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Nekentiba Imchen

Drama Inspirational


Nekentiba Imchen

Drama Inspirational

Love Is A Battlefield

Love Is A Battlefield

24 mins 418 24 mins 418

The bell rang and everyone rushed out from the classroom. Leah and Olivia then walked out after everyone else and closed the door.

I heard there’s a party to be held at the end week of this month at William's house, said, Olivia.

I guess it’s gonna be a big one. There’s lots of talk about it going on in the school lately.

Really! There will be. I haven’t heard anything about it yet, exclaimed Leah.

Well, you never hear anything first, joked Olivia.

In fact, you’re always the last one.

Haha! Very funny, retorted Leah.

Anyway, how are your golden days passing with Viggo? inquired Olivia.

You mean, like romancing? asked Leah.

Is that your made-up word ‘romancing'? Anyway, you're smart enough to get to the point, praised Olivia.

Tell me, quick.

Let’s just say, it’s interesting up till now, scooped Leah gushing.

Ah! So keeping it a secret now, said Olivia giving a slight shoulder push to Leah.

They both laughed while heading off at the bus stand, then hopping in a bus for their way home. Leah and Olivia were neighbors since they were eight. Both their parents were really great friends including the two, who were not only great but best of all best friends. Leah’s father worked in the automobile industry and he earned a huge sum enough to feed his family for about four to five years even without work. Olivia’s father too worked in a law firm and he seemed to be very busy apart from the sixth and the seventh day. They often partied together in their lawns on the non- working days, one after the one. 

I hope you get the news soon, said Olivia stepping down from the bus.

About what? asked Leah.

Oh, you forgetful lady, I'm talking about the party, reminded Olivia while hitting softly at Leah's head with her hand.

Oh yes, about that. Maybe Viggo will tell me about it, replied Leah.

Make sure he does, noted Olivia, as she walked towards her house.

Okay, My Lady, answered Leah bowing down.

Meet you soon.

Yeah, yeah, I know, evening walk, replied Olivia with hesitation.

Olivia hated going for an evening walk but on the other hand, Leah loved it. However, it was hard for both of them to say ‘no' to each other. They rarely said ‘no’ to each other since they became close except only on some unavoidable occasions where both of them have to look after their sibling and siblings when their parents were away or when both of them were assigned with tasks for being the eldest within their own families.

Later in the evening, Leah gave a big shout calling out Olivia for the evening walk.

Come on, Olivia. It’s already 5 o'clock. Come out of your house, shouted she.

Coming, answered Olivia from inside her room.

Uff, this girl will never changed, complained about Olivia coming down from her room.

You can really make a fuss, Leah, said Olivia while opening up the entrance gate.

Really, did I? 

I am so sorry then, humored Leah laughing.

Laugh as much as you want.

Your day is going to come soon, confronted Olivia.

They walked toward the West of Byron Street. The West of Byron Street had quite a nice refreshing view, it was quite secluded than other parts of the street and the sceneries of the green mountain and valleys made it quite impactful for every jogger. The scene of the sun's setting there was quite astonishing and mesmerizing. According to Leah, it was a breathtaking sight and she said that it had always brought her the peace she wanted in her life.

Hey, Leah. Can I ask you one thing? requested Olivia trying to pace along with Leah.

Anything, Olivia.

I know it’s only about to be a month since you and Viggo started dating, but how do you feel? asked Olivia.

Feel what? The pressure or the love? replied Leah.

Well, both, giggled Olivia.

Since you had a crush on him since the fourth grade, so…

To be frank enough, I feel love, Olivia, answered Leah with a change in her speaking tone, quite like an innocent girl speaking.

That’s great, right? reacted Olivia.

I feel loved by him enough to put me in pressure.

You know he loves you, he truly does, Leah, comforted Olivia, reacting a bit confused by what Leah actually meant.

Anyway, let’s walk a mile and call it off for this evening, continued she.

I really don’t want to walk anymore.

We didn’t even walk far, replied Leah.

Come on, don’t be such a loser.

Please, Leah. Don’t let me dive into the loser’s topic, cautioned Olivia.

You know who the real loser is, forget about here but everywhere.

I am not…

Well, you are, remarked Olivia.

They had a verbal argument about the topic while continuing the walk but soon after, they turned around and headed back home ruling out on Olivia's favor.

Have a goodnight then, wished Olivia upon reaching the entrance gate of her house.

Hey! Not now, Olivia exclaimed Leah.

Oh, right. I'm out of my mind this evening, said Olivia.

But still, you’re the loser.

They both laughed.

Their house was only separated by a thick wall fencing. But that didn’t stop Leah and Olivia from their fun. They talked the entire night through the phone and kept their conversations going. 

Olivia, you know, you are the only that makes me feel safe and secure, said Leah through the phone.

Hundred and tenth times and counting, Leah, replied Olivia.

But you are, continued Leah.

And you’re no less for me too, said Olivia.

I wish we both stay the same even after 10 years, wished Olivia and in the meantime biting her nails.

We will, you’ll be the only one I'll look for when I make it big someday, assured Leah.

Promise? asked Olivia.

Pinky swear, Olivia.

They talked long, till it was half-past tenth, and it was when they ended their conversations.

08 October 2013

Hey, Olivia, come out. It’s time for class, shouted Leah from outside the entrance gate.

Coming, responded Olivia.

Olivia was always late, not only in class but almost everywhere. Leah always reminded her of this habit. But still, it was hard for Olivia to change. 

Olivia, when will you change? enquired Leah showing a bit of anger.

I'm trying, Leah, answered Olivia.

Well, you should try harder.

Oh, well. Like you don’t have any problem with you, countered Olivia with a bit furious.

You are always shy and is afraid of making proper decisions.

And mind you, when I say proper, it means all decisions.

At this, Leah reacted which prompted opening her mouth in sheer embarrassment.

I am not like that, replied Leah in embarrassment.

Yes, you are, Leah, remarked Olivia.

Indeed, Leah was shy and was always timid enough to make her own decision. She acted independently but was far away on putting forward her own decisions which slightly contradicted her independence. She followed where the wind blew. That is why Olivia easily dictated her when it came to making plans. Leah always went by Olivia’s decisions.

While they were arguing about their bad habits, Viggo encountered them.

Morning, Leah, wished Viggo.

And you, Olivia.

Oh hi, morn…ing, wished Leah turning aside her face from shyness.

Told you so, marked Olivia then leaving the two lovebirds alone.

What did she mean by that?, asked Viggo.

Nothing, Viggo. It’s silly. You’ll laugh, replied Leah.

You can tell me. I'm in a mood to laugh, urged Viggo.

No, no. It’s not big of a deal, hesitated Leah giving a little push to Viggo.

Okay, if you say so, retreated Viggo.

They walked towards the class and Viggo waved goodbye to Leah assuring to pick her up after the class. Viggo was apparently a year older than Leah, both in age and in class. He came to know Leah and her crush on him through a letter which, in fact, was written by one of the many whisperers. And for Leah, well, she had a crush on him way back from the fourth grade. Viggo was a household name. He was charming and won over many hearts by his way of eloquent speaking, which he did so effortlessly. He was an overall student, good in studies, sports, and other curriculums. Both lecturers and students showed admiration towards him.

It was only about to be a month since they started dating. Leah always wandered what made Viggo fall in love with her but whenever she asked him about it, Viggo always had a trick up his sleeve to put these questions to rest.

After the class was over, while Leah was coming out from the classroom, Viggo along with his peers waited for her in the corridor.

Look, there’s your Gollum, said Ian in a way that only his peers could hear it.

Shut up, Ian, silenced Viggo while his peers laughed.

Leah walked close and in the meantime, Viggo's peers dispersed leaving the two alone.

Where's Olivia?, asked Viggo.

She headed home early. She said she has a work so…, replied Leah feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Well, so why don’t we head somewhere beautiful then?, asked Viggo ardently.

Okay, that’ll be comforting.

Yeah, will that be, huh?, wooed Viggo smiling and placing his hand over Leah's shoulder.

They roamed around the center of Byron Street where there were lots of herbarium and floral gardens on both sides. Byron Street was famous for flowery items, it held a great prestige when it came to flowers. In fact, the whole street was filled with markets of flowers. There were also restaurants and hotels located but with the themes of flowers imprinted on the walls and board signs.

After a marvelous time spent together, Viggo and Leah decided to walk home.

I hope you had fun today, asked Viggo touching his back hair with his hand.

Yes, very much. Thank you, replied Leah shyly.

One thing I like about you is your reticent behavior, complimented Viggo.

It’s hard to read to you.

Really? Do you? asked Leah pacing up her walk and walking upfront.

Most people hate that about me.

Why do you like it? asked Leah again.

Don’t you think mystery’s an evil thing?

I don’t, and in your case, I truly don’t, said Viggo holding firm to his compliment.

I truly admire you for your mystery, my love, continued Viggo while trying to place his hands on her cheeks but to which, Leah quickly fended off his hands from her face. Again, Leah shied away but thank him for the compliment. As the dusk was falling, Viggo escorted her till the entrance gate of her house.

Thank you for everything today.

You are such a charm, praised Leah. How can you be such an All-Star?

Viggo smiled.

Let’s just say, it’s God’s gift, replied he.

Yes, you truly are, Viggo, commended Leah, then waved goodbye to him and ran towards the door.

Around 8:00 a.m.

The morning was filled with joy and laughter inside Leah’s residence. Olivia and her family were there. Sam sat in the middle surrounded by his family and friends and he looked extremely happy and excited.

Leah, bring the birthday cake for your brother, ordered Leah's father.

The cake was brought and kept at the table and all the members present at the house sang the “Happy Birthday” song and wished Sam on his fourth birthday anniversary.

Minutes passed with busy conversations going around the filled rooms, and the playful friends of Sam surrounded him eagerly waiting for him to open the gifts.

Did he told you about the party? asked Olivia while putting a slice of cake on her plate.

He who? replied Leah standing behind Olivia.

You are such an idiot girl, remarked Olivia.

I'm talking about Viggo and William’s party.

Oh, oh, about that. He didn’t, answered Leah.

But I guess he will. Today or tomorrow maybe continued she.

All had a great time for about an hour and a half and Sam thanked every one of the neighbors and his friends present at his morning birthday anniversary celebration. He thanked his parent for the surprise and Leah for being a wonderful sister. Then, everyone slowly and steadily dispersed.

Later, Leah and Olivia headed to class. In the chemistry class, they did an experiment with the solvent and insolvent substance where Leah and Olivia teamed up to differentiate various substances. During the English class, they learned about “Pride and Prejudice", a famous nineteenth-century novel written by Jane Austin where Leah whispered to Olivia that she could relate to the characters in the novel and Olivia gave a thought about it.

Okay, Leah. I have to rush home today too, said Olivia right after the bell rang.

Why? What so hurry? asked Leah.

So sorry, I forgot to tell you earlier. My parent will return home late, so got to take care of Aaron and Reo, explained Olivia.

Sorry, again.

Not a problem, Olivia, said Leah.

Okay, I'll come with Viggo, will it be okay? asked her.

Wow! Someone’s in the mood today, exclaimed Olivia.

Oh, shut up and hurry, said Leah ignoring the comment.

Then, Olivia headed home leaving Leah standing at the corridor where he waited for Viggo.

Oh, look! Here you go again. Your big eyes ‘precious' is waiting for you, mocked Ian by imitating the sound of ‘Gollum’, a creature from the movie, “The Lord of the Rings" as he and Viggo were coming towards the corridor to pick up Leah.

Will you shut up, please?, requested Viggo.

Hey, my sweet girl, how was your class?, asked Viggo after coming closer towards Leah.

It was good, replied Leah.

Ian left. Viggo and Leah then walked past the corridor and headed home walking.

Isn’t your house far from the school?, asked Viggo.

Yes, it is. But will it be better if we walk? replied Leah.

I want to walk today.

No, no, it’s your wish. I was just saying, said Viggo.

After a few distances with some paused between the conversations, Leah said, I heard what Ian was telling you about?

Ian? About what, my sweet girl?, interrogated confused Viggo.

Don’t act like you don’t know?

I really don’t know, Leah.

That I have big eyes like Gollum, said Leah raising her tone.

Okay, you heard about that, said Viggo then pausing.

But I don’t see you as having big eyes, you know it, right?

Oh please, stop pitying me, said Leah turning aside.

No, no, Leah. I truly think you are the most beautiful girl I ever encountered, remarked Viggo.

And just forget about Ian, he’s just jealous of you and knows nothing about our love, continued he. He’s such a spoil, ignore him.

Hey, look here, my girl, said Viggo placing his hand on her shoulder and turning her towards him.

I really mean it. You are the most beautiful and kind-hearted lady in the whole of Byron Street.

You do, asked Leah with raindrop-like-tears filled in her eyes.

Look into my eyes, said Viggo in a soft tone, and with his warm fingers slow-lifting her chin which fixed her eyes right into his eyes.

I won’t lie to you. See, I don’t even have the courage to lie to you, said Viggo in a soft voice again.

They hugged there but nobody grabbed a sight of it, after all, it was in the middle of Byron Street, the busiest commodities road around the whole ward of Byron Street, where everyone worked hastily without any attention given to anyone or anything.

They walked passed it then, finally reached the residence of Leah’s and both of them waved goodbye.

My sisters got a boyfriend on my birthday, sang little Sam from the entrance door, who saw both of them hugging before waving goodbye.

My sister’s got a boyfriend…

Oh, please. Stop it, Sam shushed Leah quickly rushing to shut his mouth.

Sam, what’s happening there? enquired Leah’s father from inside.

Nothing, Dad. Sam's excited because I'm home, replied Leah.

Leah requested Sam not to tell their parent and to which Sam agreed but only after Leah was made to promised to pay him a ransom of 500 for keeping the secret. Then, they entered inside.

During the evening, since Olivia was unable to join Leah for the walk, Leah too decided to take a rest and instead went on spending the evening with Olivia at her house.

Don’t you think Viggo is cool? asked Olivia while making dinner.

You like him too? reacted Leah sitting on the couch.

Nah!, replied Olivia.

So, why’d you ask?

No, it’s not a deal big. I just wanted to know because you don’t seem so interested in the relationship, said Olivia.

Am I? answered Leah who then took a pause.

Hey, Leah. You’re doing great. I was just kidding, clarified Olivia. She realized Leah was going into a bit emotional breakdown so she hurriedly came to the rescue and sat with her on the couch comforting her.

I was kidding, you know, repeated Olivia hugging her.

After a little while, Olivia’s parents arrived. Leah then dined with Olivia and the rest of her family. She spent another hour talking about school and their future to which each individual burst out laughing by some of the responses laid in the room.

Afterward, Leah wished them goodnight and left home. In her bed, she started thinking of her appearance.

Am I so bad looking? thought Leah.

Ian had to say this about me, and I know the rest of his peers too or who knows, the whole class may be, pondered she again.

Obviously, my big eyes make it worse.

Oh, and not forgetting, my hair’s not that great either.

She spent half of the night on her bed thinking about it. She couldn’t stop it though she tried. She was struggling to find a room of positivity within herself. She lacked confidence from the beginning and she knew about it. But this night turned out to be something disturbing to her and it was more than her lack of confidence. However, the night went on and she fell victim to the sleep.

10 October 2013

Hey, your eyes are swollen, said Olivia during their way to the class.

What happened?

I didn’t sleep well, replied Leah yawning.

It happens sometimes, comforted Olivia.

They then headed for the class.

During the class, Leah sat bothered by the thoughts, and at the same time, she felt somewhat sleepy. She yawned a lot inside the class and almost every lecturer complaint about it.

Girl, you really looked dull today, said Olivia while heading home.

I know, replied Leah.

Any problem between you and Viggo?

Nah, answered Leah while showing a bit of ignorance with her face turned to the other side.

Okay, not a bad answer, joked Oliva judging by Leah’s reply and observing how disinterested she was for the conversation.

Hey, look here, told Olivia stopping her.

Really what happened?, asked her again.

Nothing. I'm so tired, Olivia. Can we just go home, please?

Okay, then. But in case you’ve got something going on, I'm right here, okay, assured Olivia.

Sure, thank you.

In the evening, Leah didn’t call Olivia for the walk which for the information was Leah’s favorite thing to do. Olivia waited but there was no shout from outside. Maybe, she’s tired and sleeping now, though she.

Then the moon shined, with stars lighting up the sky and the bright rooms glowing in every neighborhood. Olivia waited for the call but still, Leah didn’t phone her still. She could easily phone Leah herself or could go to her house and enquired what happened but she thought that Leah might be really tired as she was continuously yawning during the class hour, so she decided to give her the rest she needed for the night.

11 October 2013

Come out, Leah. It’s time, shouted Olivia outside of the entrance gate. This time, however, it was Olivia who waited for Leah.

Coming, answered Leah.

Morning, Leah, wished Olivia.

Morning, Olivia.

Aha, someone dyed her hair brown, said Olivia.

Aha, replied Leah.

So, that might be the reason behind yesterday’s denial, inquired Olivia.

Yes, Olivia. That is exactly the reason. I was dying my hair. In fact, I was really busy yesterday, said Leah with quite a vain tone.

Someone sounds a little vain today, told Olivia with a bit of curious. And quite change, to be honest.

But Leah didn’t answer. Olivia kept poking her again and again on their way to the class. 

Something has happened to you, Leah, said Olivia. I am sure of that.

But Leah denied.

No, nothing has happened. Will you now shut up, please?

Wow, now you’re acting smart but not cool, its weird, you know, said Olivia.

Watch your word, Olivia. High time to grow up, countered Leah.

But when the argument was about to go again, Viggo called Leah from the other side and interrupted them. He then came running towards Leah.

Morning, my girl, wished Viggo.

And you, Olivia.

Morning, wished Leah hugging Viggo and then held his hand.

See you, Olivia.

Leah then walked away with Viggo, leaving Olivia behind. Olivia suspected something was going on for sure with Leah and her newly-found attitude. She decided to talk to her after class. 

On the other side, Viggo too was quite surprised. Leah held his hand tightly and continuously cuddled up with him on their way to the class and the whole school stopped with their eyes opened. Viggo was strangely staggered by her whole new behavior but still, he went along with her inside the class and as soon as he came out from her class, he went straight inside his class without talking to anyone.

What happens?, asked Ian as Viggo sat down without a word.

No, no. Nothing happens, answered Viggo quickly. But deep down, he was still staggered by her behavior and wanted to meet her soon after the class was over.

After some hectic hours of classes, the student rushed out as soon as the bell rang.

Hey, Olivia. Can you go ahead, said Leah. I'll come with Viggo.

But Leah, what about our Friday plan? asked Olivia.

You and me going to the beach.

Is today Friday? inquired Leah.

For God's sake, Leah. Yes and don’t act too much.

What happens to you today?

Why you are so angry? rebelled Leah.

Can’t I do the things I want just at least for a day?

I am not angry, replied Olivia.

And come on, Leah. Don’t play ‘Secret- Stacks' with me, shouted Olivia.

Enough is enough. What is your problem today?

Maybe I'm not the problem but you’re the problem, Olivia, slashed Leah.

You say I’m too timid and shy but now, you afraid of me throwing away my timidness continued she. Or who knows, I've got a boyfriend and you don’t.

You’re just out of your mind today, said Olivia. It’s nothing to do…

Oh, stop it. You’re just jealous ‘cause I’ve got the hottest boyfriend in the whole school and you’ve got none, slammed Leah.

Shut up, Leah. You’re off your limit, shouted Olivia.

I regret telling Viggo about your crush on him, confirmed Olivia banging hard on the classroom's desk. Out of frustration, Olivia walked out of the classroom and headed home alone.

This was the most unimaginable moment that wasn’t planned on happening between Olivia and Leah. They never thought they could come to this term but they did. One cried the hallway through and one left alone trying to fit into the perfect world.

Right then, Viggo came to pick up her which has become like a daily routine.

You, ready to go home? asked him.

Of course, replied Leah.

Hey, are you alright?, asked Viggo while walking home.

Yes, I am, answered Leah. In fact, I am so much better.

So, what was this morning all about?

What are you talking about? enquired Leah cuddling him again.

See, I'm talking about this, the cozy cuddling said Viggo.

Where are all these strengths from?

Don’t you like it, huh?, asked Leah ignoring Viggo's question.

Leah, let me tell you one thing, said Viggo.

I love you just the way you are. You don’t have to change anything for me.

I mean, you don’t have to change for anyone, alright?, continued Viggo.

But I'm just opening up, you know. Free from the shyness, you know.

I believe there’s nothing wrong, replied Leah.

There’s nothing wrong, my girl. But little at a time, okay?, advised Viggo.

Okay, my hero, said Leah nodding.

Days passed by, Leah ignored Olivia, and Olivia herself didn’t pay any attention to Leah. Their families partied like usual but Leah and Olivia always made excuses to avoid encountering each other. Leah often walked home with Viggo after class. Olivia too took the bus ride to her house. No evening walk, no phone call between them. Their conversations and plans sank deep into an ocean that none could retrieve it back.

Meantime, Leah often hung out with Viggo. She roamed around with a new attitude, dyed her hair purple blue again, regularly cuddled Viggo all the way to school from home. Olivia avoided her, as such, she didn’t even pity to raise her eyebrows when Leah walked around in school. She stayed complete low-key from Leah's eyes.

27 October 2013

At around 8 o'clock, Leah arrived a little late at the party, William's long-awaited party. The party had already started when she entered. She was invited by Viggo who was a close peer with William. Leah was extremely happy and excited. She and Viggo‘s first anniversary, since they officially started dating, was approaching shortly. Only two days remained. Leah couldn’t contain her happiness, it overflowed like a fountain of honey. Moreover, this party added more to her excitement. She knew that her days has finally come to make love with Viggo. To lay beside him on the couch, and finally lock lips to the extent their celebration of love. She was indeed very excited.

On the other side, Olivia stayed home. She was invited over by some of her friends but she refused to go. Viggo hasn’t figured out a thing about the argument happened between Leah and Olivia, mostly because Leah hasn’t told anything about it to him and Viggo didn’t even bother asking as he wasn’t that close with Olivia, in fact, he didn’t even know her properly except for Leah's. Their ‘hi-and-hello’ friends too didn’t have any knowledge about their argument. They simply didn’t pay any interest and thought they were friends.

Leah sat at the bartender’s table waiting for Viggo. She was offered a drink by the bartender but she refused. As she sat waiting, she heard some talking behind her back.

Have you seen it yet? Viggo's inside the kitchen making love with Elaine, the prettiest girl from Carmel School, said one of the drinking guys.

They are. They would make the hottest couple in all of Byron Street, replied another drinking guy.

And you know what, Viggo’s a playboy. Heard that he is in a relationship with another girl who studies in the same school.

Oh yeah, heard about that. But who cares? The girl isn’t pretty. Everyone at the school calls her ‘Gollum', you know, “The Lord of the Rings” character, added the first drinking guy.

Oh, really! Didn’t knew that, exclaimed the second drinking guy.

Oh, yes. You should go see her.

They were laughing throughout the conversations.

Leah overheard it but she didn’t turn nor did she made a scene. She wanted to raise her hand and give both a slap each but she didn’t. It did hurt her feelings though. However, she stood up from the chair and went around to search for Viggo but she didn’t know where the kitchen was either. So, she just began to walk around the big party house. In the process of her blind search, she encountered a girl who was heavily drunk and was dancing all over, then she asked her where the kitchen was, the drinking girl then directed her the way to the kitchen. 

As soon as Leah reached the kitchen’s door, she saw Viggo laughing who has faced the other front, she was excited. And as she about to draw closer to him, Viggo turned a little sideways, and to her amazement, she saw him talking and holding hands with another girl. This sight made her sad and shocked for quite a few seconds. She felt like a huge ball of fury fire had suddenly dropped from above and everyone died. Everything, the sound, the noise, and the party music all stopped and was completely silent. After some seconds, she regains to her sense and so at that position and time, she decided to clear things up once and for all, not only between her and Viggo but including the new prettiest girl everyone favored for. As soon as she took a step, there happened the one thing she dreamed of, the one special thing she thought would happen to her in the two days later. Viggo drew the new girl closer by placing his hands on her back and gave a kiss on the new girl's lip. This sight emotionally destroyed her, she withdrew her steps, turned around, and ran off controlling her tears from falling down all over her cheeks.

She ran and ran, unnoticed by Viggo, which she decided he will soon hear anything about her. She ran out of the house and quickly dashed off to somewhere like a dark place. She then breathed and walked slowly by a bridge that passed led her way home. She stood by the bridge then taking a moment to stare down below the bridge, where the water rushed smoothly making its way down the Gilgal lake.

As she was staring down, she heard a voice.

Are you going to jump? said the girl who came out from the dark. 

Leah turned around but she stayed silent with her head down.

Well, let me guess, heartbreak, huh? asked the girl.

Leah nodded.

Okay, if you’re going to jump off from it then at least enjoy your last moment, said the girl offering a cigarette.

Here, take it then. It won’t cost you a thing. Puff it out and forget about the one who hurt you.

Release it all away, phew.

Leah accepted the offer. 

After a minute, Leah then asked,

What about you, then?

You’re the same as me?

Aa-ha replied the girl.

Heartbreak won’t leave for the past years. It’s my ninth break-up.

Really? asked Leah looking quite shocked.

Well, that makes two of us now, continued she.


They talked and opened about their recent relationships with one another. They sat down by the cord of the bridge and converse about what they could have done if they were not in the relationship. They laughed, they cried. It was all in one. They seemed to enjoy and regain strength from the past.

You know what, relationships are always harder…and before she could finish her sentence, Leah drew closer towards her and locked her lip unto hers. Reacting to this, the girl pushed her back immediately.

Then, she stared at Leah but on the other hand, Leah sat still without a word as if she was out of her mind. After pausing for a few seconds, the girl quickly drew closer and locked her lip unto Leah's lip.

They kissed as any normal lover does. They were overwhelmed by the emotions both of them went through. It didn’t just happen like that neither it was meant to happen.

Maybe this is what love does, it quenches every ounce of the feeling and when heartbroken, leaves people despair. The rollercoaster of experiences they went through with love made them complete hollow inside their hearts, not sure of what to come next.

They walked down the street and “the girl whom Leah kissed” invited Leah to her house hoping to spend the night. As they walked towards the light post and was about to reach the girl’s house, there was a voice calling:

Leah, Leah…

Do you hear someone calling my name? asked Leah.

Leah, Leah, there was another call again.

Do you hear it? asked Leah.

She tried pulling the girl to the spot where the calling was heard, suddenly Leah woke up from her bed.

To her amazement, her dad along with Sam was knocking and calling her name in front of the door of her room.

Hey, dad, called her.

Leah, what’s going on? Why no response? asked her father.

And by the way, wake up, you’re oversleeping it.

Hey, dad. What’s the date today? enquired Leah.

10th of October. Why? What happened? asked her dad.

Nothing, dad.

Then her dad and Sam walked away from the door.

Leah laid her eyes wide open and gave a little smirk cozying with the blanket.

What a dream? said she and laughed.

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