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(Not) A Genuine Smile

(Not) A Genuine Smile

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The prison doors fought hard to hold back its inmate. The doors, worn out by the strain, refused to give up the fight it put up. Although raw and aching it remained firmly shut never once letting go of the one it constrained.

His throat begged for mercy,

Voice cracked;

But never did he let out

The cries he so skillfully held back.


The windows to this vast world was actually a cellar that guarded the slippery scoundrel that never managed to slither its way out. It's shutter like doors would snap shut before the rouge could slip out, pushing it deeper into the cell it learned to call home.

A faint glow

Lit up his eyes.

But little did they know,

They were the tears he tried to hide.


The prison guard with his ugly heart, would divert all minds from these revolting prisons, mesmerizing them with his captivating exteriors. No one suspected this coy mastermind to be cocking a pistol behind his back. After all it was the most dangerous secrets that were masked by the prettiest faces.

"What a beautiful smile," they'd say,

Knowing not

The ugly grimace it kept at bay.

It directed roving eyes

And pointed looks,

Away from his teary gaze

And voice that shook.

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