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Not A Fairy Tale

Not A Fairy Tale

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 ~ A fairy-tale is a fantasy with imagination,   but without it, it’s nothing ~ 


12, August ‘16 Friday

She used to be the most shy girl among her friends but when she first time talked to him, all her shyness vanished at once. Those were hot summer days. She was in her coaching, waiting for the professor to come as it was her spare time so she started talking to her friends. A beautiful sky blue dress which has embroidery of multiple colours flowers on it was looking too perfect on her as she was ready to steal anybody’s heart in a  moment. Her eyes were shining brighter more than the sun, a black liner in her curved eyes was adding more elegance in her look her Lips were too soft like the cotton as they were naturally pink so there was no need to make it artificially pink.

The classroom has a capacity of almost 30 students, has big sized windows in it which were open at that time to compensate the scorching beams of the sun. As the wind passes by touching her, her dupatta fell down from her head and shows her dark black her which were tied in a ponytail. She becomes restless and wears the dupatta again. 

It was 4:55, still 5 minutes were left for the class to be  started, the classroom in front of her class was empty  at that time but soon started filling by the students of  her junior class after a while English professor entered  in that class, some students were still going in the  classroom and among them a group of four boys entered  in a classroom, sat in the same row which was facing 

towards her classroom. It was exactly 5:00 but still she and her classmates were waiting for the professor. 

Among those four boys there was a boy of medium height, he was wearing a red shirt which has blue colour lines on it and black jeans on the bottom. He has got a lighter skin tone with a broad face which was clean shaved. His lips were the best feature of his face. 

It was 5:05 when her Biology sir entered in the classroom, she turned to take out her register from her bag when she noticed something, she saw the same guy who was sitting in her front class was looking at her. She suddenly put down her gaze and got busy in 

writing down the lecture. After a couple of minutes when she accidentally saw him, she catches him again looking at her. 

As God has made her too delicate and pretty that she can make anyone’s day beautiful and can turn anyone’s gaze at her, her some of the mates had told her that she has got the most beautiful smile ever.  They both got busy in taking the lecture but the lovely thing was that in spite of this much busy they didn’t miss the chance to look at each other. It was 5:50, both the classes ended, soon students started came out from the front class. She was waiting for him to come outside so that she can see him in bright light in order to make a pure image of him in her eyes. 

At that time she was unable to think that why she was in such a curiosity for him to look him again and again. He took his bag came out of class wait there a  second, looked at her and went away. She came outside her classroom to look for him that where did he went away, maybe he had gone, a thought came in her mind when her eyes didn’t find him. She then neglected his thought and went to the restroom to look herself in the mirror that is she looking fine or not because she was too self-conscious. After she gets confirmation from the mirror that she is looking absolutely fine. She came outside of it, went near the stairs when she came across by him. Her heart filled with happiness. 

As it was her off timings so she had to leave. He looked at her while stepping down the stairs. She used to go to coaching with one of her friend, who was her school friend as well. On her way to home she was continuously thinking about him, neglecting this thought again she said to herself that how stupid I’m,  why I was thinking about the guy who is complete stranger to me. 

On the very next day, a little independence day party was arranged in the coaching. After the announcement of the cake cutting ceremony the students came out of their respective classroom to join the party. They both were also present there and as they saw each other they both got surprised.  That was the day when her heart starts beating for him, she started believing in love at first sight, about which she thoughts that it happens only in fairy tales,  she thinks that it can’t happen for real.

The story doesn’t end here. She was still unaware of him, she didn’t know his name. 

 At her home, she was in deep thought that either he loves him too? or at least likes him? or is that she is the only stupid? Sometimes she thinks that it’s only attraction and sometimes she gives it a name of pure love. She was not sure what had happened. She was not able to get into a certain point or to sort out any specific answer. 

The days were passing, every day they both saw each other with a complete stranger look and went away.  Somewhere in heart, she has realized that it’s not the attraction because the way they both look at each other and waits for each other after the end of the class is definitely love and it is an injustice to call it time pass or attraction. It had become their habit to look at each other before leaving for home. 

She became prettier day by day in his eyes and he became more handsome for her. They both wanted to know each other name but it seemed impossible because they haven’t talked to each other yet so how come it’s possible to ask for the name. 

One day, she was waiting for him from half an hour but there was no sign of him, her heart began to sink,  she became too much worried that was something happened to him? Was he alright? Or did he leave the coaching? He didn’t come. That day was like hell to her, the time was not passing at any cost, she wanted to let him know about her feelings for him and to see him for the last time. Her mood was off thorough out the day. 

The next day when she was leaving for the coaching,  she was praying to God that please make him come for  at once so that she tells him that she loves him, on the entire way her lips were continuing murmuring and she  was praying to God that when I entered in the  coaching he was also there. As she entered in the coaching her off mood turned into a happier one when she saw him, she took a deep breath, smile gently, looked at him and thanked God. 

Now the thing was quite complicated, in their heart, they both knew that they are in love but afraid to express, none of them had the courage to say it or to ask for the name at least. 

One day when she was standing with her friend,  waiting for her sir. She saw him and his friends 

standing near the stairs and suddenly one of his friends called his name, “hey _____! Let’s go. She suddenly turned back to see that whose name is this but was unable to figure it out as they were four so she got confused and the thing was that she just heard a name not a full name, so it was difficult for her to find out that whose name it was. 

All the night she thought about it, led on the bed with empty feelings, she was at sixes and sevens that either it was the name of the same boy whom he adores or is he someone else. She gets up, take out her laptop, opened her Facebook ID and type the name but Alas! There were too many guys of the same name, she scrolled and scrolled until the list ends. She paused for a  moment, her mind clicked with an idea. She started adding different surnames after that name but again the moment of disappointment she faced. She was about to close her laptop when her eyes got struck with a profile of the same coaching guy, her eyes blinked with joy, she smiled beautifully, it seemed that all her wishes came true. She was on cloud nine at that time. She clicked to his profile, started scrolling it, saw all his pictures from recent to the past years. There she came to know that he’s a GUITARIST and MUSICIAN  as well because in one of his picture he was holding a 


She then decided to text him but stopped. She thought that in case if I text him so how would he come to know that I’m the same coaching girl. As there was not a single picture of her in her profile so it would be difficult for him to find out her identity.  The next day when she woke up, she got an idea. After taking her morning meal, she again opened her laptop again, went in her profile setting, changed it from public to everyone and made a little more change in it,  she adds one-line information which was “studying in ABC coaching” so that he can know about her. She only changed her profile information for him in order to talk to him. 

As she was little nervous so she didn’t directly say him that who is she because firstly she wanted to know his intentions about her so instead of revealing her feelings and views she chose to stay quiet for a while.  After receiving that text message he first got surprised that whose she then he goes in her profile so that he  can know about her there when he looked at her basic details in which it shows that she is studying in the  same coaching where he’s studying so he came to 

know that she is the same girl whom he saw daily in  the coaching. He texted her back: “hi”. 

She was watching TV when a message popped up on her mobile screen, it was him. she without wasting any more second unlocked her phone and read the text. She knew that he would reply to her for sure.

By showing herself a complete stranger she texted him:  “sorry! I texted you by mistake”. He smiled and said it’s okay. After a couple of minutes he texted her again: “I know who are you” they both laughed intentionally at their places and that was the day from where their journey starts. 

They talked regularly without skipping any day. She started to love him more deeply but still she didn’t have any idea about him, they haven’t expressed their feelings yet. After some days he asked her for the picture. She almost take10 minutes to select the most appropriate picture and after selecting two of the pictures she was still unsure that either these pictures are fine. Finally, she sends that pictures to him and suddenly off her cell phone because she has no idea that either he will like her pictures and she’s a little bit afraid.

Although he has seen her in the coaching  still, an uncertain wave of disappointment was running inside her. About half an hour her cell phone beeped again. She knew that it was his message. She stepped forward with a heavy heart and a mind full of questions. She put her palm on her eyes and opened the inbox and when she read the message she jumped with laughter and excitement, her expressions at that time were worth watching because he replied: “you’re too beautiful”. She controlled her feelings and replied: “Thank you very much”.

After that their conversation was getting more deeper and deeper, they both were pretending that they don’t love each other and waiting for one another to say it first.  One day he teased her by asking a question that if you love someone so how do you let him know? Do you have the courage to propose him? She was smiling  while reading his indirect proposal and said, for sure 

I’ll propose him but I’m afraid that if he’ll reject me so what will I do that’s why I won’t share my feelings. He knew that she loves him but unable to collect all her feelings and take a step forward but after all such things he wanted her to propose him first. 

Finally, she unzipped her feelings and said, the guy whom I’m in love with, is YOU. Yes, it’s you. I Love  You! you’re the guy whom I wanted to propose. He played a bit naughty and said her in a teasing manner, sorry, I don’t love you. She when reading that message, was just about to burst with anger and her tears were about to come but she controlled herself and replied, I know you don’t love me that’s why I was hesitating to tell you. It’s okay, I  can’t force you.

As soon as he read it he laughed at her innocence and said oh! I was just pulling your leg. 

I love you too! Her tears trade with a wide smile, she takes a deep breath. He said, would you like to be my wife to be? She laughed hilariously on his sweet proposal and without waiting for a moment said, Yes! The days turned into months and months into years. 

It’s been 2 years. They were still together. He had left the coaching earlier than her. After he left, she became kind of sad because that was the only place where she used to see him. His voice was her favorite of all time. She feels magic in his voice, a calmness, a voice which was free from all the chaos of life, it was like the melody of the  waves when they come towards a seashore on a dark 

night covered with moonlight like raindrops when they touch the leaves, but every time whenever she asks him for his voice note he always did tantrums from which she got irritated.

Sometimes they fought with each other like they will never talk again in fact in their relationship of 2 years they had uncountable breakups but the beauty of their relationship was that they every time patched up again.  Sometimes he texted her and sometimes she texted him and they started to talk again. They knew that they both can’t live with each other. They bond got stronger and stronger the same as their love.

One day, they decided on a meetup. It was the month of December, the coldest month. After rejecting all the dresses, she, at last, came up with a bright yellow dress. The whole night they both were waiting for the sun to rise desperately so that they can see each other. She was  too happy that after two and a half years, she was  going to meet the love of her life, to see hi face to face 

and to talked to him by looking at her eyes which were deep like the sea.

Next morning, when the sun rose, they both getup and started getting ready. After an hour when she was standing in front of the mirror, examining herself and still confuse that either she’s looking pretty or not, she received a text message from him, are you ready,  should I come to pick you? She replied 10 minutes more. He said okay I’m leaving from home in ten minutes I’ll be there and please get ready soon it’s not your wedding day, so why are you taking this much time? She replied, come soon and safely!

After about half an hour he was in front of her house,  waiting for her in his red car, texted her, that I’m here!

17, December ‘18, Monday

As it was December so the entire atmosphere was  covered with a cold breeze. When she came, he opened the door for her, inside it music was already playing to make the environment soothing. Firstly, they both hesitate to start a conversation. Then after a pause, he said you’re looking exquisite, she blushed and said I know say something new. They both laughed. He was looking handsome in a black shirt and black jacket. He has a beard on his face and his that look was her favourite. She hasn’t done any makeup on her face as she loves to look natural. She has just put eyeliner on her shiny eyes, a red nail paint on her nails was making a good combination with a yellow dress. Her hairs were pinned by a hair clip.

They talked and talked for an hour, they’ve lost in each other completely that they didn’t know where an hour spent. She had met him for the very first time in her life but in spite of getting nervous, worried and feeling strange, she was feeling that she has been living with a very long time, he was giving her positive vibes. It seemed that he’s not Stanger to him, he’s her very own. He held her delicate hands, got his fingers interlinked with her to feel the presence of her.

Her concept about first sighted love proved to be wrong, she started believing in it by living him so immensely.

~After all these magical moments, she still calls her  fairy-tale RELATION, NOT A FAIRY-TALE ~

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