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MSD - Inspiration Behind the New Me

MSD - Inspiration Behind the New Me

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Dear captain cool, 

You are the reason behind millions of smiles, you have been the reason why millions have not stopped dreaming. Whenever you walk on the field you are the reason behind millions of hope and assurance. It was not only you who played cricket.. but even the billions out here. 7th July and jersey no. 7 is inscribed in our minds with a lot of emotions.

Whenever someone talks about cricket it's always your name that gets popped up in my mind - MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI..! From copying your hairstyle of long hairs to following your life journey, I have remained your biggest aficionado! 

Well this might be you playing the WC for the last time. But India needs you.. Cricket needs you. More than 15 years down you have been ruling hearts. No matter how much you score in any match, we'll always remain your loyal fans. Equanimity is your biggest asset and you are just beyond irreplaceable! You are indeed gifted with a midas touch. 

From a timid lad hailing from Jharkhand to becoming one of the most successful captains, your journey has not been a cakewalk. From trying to please your father by working in Indian Railways to finally chasing your dreams, you are a true role model. 

Your debut match on international level against Bangladesh to maybe playing the WC for the last time, you have been a personification of talent, strength, courage.You are truly one of the best players to take the field. 

How can we forget your signature shot! You finishing the game in a Mahi-way and dignifying your way behind the stumps has made us stunned everytime. 

CSK is just not a team, it's an emotion. From winning many tournaments, breaking many world records you still remain the most humble and coolest players of the time.

From not wanting to play with a 'chota ball' we have also seen your love for football and badminton.

From maintaining your love - army, you conferred the honorary rank of lieutenant Colonel. 

From buying your first bike with your own money to now having a wondrous bike museum, you are truly a motorcycle fanatic. 

From losing your first love and also handling up yourself in other complex situations, you absolutely emerged out as a champion. You are not only a loving husband but have also been a great father along with rocking the cricket pitch everytime. You are a true gentleman. 

Today is a lot more than just a day, as I owe you for bringing in the #newme. I try to inculcate all your qualities in me. And I have succeeded a lot in this too. You are truly an inspiration for me. 

#thankyou #newyou

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