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Went my alarm,

I got up, startled,

My hair, they were a bird's nest,

My face, covered with saliva,

My heart engulfed in the sentiments of dismal and perplex,

I reminisced at what time I slept last night,

2 if I am not wrong,

What time is it again, went up another thought bubble,

6, I was more than correct. So, I thought,

It was 7, I don't how many times,

I dozed off in this one hour.

I was getting late, I guess? Super late, if I may correct myself.

Ugh. Morning sucks. It truly does. The fact is, this is how my life is every single day. Like, it's very difficult to remember if I woke up any morning 'jubilant'. Like literally, any morning. The thing is they all give all this tragedy a super fancy name, "Monday blues" hoping it would solve the problem. Before labeling those earthlings a moron like I do every single morning, I must say this stupid trend does help quite a few people. Those bloggers who are mainly showcasing their "whole life" on the social media find some rugged content from this cliched "Monday blues" if they have enough brains. But then again, where was I? Yep I have a flight to catch at 10 and it's 7:30 already and yeah, I must hurry up and get used to "mornings."

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