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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Mystic Lavatory

Mystic Lavatory

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I rushed to the nearest urinal as I found myself peeing in my pants. Little had I known that the meeting would have extended to four hours instead of one, I would have prepared myself mentally and physically. As I rushed inside, I could remember how badly I had to control this nature’s call from the last half an hour of the meeting. I unzipped my pants and relieved myself. I couldn’t help but peek around the washroom for it’s decor was pretty unique and queer. It was an oval shaped men’s lavatory with four urinals on each side with beautiful yet intricate designs at the centre of the lavatory. I couldn’t help but let my wild imagination loose and brings vivid memories from the Harry Potter series, 2nd book, “The Chamber of Secrets” by J K Rowling. The fact of unlocking some closed hidden mystery. Maybe a treasure with gold or a passage to Neverland kinda thing. (The usual fantasy pumped plot.) As fast as this idea dawned upon me, I started feeling cringy. It wasn’t just a normal urinal. Normal washrooms don’t have decorated walls and floors. Neither do they have a tomb structure with a beautiful ceiling. As fear reigned upon me, I started to hurry. I went for the basin to wash my hands and hark there was no water. It was just a basin, with a tap and hell God! my eyes searched for pipes or drainage system and pray there was nothing. My mind went boggling. I took a deep sigh and let the situation roll on me. So technically the lavatory had 4 urinals with fake basin attachments. What on earth was this lavatory meant for? I brushed my hands against the linens from my pocket and went for the door. Presently, I just wanted to be out of this place as fast as I could.


There was no door. Not even a darn window. As fear seized my mind, I felt my hands and legs going numb. I ran across every corner but there wasn’t even a hint of a door. It was just a close chamber with no entry or exit. I let out a moan and wondered how could I enter here without a door. I tried shouting for help but pity if a soul heard me. I rushed my hands in my pocket to get my cell phone. That little black object made me believe that I might get help. I entered my passcode only to know there was no network in my phone. I was losing my mind but I tried keeping myself under senses. Not having network didn’t scare the hell out of me as seeing my phone battery percentage did. I remembered having my battery drained to 6% when I rushed to the washroom. Whereas now, my phone battery soared to an 89%. What the heck was happening? Where was I? Some charged galactic place? This place was an epitome of the weirdest illogical scientific place that exists of course after Bermuda Triangle. I sat at the center of the washroom allowing myself to find a solution to escape.I was confident I’ll make out in a few minutes. I rotated, pulled, twisted every damn object with a hope that this would be my exit. But none worked.

Just a little later, a man rushed inside, throwing himself on a urinal. He spared me a weird glance probably wondering why was I sitting in the middle of a men’s lavatory. I rushed to the place where I assumed he entered from. But sadly it was all shut. The man saw my fragility and asked, “Sir, you okay?” I said in a mourning voice, ”Pal we are stuck here. There’s no way out.” It seemed to me he took some time to register what I said. His eyes wandered off the close catacomb with despair as he couldn’t find an exit. He panicked and had trouble speaking. What I managed to catch was, “But didn’t I just get in. Where is that door?”

“Little had I know sir, I might’ve been out of this place in no time. But we are just stuck here. ”I said tapping him by his shoulders.“ By the way, wanna know something interesting”, I said, as he rushed to every wall, pushing them. ”The place has no water or drainage system. The urine technically goes to somewhere in outer space, I guess. Besides that just check out your phone. This place will charge up that Li-ion battery”, I giggled. He charged towards me with a horrific look and said, “You must be really kidding me! How can you make jokes when we are stuck in a place without any exit?”

I managed to blurt out an apology and we again pushed every wall and faucet hoping to get out of the lavatory. Nothing worked. The digital watch on my phone showed 7:30, Friday 13 October. My mind boggled. I couldn’t believe my eyes. If I remember right, I had spent maybe 7 hours or least locked up in that washroom. But sadly as the reality dawned upon me, I realized I had been here for more than one year. I asked the newbie, ” What year it was?” And he said, “2019.” I threw myself on the floor again, as tears rolled down my eyes. I thought about my family and friends. How worried they might’ve been? Probably now, they must have presumed that I died and must have moved along with their lives. This idea crippled my mind with anxiety. I introduced myself to the newbie. I told him how I came here and how weird this place was and how time passed by in this place, precisely everything I knew. The young man who was in his early twenties burst into tears. He said, ”I was to appear for a job interview. My family relies on me. I can’t stay locked up in here. They’ll die without me. Oh crap, this can’t be happening. We need to get outta this place.” I tried reassuring him. But it really didn’t help. And just then we heard someone murmuring and we noticed four teenage boys probably 18 hustle inside the washroom. As soon they got in, one of them exalted with exasperation, “Damn we’re here. We’re finally here. We finally found it. The darned chamber of urinals” and the others laughed. They kinda freaked out on finding the two of us inside. One of the kids in a blue ripped cargo said or more like shouted, ”Dude, don’t tell me you were trapped here.” I smirked, “Yeah, I guess for a year.” The other kid giggled and said, ”Boy you should really get on your knees and hail us! We are your damn saviours.”

The newbie said, “What in the hell is happening?” Then a kid who looked kinda smarter than the rest of them said, “I guess you got here in a hurry and probably don’t know much about this place. It’s been told or so we’ve read that it’s a Mystic Lavatory. Its doors unlock only when four people pee at the same time or when the four urinals are activated at the same time. Unless there’s no exit and you are doomed here forever. So well don’t you guys worry, let’s get to the work.” I rushed to a urinal and so did the newbie. The kids laughed at us and said, “What’s the hurry big guy?” The remaining urinals were also occupied by the smarter kid and the one who hadn’t spoken a word yet. The remaining two stood at the centre with their phones, making a video of this so called heroic escapade or whatever. Well, what happened after that is pretty simple. We started to pee and those urinals ended up becoming doors and before we could zip our pants or walk voluntarily out of the dome, we were forcefully pushed out and the walls closed behind us. So technically only the four of us came out and the remaining two kids ended up locked in the washroom.

“Oh my god, please tell me it’s just one of your fiction stories you use to hit on random girls in a bar.” I said looking in his hazel colored eyes. He was irresistibly handsome. “That’s just my story and all I wanted to do was share it so that someone can go there and rescue those two teens.” he said and walked out of the bar. I smiled and noticed he had left his keys and I rushed out with them but he was no where. I came back and asked the bartender if he knew the guy sitting beside me to which he said, “Haven’t you been sitting there all by yourself ma’am?” I dragged myself out clearing the bill onto the roads and wondering whose story was it anyway….the words flew and fluttered in the wind.

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