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My Quarantine Diary (Day 5)

My Quarantine Diary (Day 5)

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Day 5

Friday 17th April, 2020 

11:45 PM

Dear Diary,

Finally, it’s the end of the week and obviously the 5th day of my lock down. It was indeed a stressful week. But It seems that it was not that much bad as I expected. Today my manager told me that he is happy with the work done by me so far. And it meant a lot for me as I always want to see everyone around me happy and that makes me happiest. I wish I could let him understand how much happier I feel to see a smile on his face. He has such an innocent smile.

That’s why I do not want to bother him anymore. However, honestly I have a grudge for him within my heart as he did not feel to take a stand for me. He could have discussed it with his parents. But I do not like to force people. So, it’s my 5th day of lock down and it seems that I still can't say that psychological theory is working for me. 

Recently, I discovered the best corner of my apartment. I never loved my apartment so much before this confinement. I fell in love with my wooden table, my laptop and the scene outside my window. 

In the morning, a beam of sunlight and a gentle breeze makes my whole day fresh. Today, in the afternoon, I saw a mother go out to play with her children and to have some fresh air. They were all wearing masks. Her children’s screams were making my heart jump. 

And that very moment, I was eagerly thinking about getting married, to have my own family. How funny I am!!

Years ago, I thought of myself as someone who would probably never get married. Now I can realize that time is a great teacher. In my childhood, I rarely spoke with people. I was so shy and that introverted girl now did an open mic forum on poetry last week. I wish I could have shared it with him.

My flatmates are planning to see a movie now. Afterall, it’s Friday night!!

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