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My Story: The Story of Shikra

My Story: The Story of Shikra

2 mins

22 August 200,

I young girl named Shikra was brilliant she could solve any math problem in 2mins. She could write an incredible story in 10 mins. One day her English teacher Megha called her to be a compare in the senior wing annual day as the real compare was sick and could not come."I am furious at her; she was supposed to come." 

Shirka got to the auditorium and started speaking " GoodMorning everyone and welcome chief guest Mr Partly. I am grateful to you that you came here. First, I would like to invite class 6-A for a dance which is going to lift spirits and get your feet tapping.". She spoke so clearly that Mr Partly got up from his seat and started clapping. 

Her favourite author was Enid Blyton and loved watching her interviews.

22 August 2020

Shirka has become a famous author and has written many books like Man in the Mirror, The Dustbin, The Elf, The Diary, Never Loose Hope and many more. She has published all these stories on https://storymirror.com/.

One day a famous channel reporter called her and asked her to be on his famous news channel "Acha News". 

The interview

Reporter- Good Morning all. Today we have a special guest Miss. Shikra. 

(Shikra enters)

Shikra- Good Morning!

Reporter- My first question is at which age did you start writing?

Shikra- Ummm At the age of 7 and my first story that was published 9.

Reporter- Wow! Who told you about story mirror?

Shikra- As far as I remember, my mom saw on WhatsApp about competition and told me to participate.

Reporter- Achaia and your favourite author

Shirka- Enid Blyton, she is great

Reporter- Ok great mam thanks for your time

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