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Anju Bandyopadhyay

Drama Children


Anju Bandyopadhyay

Drama Children



3 mins 155 3 mins 155

Jamie, a lean and lanky boy of seven pondered one day. “Gosh! It has been over a year now, and I have not met my friends, Robin and Misha. Mom and Dad won’t let me. They say a strange virus is lurking in the air, waiting to catch anyone breaking rules. How many times do I ring my friends and talk to them? There are no new topics left to converse with.”

Robin and Misha lived just across the street to Jamie’s house. He could spot their balcony from his house. A thought struck Jamie. He grabbed his mother’s cellphone and pushed Misha’s number. Misha answered.

“What’s the matter bro. The lockdown will ………..” Misha could not finish her sentence. Jamie interrupted from the other end, “Are you not good at playing the guitar? Come out on your balcony sharp at 6.00pm. I am organizing an orchestra”.

“Wow! What fun. Just the two of us.”

“Not exactly. I will ask Robin to accompany us too. He plays the drums well.”

“What if the elders object? cribbed Misha.

“They should not. We are on our balconies, far away from each other,” answered Jamie boldly.

Sharp at six, the three budding musicians emerged from their rooms to do something different - to harmlessly break the pattern. They excitedly waved hands at each other and yelled through the mask covering their mouths and nose.

“You look fatty, Jamie,” remarked Robin loudly.

“Not true. I am wearing my brother’s shirt,” retorted Jamie sharply.

“Stop fighting the two of you and listen to this,” called back Misha.

Misha looked lovely in her pink shirt and white capri pants. Her curly hair fell on her face. She had slung her guitar stylishly around her shoulder. Her small fingers plucked the strings of the guitar and music flowed in the air smoothly.

“Rock on …….. rock on,” chanted Robin as he hit the drum hard with the sticks in his hand. A burst of musical talent shook the neighborhoods with life.

“Hold on…. hold on, “shouted Robin. “You guys are making so much noise that I cannot play my keyboard.” He placed his red keyboard on the floor, sat cross- legged and began pushing the keys of the instrument.

“I am learning to play Doe, a deer, a female deer, from my sister”, informed Robin proudly.

In the meantime, other children, adults of the locality quickly stepped into their balcony to watch the spectacle. A mood of lightness and cheer prevailed. Some were clapping. But one thing was common. All wore a mask to cover their nose and mouth. Such are the times.

Suddenly a voice warned everyone to pay attention. It was Mr Darcy, the septuagenarian, leaning from his balcony.

“Back all of you. Back home. Don’t you know about this mysterious, invisible virus., punishing us for no reason at all?’’ bellowed Mr Darcy. “It does not know to differentiate between the young and the old. Get inside, quick.”

A deadly silence engulfed the surrounding once again.

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