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Luckky Ghoul



Luckky Ghoul


My Girlfriend Is A Jin

My Girlfriend Is A Jin

4 mins

Shin Kurasawa is a high schooler with many male friends but with no friends due to his all day reading books habit. He wants a friend but is unable to make one.

One day when he was going home from school:-

Wow, this novel main character has such good friends. I wish I could encounter such types of friends too, but these types of things only happen in dreams. In real life the world is full of cunning and selfish people, that's why I hate society.

At home:-

"I am home, Mom!"

"Welcome back Shin."

"Taa - Daa. Here is your reward, a magical lamp."

From where is this noise coming from? Looks like Mishi is watching television.

Dhump-Dhump(sound of footsteps)

"Welcome brother! You have come early today. Sit here, let's watch my favourite cartoon together."


Television show-

"If you rub this lamp, the young hero - a Jin, will come and fulfill your any three wishes."

What nonsense things are being aired on television nowadays; when I was a small kid, at that time cartoons and shows were good. They should at least think that do Jin exists in the first place?

I went to my room after watching that cartoon for a while to know what Mishi think about this show. I think I should complete my homework and then take a nap for a while. Finally, I completed my homework, it took one hour. I should rest now. 

"Jin will fulfill your any three wishes."

Why I am not able to forget that line? I should search about it so that my mind stops thinking about it. Hmm, let's see.

After a while-

I knew that Jin doesn't exist not even a single website says that they exist. Wait! What's this website saying-

"Get your personal Jin for one year free."

What do you mean by "personal Jin?" Let's check this out also. What it says: fill your name, address, phone, etc. Why even they need that much information? It feels like I am ordering online something from a new e-commerce site.

Okay all done, let's see what happens next. 

"Shin! come down dinner is ready."

"Okay, Mom I am coming."

At midnight:-

"Hey, boy, wake up! I am here as you ordered."

"Wuaah wuaah(sound of yawning)"

"What's that noise, who woke me up at midnight?"

"It was me, lad."

"What, a cat flying in air and talking also? Looks like I am dreaming. I should go back to sleep."

"Hey, what's wrong with you? Wake up, boy!"

Again let me pinch myself.

Squeez (pinching sound)

"It hurts,means it's not a dream."

"I was saying the same if you had listened to me."

"Well, who are you? How is a cat able to fly and talk?"

"You sure are rude, nah. I am the Jin you had ordered on our website."

"Wait, what? You are a Jin. I have never heard about a cat Jin. If you are real Jin so you will fulfill my any three wishes right?"

"No Shin! Our website provides us to support people who are in depression or anti-social."

"Wait! How do you know my name?"

"Is your memory weak? Remember you filled your personal details in the form before placing the order and my name is Rizuku, don't try to forget it."

"Ahh okay! By the way, my memory is not weak. Well, I am not very anti-social, I just was wondering how it feels like when you have many friends"?

"Oh, you poor thing! You don't have any friends. Don't worry. I will make this dream come true."

"Well, it's not my dream actually just a question kind of."

"Don't worry, go back to sleep and from tomorrow your dream or question or whatever will come true."

"Ahh okay."

Next Morning:-

"Good morning brother! You look down as always."

"I am not down always. I am looking so today 'coz I had a very weird dream last night."

"What was it about?"

Well, how do I explain? I had a Jin dream kind of."

"Jin? Tell me the details now."

"Shin, you are getting late for your school. I think you should leave now or else you will be late."

"Yeah, mom you are right." 

At school:-

Today also my classroom is full of hustle and bustle as always.

"Aham, aham... take your seat students. Today I am going to introduce a new student."

"Hello to all, My name is Rizuku Maya nice to meet you all."

"Hey hey, she is so pretty, yeah I wish I could become her friend. Wow, her hair is so beautiful I want to know her hair secrets."

A new student came into our class and the class was talking like they never have talked for centuries.

"Ahh, Rizuku your seat is beside Shin's seat."

Am I relating things too much or her name is the same as that Jin's name who came in my dream last night?

Rizuku suddenly whispers a sentence in Shin's ear that makes him too surprised. 

"I told you nah Shin that l am not a dream, and from today your dream will start becoming reality."

Since that day Shin's life changed completely.

If you want to read what happens next let me know thanks for reading.

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