ramya Raviprakash

Drama Horror Thriller


Ramya Raviprakash

Drama Horror Thriller

Para-Normal and not Para-Narmal

Para-Normal and not Para-Narmal

3 mins

It was a bright Thursday morning a devotee of Sree Guru Raghavendra started off her daily work by worshipping the Lord.

Mama came her children running behind and she hug them to Express her love. They were twins and named as Abhijith and Abyankar with their initials as P(Prasath).

Readers you know children are always prone to both horror and fanatic stories.

That night when kids asked her tell horror stories she dis agreed but later on started off.

Whistling and blowing around a hill came a train which was on its next journey.

Ramu and Somu jumped off from the train and had come to that haunted hill for their vacation which they were unaware. Both were very excited about their vacation and got into lodge named Para- Narmal.

One night when they were fast asleep on their bed in a room numbered 206 a lady screaming "Help me!!!" shot like a bullet on their ears.

They both jumped out of their bed shockingly opened the door and ran behind that lady. . . .

They were spooky to see her horror like face with blood shed on her dress and cigarettes pressed wounds all over her body. . .

She was on her leg to hurt Somu but Ramu on time hit her using a fire extinguisher and both got into the lift and went down to tell the owner and was surprised to see no one around them.

The next day when they complained the owner he told no actually he was only there fast asleep in his chair.

This made Ramu and Somu suspicious. . .

As acts like this were usually not unusual for paranormal investigators. They both with their equipments started for their ghost hunting. . . .

Dharini was a 8 year old daughter of Parashuram and Gowri. Parashuram was an alcoholic, drug addict and abused Gowri. One fine day Gowri became aware of his affair with   Narmada,realizing this he wounded her with cigarettes and shot her. As he was a Millionaire he could close the case as suicide.

One day his grown up girl called Narmada to the hotel named after Parashuram and Narmada and gave her drink mixed with poison and vanished from that state. . .

After learning this story by the investigators Thud they felt as if they fell from a building and were surprised to see everything vanish nothing was there at that spot.

Ramu and Somu were surprised and still did not realize the reason behind it.

Picture abhi baking hai mere dosths 

Listening to their horror story both kids were fast asleep and Dharini weeped out the tears rolling down her eyes. . . . . .

Experiencing such horror is a true dare. . . . . .

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