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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Anjali .

Drama Romance


Anjali .

Drama Romance

Book Of Love

Book Of Love

12 mins 711 12 mins 711

'It's raining heavily, how will I get back home?' I was literally fed up on this rainy day. Lastly, I had to book a taxi for myself.

'How are you going home, Riya?' I asked. I looked at Riya,she was smiling.

'What's wrong with you?' 'Will you go with me?' I asked. 

'No, Ankit is coming to pick me up, we will go on a long drive, and we will also eat momos, hot and spicy in this cold and sweet weather, can't wait. '

'OK, then, I am going, bye' I said. 

'Hey, Don't you want to go on a long drive in this weather? The weather is so lovely. Oh! Ankit is calling, OK Aditi, I'll go, bye bye. '

' Bye Riya ' I said. 

The taxi stopped before me, I took my seat and it started moving. I pretended to be busy with my phone but how can anyone not see those small lovely raindrops spreading all over. But if I would look at it, how would I not get reminded of him. Reminded, ha! No, when do I don't think about him? 

Moreover, Riya's words were still echoing in my ears and like always I couldn't stop myself. 

And so, time stopped for me once again and I was taken back to those old days. I forgot where I was and where I had to go and who I had become. I am now to re-live the prettiest part of my life. I shall close my eyes, let the taxi move. 

'Aditi, come here beta'.

'Yes Papa. '

'Meet him, he's an engineering student, he will help you in your maths paper. Her board exams are on hand, she has to work hard. You can come in the evening time, OK. '

'Yes uncle, sure', that guy in a brown t-shirt said. 

I knew him, this tall boy, he was my neighbor. I was in grade 10th, weak in maths because I didn't like Maths. So, the one who will teach me maths, I will not be good to him either,that's it! But deep in the heart every student has to fear board exams,so I thought I should give him a chance. 

The boy came to my place the next day, Sunday. After bath and shampoo, I slept on one of my notebook. Papa came hurrying in my room to tell me that my new teacher was here. 

'Get ready, Aditi'. 'Where is the study table ?'. 'Bring it here'. 

The guy came in and sat on the chair and he started feeling my maths book. He didn't even ask my name, great. He carried his business till the next hour and at last asked me if I had any questions. So I gave him a question from the matrix chapter, the chapter which I had never known before. He solved it. At one point during his great lecture, I also found him making fun of me and I was sitting quietly. This was so rare. Then we heard someone screaming outside, 'Rahul Ji'.

The human in front of me rose up to leave. 

I thought that he must have planned this earlier with his friend because he was a shy person, kind of. Then a number of days passed. We studied together. I always did my homework. Some days my sister came to study too. I must mention that Rahul and Neha were like Tom and Jerry, I was fed up seeing them arguing because Neha didn't do her homework. 

Months passed and I was improving in the subjects day by day. I was really thankful to my teacher.

The first reason, I've already mentioned. The second and the most important reason was that he came to teach me even when my father failed to clear the fee,and he continued teaching me without getting paid for it. He himself was a student, only three years elder to me but still, he took out time from his busy routine to come home and teach me. Thirdly, I found him very polite and gentle in manners. He had a number of reasons to quit teaching me, like, my siblings gathered around him like monkeys, but he did not. I remember him saying me that when you take a task to do, you should give your hundred percent to complete it. There are so many things.

I improved a lot in maths. Rahul used to teach me a single chapter thrice and all the formula and equations were locked in my mind. Once or twice he did not come for days but when my exams were near my father went to him and asked him to help me. He never said 'no'.

I really liked him as a person. I also sometimes made fun of him because he used to say some funny things which were out of my world. And so time passed and I was really happy. 

One day my aunt came with her daughter to our place. Rahul came to teach me in the evening as usual and I found that my aunt was trying hard to look at him, very hard, because he was facing me and his back was on my aunt's side. After Rahul was gone, I heard Aunty talking to mummy that she really found Rahul very handsome. She said, 'That boy, he's so good looking and belongs to a good family too. Being a mother of three daughters you have to always keep on searching good-looking grooms for them, isn't it?' 

However they were talking casually, I didn't notice that I was overhearing them. And also what I didn't notice at that time was that I did not want that aunty to talk about Rahul as a match for her daughter. I just didn't like it and why I didn't like it was still unknown to me. I was noticing a change inside myself, but I tried to ignore it as far as possible. 

A day at school, a classmate came to me and said, 'Aditi, how do you know him, that Rahul, I saw him going to your house, how do you know him? He's so handsome, you know, he used to live near my house a few months ago, how do you know him? He's so handsome, don't you like him? He's my crush. You must also be liking him, right, tell me, tell me!'

I was amazed by what she said. I answered, 'Why will I like him? I and my sister always make fun of him, you know he is so innocent, he comes to teach us, but we take his class everyday, you mad, why will I like him, I don't like him... '.

And similar events like these drew my attention towards Rahul, more and more. I cannot explain what was happening to me. I was confused with all these thoughts and now I was a bit changed further. Now when he spoke to me, I could not look into his eyes, I avoided his eyes as much as I could. I had always been so outspoken in front of him and now I was feeling poor with words.

This change was very disturbing and as my board exams were near, I had to do something about this. 

I don't remember the moment when I realized that I had begun to like him but I remember that day when once I spoke rudely to him because he was continuously roasting me when I couldn't solve a problem in maths. I said him did it matter to him if I cannot solve it, he did not say a word. After some time he stood up and went away. 

Then I strongly realized what I had done. This was all because of that silly thing going on in my mind. I was now depressed, I was rude to him. I had to say sorry and like a girl of sixteen, I decided to make a sorry card for him. I made it. He came next day and taught me. All the time I was feeling so worried, what was he thinking about my behavior? Then I showed him my card, I had kept it in a notebook. He smiled the most beautiful smile. Watching him smile, I was so relieved. I remember he said to me that I was just like my father, good at heart.

He read my card and asked me to keep it with me, he would take it later and he went. After this, I became more worried and confused because my feelings were now no more under my control. I remember I tore that card into pieces and threw it on the road, I thought that would end this feeling inside me but I was so wrong. I could not deal with the feeling, that what I was feeling was wrong for me because after all my father had sent him to me as a teacher, as a guide and I was betraying them both. But love knows no bound. Now it was difficult for me to keep this feeling inside me. I wanted him to know about it, just to know about it that it existed inside me, a wave of emotions,just for him irrespective of the world. 

I am an Aries girl, so how long could I keep my feelings unheard. I made a cute card for Rahul which I called 'formula book'. I wrote in different ways the initials of our names 'A loves R' and many other things, I inserted our names in the middle of the equations, it was really funny to read it. I had to give it to him any how. But I didn't give it to him on that day, I don't know why. I was crying near the door, watching him go. 

Next evening after he was done teaching, he stood up to leave, my heart was really beating fast, he turned around and was about to walk out. My arm started moving itself, I held his upper arm to stop him, he was wearing a red t-shirt. I gave him the card, I found him smiling at me. He took it and went away. That smile on his face, how can I forget it? But why was he smiling without even knowing what was inside the card? Did he know it? What I had kept locked in the heart, did it show on my face? Did he read it in my eyes when I looked at him? Or did he notice that I could not look into his eyes for long? What made him smile? 

I was eagerly waiting for his reply. At the midnight I received his message on my phone. He had written that I am like an angel with an angelic heart and I would be loved by any guy. He didnot make things clear. Then we exchanged messages for a few days on the phone, he also came to teach me but none of us talked about all that was happening. That phase was so beautiful, exchange of love through eyes, little smiles,meant only for both of us. 

But I was now a bit impatient, so I asked him about his answer and he said he would give his answer on 26th February. 

That day, I got ready in the evening, I sat on my bed with my books, thinking about him. Time passed and it was 8 p. m. now. He came everyday at 7 but today he didnot. I was so impatient that I started weeping, I wanted him to come to me as soon as possible and then another half an hour passed. I wiped my tears and was sitting there still. Then the door opened itself and I saw my most precious, standing in front of me. I forgot everything. He sat on his chair, he had a book and a pen in his hand. He taught me for some time and handed me the book and then he got up and went to the door. I opened the book, it had two white sheets in it, I was about to see what it was, when Rahul came in my room again. He said he left his pen. He took his pen and went away smiling. I think he would have come to see my face when I would read the first love letter of my life - namely ''The Message of Love".

I was dying to find my answers in the letter. One of the sheets had a sketch of a beautiful girl watching the sunset, sitting besides a cliff. Rahul had drawn the sketch himself. Coming to the letter, the first part of it in which he wrote about his life and his dream to become an IAS. Secondly he wrote about what he thought about love till now, then I reached to the third part where it was written that my father had sent him here to teach me and he would not want to do anything that would sour the relation of a teacher and a student. I read the letter till here and tear came into my eyes, I thought that I had lost him and he will meet me no more now and then losing all hope, I read the last part of the letter. In which it was written : "I didn't want to break the trust of your father but I think I have also started to like you, I also think about you in my leisure time. I always thought that in anybody's life only three persons love you the most- parents, a true friend and a dedicated teacher. I never knew what was love, but you have changed this definition. "

He also said that I should first score well in my board exams. 

He concluded the letter saying that now that he loves me, he would love me till the last drop of his blood. 

I really don't know when he started loving me, that part of the story is unknown to me. 

And I wanted to say him that I don't want him to change what he thinks, I want to be that true friend of his life from his definition of love, I am always by his side, always thinking about him,always praying for him and I am so sure that he does that too. 

So the taxi stopped on my door, I got down and went on my way. This is how life is, it drops you to the door of your destiny and it is you who has to keep moving further, finding life in your life. 

Rahul and I, our story grew further, which I will narrate some other day, maybe in another taxi ride, once again, watching the rain, raining. 

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