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Ch7 Misery Waiting At Doorstep

Ch7 Misery Waiting At Doorstep

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Alisha’s mother calls Nia. Nia checks her phone. ‘Oh my God! It’s Alisha’s mother. What will I tell her? Alisha is still is Dehradun?’ Nia looked very worried.

‘Hello, Aunty! Sat Sri Akaal. Alisha is in the washroom, she is all hale and hearty,’ Nia said hastily.

‘Beta, what are you saying? Alisha is here with me’.

Nia shivered for one second but understood that Alisha might have reached home.

‘Yes..yess Auntyji, Definitely Alisha is with you. Actually, I was sleeping when your call came and I was dreaming that we three are still in Dehradun,’ Nia said and took a deep breath.

‘Beta Ji, I don’t understand what has happened to Alisha. She is neither eating nor talking to anybody after your Dehradun trip,’

‘Don’t worry Auntyji, we will come and talk to her and enquire what the matter is,’ Nia ends the call.

Meanwhile, Alisha’s father Mr. Balwant Singh was listening to all their conversations quietly from the parallel landline connection. He was greatly angered at his wife and daughter’s conduct. He made up his mind to get Alisha married to his friend’s son Gurmeet in a couple of days.

Next day, Nia and Kriti went to Alisha’s home.

‘Hey moti, what happened? When did you come here?’ Kriti asked.

Alisha recalls everything to them. She tells them how she fell in love with Rohan, their romantic date; how she came to know that he is gay.

Both Nia and Kriti laughed their belly out. Nia rolled on the floor laughing and Kriti went so mad laughing that she tore apart a branded black jacket that hung silently on the hook of the door. Alisha laughs.

‘Why are you laughing,’ Kriti asked.

‘Stupid, you mistook your jacket for mine. Now take the pieces and perform its last rites,’ Alisha laughed.

Nia jumps in and says, ‘All’s well that ends well. Let us write Rohan’s name in every piece and burn it.’ Alisha hugged them and they all went out in the Sadar Bazaar, a famous shopping place in Agra, and drank their heart out in a club.

Meanwhile, Alisha’s father was preparing for her marriage without her consent.

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