Adarsh Kumar

Drama Romance


Adarsh Kumar

Drama Romance

Love Triangle

Love Triangle

4 mins

* Initial Characters:- Akash ( Working in an IT firm located Mumbai)

Kritika:-( Journalist in a media house she lives in Delhi she has very high interest in literature).

This story which started from an Instagram request sent by Akash to a random girl


As in Kritika accepts follow request.

Akash initiated the initial stage of talking .;'

..After talking for weeks and months. They were good friends but Akash has a secret crush on Kritika and Kritika was also getting the vibe that Akash likes her.

And the thing also was their likes, dislikes were mostly same one day they were talking of their childhood memories as shaktimaan, tom and jerry and their were many more. As same of their interests..both were too into cartoons where they were kids.

And there were many things of their common interest this also brought them a little bit closer.

Their relationship (frindship) was in that stage as if they do not talk whole day ,and in evening when they used to talk ( on video calls/ audio) .

Akash used to say on video call looking into her eyes."Suno koi itna sukoon kaise ho sakta hai" tumhe dekhte hi din bhar ki saari khtm ho jaati hai

" मैं कहूं तो सुकून का दूसरा नाम तुम हो"

Listening to these lines Kritika used to blush and she imagined how much Akash was into her.

We can say they were truly comfort zones for each other. BUT they were somehow unaware of this fact or you can say they were not more likely to accept this a little slush in friendship ruins everything.

But they were as best friends now so Akash was thinking more likely to not ruin this relationship with his love confessing part as he was not sure about Kritika will agree or not.

So day passed...they were on contact regularly though calls/ chats and some time video chats.

But the thing was they never met in real all the contact/ talking everything was virtual.

As Akash was working for a Big IT firm, his company was going to organise a big event ,.

AS it was a golden opportunity for Akash to meet his love and impress her.

So he invited her and the best part is she also agreed to come to the event. And as the event day was coming closer the excitement level of the boy was increasing day by to impress his girl.

And the day finally when they first saw each other at airport where Akash was waiting for her flight, both were so surprised to see each other as Akash said 'Kritika ji 'you are way more gorgeous than your photos..she blushed as little and they then went back to the event and after the wonderful event in evening Akash asked Kritika if she wanna go someplace for coffee or something. She agreed and they went for coffee and they had a beautiful talk about their lives. Finally, they came back to college and Kritika said this evening was beautiful. Thank you.

Then they both went back to their respective accommodation , and the next day she went back to Delhi.


As time passed Akash confessed Kritika that he is in love with her. Unfortunately by all this thing Kritika was not sure about him.She said 'I Iike you 'but I also have to confess something to you.

As they were not just friend's they were way more than that as from a long time (1 year) they used to share everything.. as they both of them know everything about each other.

Kritika said but I have a huge crush on 'Akshay' and I think he also likes me. But i have never confessed to him.

(*:- her neighbor who was in the military.)

And Kritika had a huge craving for having a military guy as her life partner.

But she was confused between these two and she also has family pressure to get married and settle. Now, Kritika was in chaos because here she has to choose...yeah she has to...

Between a person who loves her and a person, she has a huge crush on.


To be continued

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