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3 mins

Many thoughts were coming into Charu's mind, she neither agreed with her father, she could not understand what to do, Martha is right or my grandmother.

Or is Martha doing a madness drama.

Because yesterday when I spoke to my father, he said that Martha used to mislead my mother directly. It can do the work of provoking only those whose mind is completely in their senses. Oh God, what should I do? What should I do?

But how will I get out of here, only then I will be able to do something, then the first thing I will do is that I will go to the detective agency and take the help of a detective agent.

Charu started planning and took out her diary and wrote all the things that she has to do next.

Hey, I missed so many times, I was sleeping so deeply, Charu saw the call on her phone, she missed it. Then she called back on the same number, there was an unknown number, so Charu could not recognize the voice, yes, please say With whom you want to talk, he said that I have to talk to Shreyel , I am Charu, she replied, again message came to Charu and said, come and meet me in the same museum today at 4:30 in the evening.

She has thought about why I should go to meet such a new person. Then she called her father, then her father picked up the call and said that I have convinced you right now, you will not go anywhere.

Charu sat down holding her face. Then she had three photos, one of the three photos was of a sword, the second was of the code which was shown to her grandmother and asked what she meant and the third was a photo of a woman with pits in her eyes which was on the book cover.

Oh God, who is this who is calling me and posting all the photos, whoever he is knows everything about us, but is unaware you come here and join me at 5:00 pm today. Meet, then a message came.

The whole thing had passed for 3 months. Today father said that right now you can go to your grandmother, so after 3 months, when I went to my grandmother, I saw that grandmother has become even more weak and her health is more critical. As soon as she reached to grandma, she saw Ruth coming from the other room, where have you come from and where is Martha, then she said that this is the chance; she was going to Russia but what happened, so Vincent Uncle came and seeing him in the same room, Charu was absolutely shocked to see him, she said, "How did you say that I am the same, Vincent Uncle told him that I am yours." I am the partner of Papa's business, so Charu was very upset and he said, "I have never heard of such a thing, we have now bought the entire museum which is where the library is made, all the things there are also our own.

On getting an opportunity in the evening, Charu asked Dadi to please tell me the real thing. So Dadi said and also told me why Martha considers sheryl that is, you. So grandma said that you are meeting me after 3 whole months, these 3 months have been spent like a full 3 years, I do not know how many incidents have happened, let me tell you that my entire life will be gone.

Charu said to grandmother, please explain everything to me one thing after another, then grandmother said listen carefully to me.

Your mother, who was a very big writer, did not like your father at all. According to your father, the person who is a writer is a completely useless person, and should do business such that your father was thinking.

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