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Shraddha Gandhi

Abstract Drama Others



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Memories, do they need to memorize? 

Memories are those which makes us forget our worries, 

Memories are stored in box called memory, 

They are as precious as ivory,

Memory are not to worry, 

Clever or dull memory but everyone has their own memories, 

When feel sad; good memories acts as remedies, 

Moments happened goes in past and becomes our part of memories, 

They are the keys to rewind our life to live those memories, 

Good mood forcast/shows good memories and bad mood shows bad memories, 

Our childhood, school, our special moments, everything gets flash one by one from our lifes story/memory library, 

Video call connects to person who is live, but memories connects to person from our heart who were alive, 

Memories our life's part and makes us survive, 

Photographs, videos, recall memory but remembering it, gossiping on it is actual fun in memory, 

Memories gets die along with that person but our good deeds, work, humanity always remains alive in heart and mind of others memories,

thus making memories to live and cherish forever and ever. 

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