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Sheethal Puttashamachar

Fantasy Horror


Sheethal Puttashamachar

Fantasy Horror

A Girl With Light Blue Eyes

A Girl With Light Blue Eyes

7 mins 16.5K 7 mins 16.5K

Suhan lived in Mumbai. He was working in Pixel Digital, a 3D animation company. He was very talented and creative. He was a free-spirited person as he never took things seriously. He was given a task to design a concept of the horror genre, and he badly wanted some inspiration. So, one day he and his friends decided to spend a night in a graveyard which was located near to his house, just to get some inspiration from that place. They all were very brave and never believed in ghosts. They took food and partied at the graveyard all night and slept on the concrete grave slabs.

The next morning, they all went back home to rest. As it was a weekend, Suhan after reaching home, decided to sleep for 2 hours as he had a back pain sleeping on the slab and then he would wake up and start working on his new design.

After two hours, the alarm rang, abruptly yanking him out of his sound sleep. He took 2 minutes to realize where he was. He looked at the clock. It was 10:10 am and pulled his blanket and covered his head and plugged himself back on the bed and tried to go back to sleep. But, due to a lot of vehicle honking sounds coming from his room window, he decided to get up and get back to his work.

He slowly walked towards his bathroom rubbing his eyes and yawning. As soon as he opened the door turning the doorknob, it broke. He got irritated and walked inside and started brushing his teeth. He looked at the mirror grumbling about everything and washed his face. He pulled the towel from the rack beside and wiped his face and looked at the mirror again, immediately the mirror cracked. He stood shell-shocked as it never happened before. Soon, he heard the doorbell ring and a female knocking at his main door and softly saying, "Hello, is anybody there?”. Though it felt weird to start a day with all bad omens, he thought he would look into it later.

Suhan opened the door and saw a beautiful girl standing with two empty bottles. She was tall, fair and had long wavy hair. He got instantly mesmerized by her beauty looking at her light blue eyes.

“Hi! I am Vishaka. I just moved in next door. My water purifier is yet to be installed, so if you don't mind can I get some drinking water, please?" She showed her empty bottles, but her eyes deeply hypnotized him.

She snapped her fingers and asked again, “Hi! Can I get some water?”

"Oh! Ya sure. Please come in. Sorry, I… didn't hear what you said. Hi! I'm Suhan. I too moved in recently. Just a few days back, and I work in Pixel Digital. I design 3D animations, and I'm single."

Vishaka smiled, and he was embarrassed for his constant talking about himself giving his relationship details to a person whom he just met.

She said, "It's ok… Suhan. I understand. It happens to me all the time, and they shook hands. He offered her a cup of coffee, and the next few minutes they spent some time talking about each other. After an hour, she got up and said, "Oh my God, I forget. I had to drop a parcel.”

“A parcel?”

"Ya. One of my friends had given me a parcel to drop at her cousin's place. She couldn't join me. So, she asked me if I could do this. What are friends for? Right? It's just the parcel. But as I'm new to this place, I need your help, if you don't mind."

“Hey sure. Where do you want to go? I’ll take you?”

“No, it’s ok. I can go. I just need you to guide me. Rest I’ll take care.”

"Hey! Come on. I am new to this area, but I am living in Mumbai for ten years now. So, I know almost all the areas. Now that we are friends, I'll take you. Moreover, if you are unsure about the address, these autowalas will take you all around the places and charge you big money."

"It's ok, Suhan. I don't want to disturb you. You might be busy with your work."

"Nope. I'm free today. I can take you, and after dropping the parcel, we can even have lunch together in a good restaurant.

"Ahh... Are you asking me to go out on a date with you?"

Suhan blushed and said hesitantly, "Kind of..."

"How sweet. Sure. So, shall we leave in an hour?"


After an hour, the doorbell rang again, and this time Suhan rushed to the door quickly and opened it. Vishaka smiled at him, and both soon locked the door and walked to the parking. Suhan started his bike, and she sat behind him and gave him the address written on a small piece of paper. He adjusted his bike's mirror so that he could see her and he rode straight to the address.

On the way, he spoke to her about the city and told her about the happening clubs nearby and insisted her to join him someday. She agreed and enjoyed his talks, and soon they reached her friend's cousin's apartment. She got down from the bike and asked him to join her. They both climbed the stairs, and soon found the house. He looked at her and saw her staring at the door angrily. He tapped her shoulder and asked, "Hey, Vishaka… Are you alright? What happened?" She turned to him, and he saw her light blue eyes turning red and he fell unconscious.

He opened his eyes and saw himself lying on the ground, and the entire house was messed up. The furniture was upside down with broken windows. His head started aching, so he sat up straight and held his head and saw a knife in his right hand which was covered with blood. He immediately threw it away and noticed his hands and his shirt had blood stains. He got up quickly. He was scared and couldn't understand what happened in here. He just remembers standing outside the door and the next moment lying on the ground inside somebody's house. He looked around for Vishaka and called for her. But she was nowhere to be found. In shock, he started moving around the house to find what had happened here and stumbled upon something and fell on the ground. He saw a dead body covered with blood and had few stab marks on the body. He soon realized that he would be arrested for this murder and quickly picked up the knife, pulled a paper which was laying beside and covered it and put that inside his shirt. Then ran to his bike. He started the bike, and without stopping anywhere, he straight went to his apartment. When he reached, he went to Vishaka’s flat and started banging on the door to get some answers.

One of the neighbors came out and said, "Why are you banging the door, there is nobody in that house. What happened to you? You need any help?"

"No, thanks. I need to talk to Vishaka."

"Vishaka! Ahh... The girl who used to live here, but she was murdered two weeks back by her ex-boyfriend. He lived nearby, but police couldn't find any evidence and left him unpunished. They are still looking for the murderer."

Suhan woke up screaming. He looked around and saw he was in his house and sitting on his bed. He relaxed for some time and tried to convince himself that it was just a nightmare. He blamed himself for spending the night at the graveyard which made him go through this nightmare. He looked at the clock. It was 10:10 AM. He removed his blanket and slowly walked to his bathroom, and as soon as he turned the doorknob, it broke. He was scared, and he could feel his heart pounding faster, and his breathing had become more rapid. His hands and legs were shaking and stepped inside slowly and looked at the mirror and soon the mirror cracked, and immediately the doorbell rang followed by a female voice softly asking, “Hello, is anybody there?”.

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