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Magnetic Thought

Magnetic Thought

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There are so many kind of relationships in universe. Relationships with one’s self and its virtue. Relationship of one being with your parents, husband, wife, kids, friends even the land Lord.

Relationship with a certain magnetism of love and affection. This magnetism for our loved bounds us to them and our thoughts always for their well-being.

I too have these thoughts for my loved ones, my hopes and wishes calculating their well-being.  Even the thought of their ill sickens you to your stomach. Well, I had a thought just like that, ‘A negative thought’. I have been holding it in as if am addicted to it like it has some kind of magic to it.  

I don’t want to hold it in anymore. Why cant I get rid of this magnetic attraction, leaving a confident intelligent women like me dumb stuck at his glance.

He consumes my peace and soul riding me of the love for myself.  The mere thought of him put me in a turmoil of emotions, felling something and acting to something else. A puppet to this emotion overwhelming me to its bidding.

I want to express this emotion, why won’t the world let me.

Please let me;

I cannot hold it in any longer;

The struggle ripping me to shreds. The rights and wrongs hanging over my head, second guessing my every move.

I suddenly questioned myself

My life is such a mess just because of this magnet

Who the fuck created this magnet,

And my tortured soul answered,


Named it love.


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