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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Biranchi Narayan Acharya

Drama Fantasy


Biranchi Narayan Acharya

Drama Fantasy

Me at Lord Yama's Darabar!

Me at Lord Yama's Darabar!

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AS I opened my eyes, I found myself standing in a queue waiting for my turn! A shocked, surprised and confused me looked around and stunned to see the place where I stood. It took sometimes before I realized that I was standing in front of Yamaraj’s Darbar!

That means I was at Yamapur and I was already dead and standing for a verdict by Lord Yama on the account of my Karma during the tenure of my life! I couldn’t able to recall how I was dead!!!

The scene of Yama Darbar was just like the scene we see in our television serials. Yamaraj was sitting in a high chair, Chitragupta at his right side below the podium beside a small ring where Souls were waiting for judgment.

The only difference was that there was a number of giant TV screens. In one screen, the souls’ entire karma in positive and negative was shown through various charts, Chitragupta was explaining the details of a Soul’s entire Karmic summary and then Yamaraj was giving his verdict.

Other screens showed live how the souls were dragged to the punishment area. Different screens showed how souls were being punished. Some were under nails, some were being beaten seriously, some were being cut by Sharpe blades and some were being fried in boiling oil etc. The atmosphere was very horrific and dreadful. Souls were looking like ordinary people wearing white cloak as if those were the uniforms. The Yamadoots were not only tall but also very muscular. 

I was also in a state of absolute fear. I never believed that there would be really a ‘Yamapur’. I started counting my good karma and bad karma nervously. But I couldn’t really remember what good karma I had done, rather all bad karma were knocking my head. I started panicking more.

After a number of souls were dealt with, the soul standing in front of me was called for. He was hesitant to go to the place marked for sentence awardees. When the soul didn’t move, two big Yamadoots came near to him to take him forcibly.

In the mean-time, a young soul appeared before Chitragupta and some arguments went on. The soul really looked very young although I wondered how could Souls be younger or older?

The Yamdoots who were to drag the soul standing in front of me stopped for a moment and looked towards Chitragupta for instructions. In the meantime, Yamaraj noticed the arguments and asked ‘What’s the matter?

The tone was really loud and heavy.

My Lord!’ Chitragupta explained in a soft tone ‘This soul was dead before its time! Thus, as per rule, I told him that he can’t be judged now as his records can’t be retrieved before time. He has to roam in the outer space till his time comes!’

Yamaraj instantly became angry and asked the soul, ‘How dare you entered into my court without valid admission? The tone was so horrifying that everyone was about to faint.

But the soul wasn’t afraid. He argued straightaway, ‘Dear Lord, you are the best Judge in all the worlds. You are called as Dharma Raj! I have a grievance that I am dead before time not because of my fault. I am here because of other’s fault. So why can I be punished in roaming at the outer space! Isn’t this injustice? If you support injustice, how can you be Dharmaraj?’

Yamaraj was really stunned and so was Chitragupta! Perhaps none had dared to speak like the way the soul spoke!

Trying to manage the situation, Chitragupta hinted at the Yamdoots to remove the soul forcibly and urgently. However, a confused and disturbed Yamaraj signaled the Yamdoots to stay where they were. Then he gazed the young soul once again.

The soul didn’t buzz from his place nor appeared to be threatened. What a brave soul?

You see Soul!’ Yamaraj said in a softer tone after some moments, ‘I am here to observe my duty as per the rules. how can I hear your case before time?’

‘Is this my fault?’ The young soul countered defiantly.

Yamaraj looked at him helplessly. But the soul continued, ‘how can you allow people to die before time? Your Yamdoots brought my soul here and only outside your court they found that I came here before time and hence left me to roam! Can you believe this?’

I thought for a moment that all should clap praising the bravery of the soul. But then you know the situation wasn’t at all for any bravery show, the boiling oil over pans were visible on the giant screens.

The Yamaraj was no doubt remain confused and answer-less. He simply looked into the eyes of Chitragupta as if asking ‘what’s this man!’

 Chitragupta was quick to respond. ‘Oh Lord, the humans are so violent nowadays and kill each other so frequently, it’s difficult to know whose time has come or who’s not! Our servers are also not able to process the data as fast as the people are dying! In case we find some mistakes, we want to return the life, but by that time the body was either burnt or buried! What can we do Sir, apart from asking the souls to roam in the outer space till their time comes!’

Yamaraj thought for a moment and then asked the soul, ‘OK! Speak your grievance, I will try to solve it!’

‘Sir... I was killed because a building collapsed due to bad quality of work’, The soul presented his case in a complaining tone, ‘I had complained regarding this a number of times to our local political leader. He never listened to my grievance because he had taken a hefty bribe from the builder. Thus, I was dead because of a corrupt leader!

Yamaraj listened to his complain attentively. When the soul stopped Yamaraj asked, ‘I understand that, but how can I judge that in the absence of the accused?’

‘Bring him here’, the soul demanded.

This is impossible, how a person can be brought here before his time?’ Yamaraj counter questioned irritatingly!

‘The way I was brought here, sir!’ The soul replied in the same tone!

Yamaraj became speechless! Perhaps he was remembering Savitree episode! A moment of lull was there.

There’s a way, My Lord!’ Chitragupta intervened, ‘We can bring the politician’s soul putting him under coma! In the process his body won’t be lost and after his reply we can release him to his body.’

‘But…..’ Yamaraj was a bit apprehensive.

Don’t worry sir!’ Chitragupta in an assuring tone said, ‘Before releasing we will use ‘deneuralyzer’ so that he can’t remember a thing about this place'.

Yamaraj agreed and in moments the soul of the politician was present in the court. Back in the earth, the politician must have suffered a sudden heart attack or such other things to be admitted to an ICU in a coma condition.

The soul of a politician was surprised to find himself in Yama Darbar but it took some moments to realize the entire episode! Yamaraj asked him, ‘You have been charged with corruption for which this man died before time! What’s your stand?’

‘Dear Sir, I agree that I am corrupt’ the politician-soul said confidently, ‘but I am not responsible for being corrupt! In fact, I have been forced to be corrupt because of people like him!

Yamaraj again surprised by the politician’s confidence and ridiculous argument.

Then Chitragupta asked ‘How can one be forcibly corrupt?’

‘It’s simple sir!’ The politician soul started explaining!’ We live in a democracy, where representatives are elected by people. I wanted to be an honest politician. I contested election thrice, but never got more than 100 votes!

First, I thought to quit politics. But then I found that it’s wrong to backtrack from a mission. Thus, I begged a ticket from a party. The party asked for huge money. The builder provided that. I won the election because the people like him voted me against cash.

After winning I had to honor the deal between myself and the builder. So, I had to close my eyes to his bad quality work. After all, I had to return him the favor! I didn’t like it but I was helpless!’

‘You promised to do service for the people!’ The soul shouted at the Politician.

‘Yes, I am doing the service!’ The politician replied, ‘I had done many good works, helped many people, but then for sake of winning an election, I have to depend on some corrupt business persons and I have to close my eyes on some of the irregularities!’

‘You have taken an oath to serve the country!’ The soul interrogated.

‘So what?’ The politician responded, ‘You all are also bound by the Constitution. It’s your duty to elect honest representatives unbiased. Did you do your duties toward democracy? Have you ever voted honestly?

‘I have taken no oath on how to vote?’ The soul replied.

‘Yes, you are under an oath!’ Yamaraj intervened in a high pitch tone,’ Taking birth in a democratic country is akin to take an oath. Those who are undeserving to democracy or not ready to take an oath, we recommend them to take birth in the places where dictators rule!’

The soul couldn’t say immediately. But the politician getting some support from Yamaraj, continued to speak in a crying tone! ‘I lived a life of hell after the building collapsed, as many agencies are after me to send me to the jail! Had these people were honest in casting their votes, I wouldn’t have to be a corrupt and wouldn’t have faced the hell like situation sir!’ The politician soul literally cried.

OK, Ok!Yamaraj consoled the politician soul and then instructed ChitraguptaSend the soul as early as possible to his body at earth and keep a note on his record that he has already suffered hell in his life! Thus, when his time will come, this will be considered!’

The politician soul vanished immediately. The soul who argued his case against the politician screamed, ‘This isn’t fair! How can Yamaraj be inclined to a corrupt politician? Is he too bribed you?’

‘Stop there!’ Yamaraj shouted and the entire palace trembled due to the vibration of his tone., ‘I am Yama! I am Dharmaraj! No one dare to accuse me!

The soul also started shivering! He couldn’t understand what to say. But Yamaraj continued, ‘you are the master of the democracy and yet you do corruption in electing your representatives! Then you have audacity to blame your representatives and your (public) servants as corrupt! The representative and servant had to follow the master. If they are corrupt, then it’s you, the masters of the democracy are responsible for corruption!’

The soul remained speechless. Chitragupta asked what to do next!

Yamaraj said, ‘I would adjudicate his case when his time comes. Till then let him roam in the outer space.

‘Ok then….’ Chitragupta wanted to comply but Yamaraj intervened ‘But for now because of his imposition of demagoguery on his representatives and falsely accusing his representative along with wasting my time,’ Yamaraj in a thundering tone ordered, ‘put him on the boiling oil for two hours!’

The soul was dragged by Yamadoots to the big pot of boiling oil and then threw inside the pot. He was screaming loudly while getting fried.

The next was the soul in front of me who was hesitating to go, was taken forcibly by Yamadoots to the place emptied by the previous soul. Chitragupta was about to report to Yamaraj of his offence or credit Yamaraj whimsically asked the soul, ‘Had you voted last time?’

The soul was confused. He had already witnessed the political issue just before his case. Thus, to save himself, he said, ‘Sir! I never voted anybody! I always remained far away from such politics!’

‘Put him in the boiling pot for three hours before I go through his karma!’ Yamaraj again in a thundered voice instantly ordered!

Chitragupta was confused and wanted to say something. But Yamaraj in an ordering tone said, ‘Nothing doing! Let him be punished for not doing a master’s duty in a democracy for which the corruption is spreading. They have a fundamental duty and obligation towards a democracy. If such opportunistic nonperforming masters of democracy remain unpunished, then no democracy will ever succeed!’

Yamaraj was clearly in a very angry mood. The soul was dragged to another boiling oil pot and thrown into! Yamaraj asked…’ next!’

I closed my eyes out of fear sensing that in moments I would be thrown in to the boiling oil pot! My name was being called repeatedly. Someone held my shoulders and arms and called my name loudly! I was really not ready to open my eyes. Suddenly the tone of the caller to my name was changed from male to female!

 ‘Lady Yamadoot!’ I wondered and opened my eyes only to find my wife jerking me and calling me shouting.

What are you doing here?’ I asked.

Trying to wake you up!’ She said screamingly in a disgusting tone.

Oh! I had a horrible nightmare!’ I said slowly.

 ‘Why are you writing so many blogs and end up with weird dreams?’ My wife said in an irritating tone while leaving the bedroom.


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