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Nilanjana Nair



Nilanjana Nair




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He left her again.

It's like he was never even there.

With his departure,

In came the period of solitude.

Why would he leave,

If he said he cared?

The girl shivered against the freezing winds, bare, enshrouded only in loneliness. Where was the warmth when she needed it the most?

She pulled her knees against her chest, resting her head against it. Hair as dark as the skies above, framed her pale face and willowy features. She closed her eyes in acceptance to the dark, something that wasn't there when he was around. Tears streaked down her narrow cheeks, as gentle as snowflakes that descended down her forever night sky. Her body shook with soft, silent sobs.

Why is it that she cried?

A yearly cycle,

This happened every time.

But when he left,

Something inside her would die.

Winds whistled through the naked boughs. Whistles turned to howls and howls to screeches and ear splitting cries. The gales sung of her sorrows and the hollowness within her. The maiden's tears no longer fell soft as flakes but was now a raging blizzard consuming everything that came in its way.

Strong currents ripped away the few leaves that clung dearly onto the branches of trees. Rivers that once flowed as free as her soul froze due to the chill that set in. What little happiness that once prevailed was buried deep under layers of ice — never to be uncovered or brought out.

Her anger knew no bounds. She felt lost, cold, bitter...


She had no one to abide by. She tried in vain to ignite his long dead flames, to warm herself by the embers that ceased to glow.


Gone was the warmth to thaw her frozen heart, now cracked in two and unwilling to join back. To have thought she had found true love. To have been this close to learning how to trust and open up.


He was gone

But probably would be back again.

To steal back her heart

And then leave

Taking with him the warmth and flames.

Loneliness would once again set in.

Forsaken by warmth,

Winter would begin.

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