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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Priyanka Raj

Classics Inspirational Romance


Priyanka Raj

Classics Inspirational Romance



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It was just an end to Autumn festival, and I was terribly bored with my hectic work schedules….and so I decided to pack myself and land to the valley of snow….Vail! Yes, this time I have not decided something before and haven’t informed my bunch of friends who usually criticize me for not having fun in my life. Of course, I admit I am kind of little tedium turtle who sneaks out her cute head whenever her mood is lit up. Naturally, I like myself the way I am and need no certification from anyone to be something for someone whom my heart doesn’t certify it.

As soon as my flight landed in Colorado, I couldn’t enough feast my eyes with those snowy peaks engulfed in white magnificent spruces. Perhaps, Nature bowed to Venus to clean the dirty atmosphere of earth into Heaven!

This is my beautiful winter morning, I sighed. I checked in Vail Marriott Mountain Resort which gave me a thrilling experience as soon I entered. It was simply perfect; the location was set within a picturesque landscape and unwind with the delicious cuisine and chic amenities.

 And finally, my tour starts with exploring the valley of snow. I was profoundly delighted with the fir trees branches laced with icy crystals glistening in the warm sunshine. It was like I was breathing the icy chilled breeze.

I thought of trying my hands with skiing and somehow as soon I managed to roll down the snowy slopes and I collapsed. For sure I embarrassed myself until a fine gentleman gave his hands to help me.

Miss! Are you fine, spoke with icy breath?

Yes, Thank you for the help!

Oh ! fine. Are you from here?

Never seen you before, he asked.

No, I came here on my solitary vacation.

Solitary ! he chuckled.

What about you?

Oh ! I teach skiing here...

Nice meeting you.

Same here!

I moved on to the Marriott and was trying to reconcile myself with the incident.


It was early morning and with no sunrise. The winds were blowing chilled enough to freeze my lungs and I took my camera to capture the moments of the Vail.

I wish I could ski, I murmured.

He was teaching the kids how to glide over the snow, and I couldn’t stop watching them.

Would you like to give a try, Miss?

Miss Alaska. No, no I am certainly not good.

Strange, yesterday we couldn’t introduce ourselves.

Yeah! I was in a bit hurry.

Never mind, I am Aubin. I am a skiing instructor.

I can see.

How long have you been here, in Vail?

Since my childhood. My grandfather was a great athlete and owns a store until he left over me in the last 3 years.

That’s great! I am sure it’s not easy to manage both.

So, have you discovered the Vail mountains?

Not yet.

Alright! Be my guest, Miss Alaska.

Oh ! no, no I am sure you must have other things to do.

Well, it will be my pleasure.

Tomorrow morning.

Yeah! it’s fine with me.

See ya then, Miss Alaska!

Bye! Aubin.

It was the beautiful Sunday winter morning. The frosty morning and the pretty snowflakes. All it makes me fall for Vail. The valley was entirely covered in the white snow and the folks were ready for the celebration of the most awaited Vail Film Festival.

Aubin came to pick me from Marriott and then the most unforgettable hiking embarks. Over the mountains, we climbed high until peak to watch the Gore range. Every mile with him was like an audacious winter.

The snowfall was just at the time when I was about to discover ski. But he didn’t disappoint me and finally, we thrilled ourselves in the most impressive glide over the snowy valley and the God-blessed with her snow. Falling softly, smoothly and we had a deeper ride through the cuts of diverged woods within the firs and spruces.

Hurray! I am skiing, I screamed.

And he was just smiling…

You are skiing...Miss Alaska.

After a while, when we were having hot chocolate at the resort, he said...You are simply beautiful, just like these white snows. You live like an eternal and pure nature, who transforms herself as she likes. You should feel proud of yourself for being the most elegant soul ever I have met in my life. Take care of yourself, for not being tainted with the colors of the world.

What an amazing time, we had.


Thank you for giving me ski lessons.

I thoroughly enjoyed your company, Miss Alaska.

And we just smiled at each other. 


When I returned to New York, I came to know he was the President of the International Ski Federation, Mr. Aubin Kenyon. The famous ski champion, Olympic winner of the Colorado, USA. 

My trip to Vail begun with solo travel. A winter tale that I didn’t expect will end like this. But when it was coming to end….I felt my heart was clutched in his palm. Not for a while, he forgets to hold my hand. His smile was magical and was enough to melt my heart.

 I lost my soul in Vail valley and I was feeling I am losing something in my life. Alike winter wren flying with dizzying heights.

It was a week of snow in Vail, totaling over 3 feet gliding and thrilling in -9.C temperature. Captivating in the snow village at an altitude of 2,484 m. No wonder this was supposed to be a short solitary vacation to have some break for my soul. It reminds me of one famous quote by Albert Camus “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer”.

And this winter makes me realize the same. We must one special winter in our life to makes us prepare for an adventurous summer or a tough winter in our lives. Life comes with many phases, but we must be ready to face harsh or cruel seasons.

Yes, we didn’t bid goodbye because we wanted to continue our solitary winter vacation in Vail every year……..!!!

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