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ମନସ୍ବିନୀ ସାହୁ

Abstract Inspirational


ମନସ୍ବିନୀ ସାହୁ

Abstract Inspirational

Making Of A New India Through Bio-Diversity And Agriculture Prosperity

Making Of A New India Through Bio-Diversity And Agriculture Prosperity

3 mins

"India should link economic indicators with ecological indicators to make the right development choices"

India is a vast country with a vast population. Since the ages of her existence, she has seen many changes in her economy. Let it be the time when she spent her days by being ruled by monarchs and autocrats to the time when she became independent; agriculture has been the backbone of the Indian economy. Now India is focusing on a change; a change that has the potential of overturning the economy. So it's been the need of the hour to protect India's fourth pillar of the economy i.e. the agriculture and bio-diversity.

The slowdowns in GDP from agriculture are now challenging food and income security of the BPLs, who comprise the larger proportion of hungry and poor. The increasing climate change volatilizes have made the situation worse, firing the recent increase in incidences of hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Thus, to overcome the emerging unfavorable situations, suitable socio-economic reforms and application of the best of science, technology, and innovations are needed.

 Biological diversity underpins the very existence of human and animal life. The food we consume, the medicines we use, the culture and aesthetics we want to preserve around us, the economic well-being of almost all our businesses is all squarely dependent on this diversity.

India is currently the world's second-largest producer of several dry fruits, agriculture-based textile pulses, and numerous vegetables. India is one of the world's five largest producers of livestock and poultry meat, with one of the fastest growth rates, as of 2011.

It is well said that "change and education are required for development". In a country like India where principles and traditions are worshiped like a god, it is very difficult to bring about a change in the way of living and being but victory is a destination that comes after a path of struggles. We all know that trees are our lifeline and we are now destroying our own lungs by cutting trees. Biodiversity enhances many aspects of the economy and also creates many job opportunities. It is nonetheless to say that these better job opportunities and improved ways of living prosper our own country. . In order to make its agriculture prosper, India should take a few steps. These steps are:

Hybridization: - In India the use of hybrid seeds is still limited. Indian Govt. should provide incentives to small as well as large scale farmers to buy HYV seeds. These seeds provide insurance to the farmers in case of any tragedy or crisis. 

Digitization: - It includes the use of drones and self drove tractors. Drones would provide a better precision of land from a wide view. This would help in better yield from the crop. The government should focus on the weather forecast to decrease the threats of crop failure. 

Change in cropping pattern: - India should shift from growing of cereals crops to growing high-value crops like Jojoba and Jatropha. This way India can export these crops and import cereals. This would provide a better income and growth to India. 

Use of technology: - For irrigation still now traditional methods are used. India can take up drip irrigation and sprinkle system on a large scale. 

Education and Training: - Government should provide vocational training and proper guidance to farmers for better implementation.        

It is said that "strong foundation flourishes the building". There is no need to mention that agriculture is the base of the economy and human resources. Prospered and flourished agriculture and biodiversity solve many problems like hunger and malnutrition. When an individual is subjected to better basic needs i.e. food, shelter, and clothing he can showcase his full potential. This will lead to the development of society as well as the country. It would also enhance subjects like tourism and cuisine. At last, we all know that complete independence can only be achieved through self-independence.

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