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Morning Breeze Of Love

Morning Breeze Of Love

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How a daily routine can bring romance into your life and get you closer to your life partner especially post a baby is depicted in the form of my journey revolving around my different roles of friend, wife and a mother and of course a doting daughter and daughter in law as well!

Being a parent is a 24*7 job... It reminds me of those lines years back by W.H.Davies... What is life, is full of care, we have no time to stand and stare... The real meaning I realised after I became a Mom. Especially if you are a working mother then you are always on your toes!

Baby of course becomes your sole priority. In the process of being a full time mommy sometimes even you don't have time for your better half. Me and my hubby being doctors are workaholic. Hence we hardly get free time. To add salt to our wounds, we both have jobs at opposite time of the day. When I am at home, hubby is at hospital and vice versa. After baby it became impossible to get time for each other...for those laughs and gossips we had prepartum which we both missed. Though this was a cherished luxury for a mother of a young one but I felt above all the other things my health was taking a backseat. I had sometimes backache and felt lethargic in the evening. I was irritable and restless most of the times.

I knew I should be happy... I had the most wonderful gift of motherhood... A loving and caring husband and parents... A beautiful baby whose innocence and sweet smile made me go weak in the knees!

But somewhere I was missing my me time. The Zen of living was missing... I wanted a time away from the hassles of chores and worries... A moment of relaxation... Every day! It was too much to ask for by a Mom!

This would be called postpartum blues in medical terms but a short outing or rest was a temporary relief. I needed a permanent cure. As we were talking once we realised that I should join a gym. But where was the time? But hubby was stubborn that I want you to do this. I was like... how? I cant wake up early with baby troubling at night, I won't go alone... So he said, wait, don't panic and as always I'm with you.. why not exercise together? But without a gym it was difficult to stick to a schedule. Going to the gym was difficult too as we went to hospitals quite early. So we found a simple way out... Why not walk and jog together...?

You must have heard a thousand benefits of exercise like how it gives you toned muscles and good health ... Physical as well as mental and so on and so forth. But my gain was far more superior and sweeter... We were getting more than half an hour of quality time to spend together and that too daily. We all know that exercise elevates your mood and releases happy hormones but after a week of morning walk I was sure about that. We enjoyed our walks, small talks, laughs... I also refined my driving skills as we took our car to the jogging arena. We bought sometimes fruits and fresh veggies while returning back. We soon became addicted... not to one another...that we are already but to our fitness routine. The lovely walks made me loose my postpartum weight and helped me gain more zeal and confidence at my workplace. I slowly started enjoying workout and we both finally joined a early morning gym!

Now we both love this routine of early rise together and our miracle juice, a glass of warm water with a dash of lime and honey with munchies i.e. dry fruits! Sometimes we skip the usual route and go on a long drive. Yes... I hate monotony but love this bond of fitness that has strengthened our relationship to the core!

Thanks to my mom who being a yoga guru herself, was always supportive of our endeavour and yes to my sweety pie who wakes up with his naani happily and gives us a tight hug when we return from our morning walk!

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