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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Nightmares Of Sara

Nightmares Of Sara

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The sky was turning darker and darker. The girl came running, panting continuously and looked around. There was only a straight road which was never ending and many big trees on either side. She started crying with fear, and soon she saw a big abandoned house in a little distance, and she ran towards the house and slowly walked inside to check if someone can help her. "Is... anybody there?" But there was no one. As it was getting pitch dark outside, she settled in one corner and curled herself up, and her body was shivering in fear. Soon she heard howling sounds of some dogs around the house, and she screamed out loud "He…l…p me".


Sara woke up abruptly, screaming.


Prakash, her father, came running into her room and asked, ‘What happened Sara? Are you ok?’


Sara took few seconds to calm herself down and then she said, ‘Ya, dad. Just a bad dream.’


‘Hey! Any problem?’


‘No, Dad. it was just a bad dream.’


‘Ok. Now, go and get ready soon. I need to pick your mom from the airport. She is coming back from her conference today. I'll drop you at your college on the way.


After some time, Prakash dropped her to the college. She walked towards the canteen, but her thoughts rambled around her nightmares. Suddenly, someone hugged her from behind, and she screamed loudly.


‘Hey! It's me, Pavan. Relax.’


‘Oh! Pavan. You scared the hell out of me.’


He laughed out loud and teased, ‘Oh, poor baby got scared?’


‘Shut up! Pavan. Enough… Just leave me alone.’


He pulled his earlobes and said, ‘Ok! Ok, I am sorry. What’s wrong?’




He pulled her near him and asked, ‘Won’t you tell me?’


Sara thought for a second, sighed and said, ‘It’s my dreams.’


‘Your nightmares?’


‘Ya. This is the 3rd day I am getting the same dream. I don’t know why? I don’t even know who that girl was? I am going mad. What should I do?’


‘Maybe you watch a lot of crime shows which led your mind to manipulate your dreams.’


‘If that was the case, then why do I get the same dream every single night. I can’t hear that girl screaming for help anymore. I feel so helpless. As if I know that she is in trouble and I’m not able to help her.’


‘Hey! That was just a dream. Relax. Dreams are our mixed up thoughts and have nothing to do with the reality. So, just ignore and listen to my plan. Tomorrow is Saturday, no college. Let's go to my farmhouse. Let’s just enjoy, I’ll call Dipin and Rupali too. What do you say?’


‘No Yaar. My dad won’t agree. You know how strict he is?’


‘Oh, come on. All parents are the same. Just tell them that you’ll go with Rupali and rest she’ll manage.’


‘Um…. Let’s see. Can’t promise, but, I’ll try.’


‘No try. You must come. It's been a year that we are dating, and you never came out with me. Not fair.’


‘I said, I'll try. But can't argue much with my Dad. I'll message you if he agrees.'


‘I don’t know anything. You are coming. That’s it. Let me call Dipin and Rupali.’


Pavan called Dipin and Rupali and updated everything. Soon all the four sat in the canteen and decided to leave early in the morning. Rupali and Sara discussed their plan to convince Sara’s parents. Soon, Sara took Rupali to her house to convince her parents. With a long discussion and promise to call before bed, they agreed to send her.


The next morning, they all left early to the farmhouse, but due to some roadblocks, they had to take a different route which went through the jungle. The road was beautiful, and either side was completely covered with big trees. It was an isolated area, and not many vehicles found. The climate was pleasant and they enjoyed their ride. Soon, Sara felt she knew this area, and suddenly she remembered seeing these trees in her dreams and told Pavan to stop his bike.


She gasped and looked around to reconfirm. After few seconds, she said, ‘This is the exact place, which I saw in my dreams.'


‘What! Don't joke. This place looks so isolated. Let's move quickly from here.' Said Rupali holding Dipin’s hands tightly.


‘No. I'm not joking. This is the place I saw a girl running, and there should be a house somewhere nearby. Let check.'


‘No ways. We are not going anywhere other than Pavan’s farmhouse.' Said Rupali with fear.


‘Please guys, trust me. I need to do this. Just 10 minutes, let's see if we find an abandoned house nearby.'


After few minutes of discussion, Sara finally convinced everybody, and they rode further slowly to see if they find an abandoned house. Soon, Dipin pointed out at a big abandoned house.


‘It looks haunted. I am not going inside. Please, Sara, don't be crazy. What if someone or something lives inside that house? I'm not ready to die at this age.'


‘Fine. You guys just wait here. But I have to go inside or else these nightmares will not stop. It's not a coincidence that I dreamt about the same place and the same house. What if the girl is still inside and maybe I can still save her.'


‘What if the girl was a ghost?’ Rupali hugged Dipin and continued, ‘Please Dipin, let’s go. I don’t want to die.’


‘Hey! If you guys want to leave, you can. But I'm not going from here, without checking inside.'


Sara started walking towards the house, and Pavan came running behind her and said, ‘You are not going inside alone. I’ll come with you. Let’s see what your dreams wanted to say to you.’


Both walked inside the house holding each other's hands tightly and said, ‘Hello! Is anyone there?'. They didn't get any response, so they walked further. The house was completely covered with dust and the broken furniture. The house smelt awful, but Sara was fixed in her mind to check the house properly. They went into each room and checked all the corners but didn't find anyone.


‘See nothing is there here, Sara. Let's go back. We have already wasted a lot of time here, let's go to the farmhouse.'


They both turned to walk towards the main door, and Sara saw something under the stairs. She quickly ran towards the stairs and bent down and saw a torn blanket covering something. She slowly moved her hands and removed the blanket.


Sara was surprised to see a girl around 6 years old, curled up and hugged herself tight. She was weak and unconscious. Sara said, ‘Oh my God! The same girl from my dreams.’


Pavan stood puzzled and speechless.


Sara quickly carried her in her arms and said, ‘Come on Pavan, no time to waste now. We must take her to the hospital. I can still save her.'


Both came out quickly and updated everything to Dipin and Rupali. All were puzzled. Soon they took her to the hospital near his farmhouse and also informed the local police to find her parents. Pavan was still in shock to see how Sara's dreams saved the girl.


Sara felt very happy saving the girl and thought to herself, ‘Maybe the dreams do have a meaning, and maybe this is just the beginning. Now, I need to be more careful about my next dreams.'

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