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Anne Benita

Drama Romance


Anne Benita

Drama Romance

Missed Days in Cafe Coffee Day

Missed Days in Cafe Coffee Day

2 mins 264 2 mins 264

    That was a rainy evening. Wind blew heavily and the door of the windows danced accordingly with the beat of rain. Thunder and lightening led to switching off the electric power connection. Sam disconnected the network connection and searched for Renu. 

"Renu, where are you? What are you doing there?"

"Wait man, I'm shutting down all the doors. Rain is pouring out. Don't you hear the noise of doors?"

"Yes, but come fast."

"Ok, wait."

By the time she came, thunder and lightening stopped and the wind blew heavily. They both sat in the balcony 

or sometime sharing their childhood memories. 

After a while, Renu asked Sam,

"Hey dear, can you prepare a coffee for me?"

"The special one?" He smiled at her. 

"Yes man"

"This is our hometown madam. If my mother sees me in kitchen..... You know everything, right?" 

"Yes dear, actually I forgot it. I'm going."

"Anyway, they are in the ground floor. No problem. I'll tell them that you're sleeping."

Sam didn't want to fool her. So he went down to the kitchen and prepare two coffees. By hearing the noise of vessels, his mom came and enquired. But Sam knew to adjust the things around him. Then he took the coffee mugs to the first floor balcony. Renu loved his coffee and began to share her wishes. 

Lockdown and pandemic changed their life from up to down. Every Sunday evening they used to go to Cafe Coffee Day in Bangalore city by walk because it is of walkable distance from their apartment. Those evenings were the precious time in their love filled life. Renu loved to spend much time with that Coffee Day coffee. She used to hold his hands tightly in their walk. Sam too loved to go with her by holding her hand. 

"Sam, do you remember that day?"

"Yes, holding your hand, a walk to Coffee Day.... Everything I remembered. I wish to go there again."

"That drizzling evening???"

"Yes, you didn't allow me to sit in home on that day too." He laughed. She got angry by his words. 

"Honey, just for fun dear. Chill out madam." He added. 

"I miss that red umbrella too. Again I want to walk like that."

" Madam, we're in lockdown. We can't go anywhere. Please, have your coffee, my dear lady."

Suddenly her eyes filled with tears and she slowly kept her head in his shoulders with a cup of coffee. 

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