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Sowmya Sri Rathnakumar

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My Man’s Wedding Toast

My Man’s Wedding Toast

3 mins

‘It’s over, Eric. There’s nothing between us anymore!’ I once said this to my man with so much hatred to whom I just got married.

Today, I am sitting closer to him with so much love. I could feel his warmth in hands holding mine under the table. Though it was secretive, I feel secured and loved. Somehow, I always knew that he is my soulmate and we are meant to be together forever.

‘Time for a toast!’ The words from a friend cut through my stream of thoughts.

Eric looked into my eyes and stood up from his seat. ‘I would like to give a toast to my wife!’ He said with a wide smile.

‘Whooo!’ Everyone around us cheered him up.

He started talking and I started listening to him.

‘I was an ordinary boy with many flaws. I wasn’t handsome. I wasn’t rich. I wasn’t perfect. There was a time when I felt my entire life was a lie. My path twisted. I ended up being a terrible guy. I never became a man until I found you!’ He said, looking into my eyes. I astound because he never said this to me ever in all these years.

He continued, ‘You changed my life upside down. You found me beneath my flaws. You gave me strength though I drained yours with all my atrocities!’ He said and chuckled. My eyes filled with tears.

‘We had many breakups over these years. I never felt like losing you ever because you were the one to apologize first, even if it’s not your mistake. But the last time when I broke you into pieces, when you walked away from me, I felt the gap with every step you took. Even then I was selfish. I thought you would come running back to me. It took three days for me to realize that I lost you with my ego.’ He stammered as tears rolling down my cheeks.

‘Trust me people, when I say this. If you lose someone you love. It’s the worst feeling ever. If you miss someone right now. Just get up from your seats and get back to them. Because that’s where your redemption point lies and that’s what exactly what I did to win her back.’ He paused for a moment.

‘The day I stopped waiting; I was standing at her doors trying hard to win her love back. Because somehow, I knew that she was my soulmate. Nina! I am sorry for everything I put you through. I am here as a complete man because of you. I promise that I will protect and cherish you and our love forever. It’s the least I could do. I love you to the stars and beyond!’ He finished looking into my eyes.

I am complete with him. I hugged him firmly. I shed tears of joy.

I whispered into his ears, ‘This is the best.’ He smiled.

We are now at an exquisite start for our family.

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